Brouhaha 8 chapter 20-22

Chapter twenty 

I know they are taking me to Abuja, so they followed Auchi road, the moment we enter Auchi close to Ap filing station as we wanted to enter the other lane, a heavy big truck hit us and throw us away from the road, and then gunshot follow, girls from different angles started shooting at us, they killed so many police men, people started running helter scatter, vehicle owners leave their car and run with their leg, there’s pandemonium and brouhaha everywhere, I used my leg to open our car bursting the glass, the police men guarding me are dead, I took one of their gun and run out from the car, I  saw a parked bike with the key still on it, I took it and drive out from the scene, getting close to poly road I saw three vehicles chasing me with full speed, I thought they wouldn’t shoot because of the open space, for where, they started shooting at me, killing civilians in the process, it was bloody, a heavy tragedy. 

All doors are getting shut, all offices are getting closed, it was a disaster to not remember, Auchi people will never forget this day, Getting to gtbank the one close to Auchi poly, seeing that they cannot get me with their bullet, they brought out a rocket and fire at me, the bomb blast in front of my bike and then when I match break at once the matchine throw me away and into the main road, I landed heavily on the ground, I didn’t let my guard down as I quickly collect my gun, I target the first car and shut the driver, I burst his head and then the motor went to carry one building, destroying the building, there are three other van coming, I started running towards auchi poly with gun in my hand in the open day, even the market close to school have close, when I got to the school they have locked the gate and the security are nowhere to be seen, if I go inside the school the girls don’t mind bombing the whole school just to get me, so I turn to my left and started running towards the main market that is closed already, I wanted to come out from Auchi/Benin road where I can get a car and run away, the girls are chasing me on foot now, they are many, I cannot defeat all of them I need help or maybe I should just run away since my Edna is dead, I can run away and stay in the shadows for now, when she least expect I will come out and end her.  

The whole auchi poly have shut down, nobody on the street or on the road, no cars moving and no bike, even the police are scared of coming out, Tina girls killed almost twenty senior police men at Ap Junction so I don’t blame the auchi police if they are refusing to come out without proper support. 

Chapter twenty one

When I got to  Benin road and as expected there are no vehicular movement, everywhere is quiet like a dead community, how am I going to see a car now that i will use to escape? 

I remember the RTC bus are closeby in Jattu junction, I started running towards that place, as I was running I saw two cars coming from my back, they haven’t even get close when they brought their guns out and started shooting, I run towards the NNPC station in Benin road there, the people have close but they left their tank running, I removed one of the pump and let it flow on the ground, I jump off from the station and position at one store close to the station, the cars enter the station and started looking for me, the moment they came out from the car I target the floor with my gun and shoot the fuel, everywhere exploded destroying the filling station and the girls inside, its a government station so no pity, and the only casualty are the girls, I cannot walk on the main road again because they can see me easily, I have to be following street road now, I started walking from street to street until I got close to Jattu Junction, I saw only one bus in RTC park, the others have disappeared, now for me to cross the road and enter the bus, as I wanted to come out from the street I heard from above, a helicopter hovering around, not just one but two, the military are involve now. 

Chapter twenty two 

Tina POV

“Your daughter is my end game” ozila said. 

The moment ozila said that my mind skipled almost from my heart to my mouth, how did he know about my daughter, I have done everything in my power to hide my daughter from the world because of the dangerous life I live, touching my daughter is like touching the tail of a tiger, but what am afraid of is ozila, the only person am scared of because he’s unpredictable, today he’s soft tomorrow he’s hard, this is bad for me, I need to act quickly. 

I quickly called my mum in the village to confirm if my daughter has return home from school, that’s when my heart shattered when she told me  that she has not return home, all her classmates have return but she’s yet to come back, and she even went to school she didn’t see her, she has alerted the police that she’s missing. 

There’s nothing the police can do, ozila has done his worse, he just touch my forbidden fruit, time to give him hell. 

“This time its different, search for my daughter everywhere, take heavy guns and bombs, bring ozila to me alive, kill anybody that stand on our way, don’t let ozila leave this state, attack him and bring him to me alive, he’s the only one that can give me my daughter”, I said to my girls, 

they took three hilux van and two Camry, I enter my Lexus jeep and head to Auchi, I called my girls in auchi to stop them there, I dont want them to pass that town. 

Three girls join me in my jeep, when we got to auchi in AP filling station we saw all the dead police men, so many people dead, even civilians. 

I put a call to Mabel. 

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