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Brouhaha 7: Final Chapter

Thirty four

“The private university you saw on the way” she said even though I didn’t see any uni, how could I when I was focused on something else.

“Okay, thanks for letting us stay for now, don’t you have room mate?” I ask her again.

“I do have and we are on holiday that’s why you don’t see many people downstair and that’s why I have the boldness to bring you here, they will talk but I can handle it” she replied.

“Okay thanks alot, I appreciate” I said.

The room has one chair, one table and a big bed, just a complete student room.

“Just relax while I prepare something for you, I know you must be hungry” Ella said and walk out the room maybe to buy something.

I walk to Edna on the bed where she was relaxing and ask.

“How are you doing love?”

“Am doing okay, and you?” She replied.

“So far you are okay then am fine too, see we need guns for protection”

“Yeah I know, I sent a message already, somebody will deliver a package for us this night before we sleep” she said.

“Alright then, this place is hidden anyway I don’t think Tina can find us here”.

“don’t be so sure, that girl is a devil, she can do the unexpected, lets just hope she dont” Edna replied.

Thirty five

Her sister return thirty minutes later, she prepare egusi with EBA for us to eat, after eating we took our bath to sleep, when its around seven in the night we got a call that the package has arrived. I followed Ella outside the gate, I collect the bus from a girl I know nothing about and she also gave me her car key, I park the benz in front of the hostel while I followed Ella inside the hostel, the package contains two short guns with bullets, I saw them and smile.

The next day around five I was outside the hostel just thinking, the girls has gone home so we are few in the hostel now, we are not more than fifteen, I was pressing phone in front of the hostel, I heard a car pack in front of the hotel, I look at the gate nobody enter and then five minutes later when I look at the hotel, I saw a window open and then I saw someone brought out a rocket launcher from the window and without wasting time fired it straight to our hostel.


There was pandemonium everywhere as people started running helter skelter, I ran inside the hostel and thank God the bomb didn’t get to our room only just the first room, I enter and saw Edna arranging her gun, I took the other gun and put it on my back.

“What’s going on?” Ella ask.

“Just take Edna and run away from here” giving her the car key.

As we where talking another bomb landed on our head, and the building started falling, we manage to escape and climb down, people were running for their life as they don’t even know what is going on, Edna and Ella followed me outside the gate, we run outside and as we run to our car another rocket landed on our car which throw us to different places, I was thrown inside gutter not knowing the where about of Edna and Ella, people scatter everywhere and even people from the hotel started running away.
I manage to come out from the gutter and when I brought my head and look up the road, as people where running away I saw some girls coming towards us, and guess who is leading them Tina.

I fall back inside the gutter and started crawling inside the wet smelling gutter with my gun in my hand, they came and started shooting sporadically, come see as people they fall for ground like water, na so I they hear “kpam, kpam, kpam,” that’s the sound of people locking their door and houses pushing others away, more than ten people are dead on the ground with blood everywhere…

I brought my head up again, I saw Ella manage to raise Edna up, they started running away as Tina’s men spray bullet on them,

Thirty seven

They took a bike nearby, Ella started the bike and Edna enter her back, a girl was getting close and as the girl wanted to shoot immediately Edna turn and burst her head, they speed off leaving the girl in a pool of blood, she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she has lost her touch.

I was hiding in the gutter and when Tina saw that Edna has run away, she called and two cars came, she enter the Camry while the van wait for the girl shooting the rocket, she came out from the hotel and jump inside the van, the van follow the Camry from behind, after they leave I was still weak and I have to get up now, I manage to get up and started running after them, as I was running I saw a small golf car coming towards me, I took my gun out and point it at the driver.

“Get out now I commanded” the person came down and lie down on the ground, I enter the golf and started chasing them, I followed them to paja road, I can see the van and the Camry chasing after Edna, they don’t even mind the traffic they just keep shooting killing civilians.

Ella keep dodging them as she race them to Ikeja, I wonder where shes going, the girl on the van brought her laucher and fired at Edna, she almost get them, and I know if she fire again she will kill them, so as she arrange her launcher I took my gun with one hand while I drive with the other hand, getting to third mainland bridge, she point her Laucher at them again and before she fire I shoot the tire of their van making her to miss though it made their bike to fall causing accident on the brigde, the other girls on the Camry fire at me, they burst my tire and my car Summersault, and I fell down too breaking my leg, I hide beside one car as people started running up and down for safety, some left their car behind as they run for their life, I saw Tina got up from the car, three of them started walking towards Edna while the other two started walking towards me, they keep shooting at me with their heavy Ak47, they keep on coming spraying their bullets on me I don’t know what to do, I lie on the ground and look under the lexus jeep am hiding, I saw their van leaking out fuel, the moment they got to the van I took iron from the ground and throw it to my right hand where another car is, the noise draw their attention and as they focus their shooting there I got up and fire the fuel tank of the van, the van blow off throwing them inside the river,.

Thirty eight

I saw Tina shooting at Edna, my leg is hurt and I cant walk again but I watch as they battle on, Edna and Ella manage to take out the girls but they just can’t kill Tina, of course how can they kill her when no gun can penetrate her body.

She came out from hiding and started shooting at them with AK47, she killed Ella remaining Edna, she shoot Edna on the leg and draw her out from hiding bringing her to open space.

“Now tell me Edna, who is the winner?” She said.

“Fvck you?” Edna replied.

“And where is your savior Ozila? Oh I forgot my girls has killed him” she said.

She pointed the gun at Edna’s head,
“Oh you can say your last prayer nowmy dear, you betrayed me and now you will pay for it” Tina said.

I don’t know what to do and then I saw the rocket launcher in front of me, I Creep on the ground before getting there Tina has already crack the gun and was about to shoot.

“Goodbye Edna” she said.

There will be no time to aim I just quickly take the laucher and fire it, if I don’t fire Tina will kill Edna and if I fire, it might affect Edna too but I have no other choice so I fire it anyway without even looking where I was firing it to, the laucher hit the left side of the bridge opposite them and the force throw both of them out of place, both of them fell inside the river,.

“No, no, no, no, no, no ” I said in shock.

I was shocked I didn’t know when I got up with my injured leg and jump from the bridge too, I dive inside the water and that is the end of it.

Whether I survive I don’t know, what happened to Edna and Tina I don’t know too, watch out for Brouhaha 8: Redemption

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Brouhaha 7: Retaliation (chapter 33-34)
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