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Brouhaha 6 (Chapter Twelve)

The moment I mentioned her stomach she became scared and shake her head in agreement, I don’t have any intention of hurting her I just said so to put fear in her and the plan work.
I hide beside beside her bed inside the room and lock the door leaving her in the sitting room to handle the police men, I listen carefully as she open the door for them.

“Good day ma” the officer said.

“Good day, anything wrong?” she ask.

“Not you, we are looking for a criminal and we have been ordered to search all the room in this place hotel” the police man replied.

“But there is nobody here” she said.

“Please step aside please” they commanded.

I guess she obeyed because I heard them as they search for me in the sitting room, I came out from where I was hidding beside the bed and hide at the back of the door, they tried to open it but they can’t because I lock it inside.

“Abeg come open this door” the officer commanded.
I don’t know how many they are but if am to guess I will say like five or six.
I heard the door creek open and as the lady push the door open she was the first person to enter so I grab her immediately and point the gun at the poor woman.
“Easy guy man, take am easy” the first police man said pointing his gun at me.

“If you want me to take it easy drop the gun” I said.

They are five in number all of them are inside the room with me, they put on complete police uniform with full armor.

“Drop the gun then we will talk” I said.

“Okay relax we will drop it” he said and signal to the other men to drop their gun.
“Drop your walkie-talkie and your phone” I commanded.
They obey me and then I told them to move closer to the bed, they sat on the bed and then I kick their phone and gun out of the bedroom, I command the leader to follow me and then I lock the rest and the woman inside the bedroom after removing the key.

I still point my gun at him and command him to remove his dress, I remove mine and put on his police uniform, I tied his hand and plaster his mouth, I put all the gun in my bag and collect the walkie-talkie, I came out of the room wearing police wear, I heard everything the other police men were saying and the last one said they are searching the last block, I walk out of the room and when I reach outside I saw so many police men with guns, I bend my head down and walk pass them.
All of them were busy looking out for me that they didn’t know that am the one passing them, I came out from the gate there are officers outside the gate too so I just behave as if am going to meet the commander sitting on the police van coordinating things.

He was sitting beside the drivers seat with two other men on the back of the van with full AKs.
As I get closer I heard from the walkie-talkie I was holding.

“The suspect has impersonate a police officer, I repeat the suspect has impersonate a police officer” the reported.

The moment the two guys sitting on the van heard the report all their eyes fell on me and without wasting them I took my shot gun and shoot them on their hand, the commander wanted to bring out his pistle but I shoot at the van windscreen freezing him.

“Out of the vehicle” I commanded.

The two men jump down with their hands bleeding.

“Oya you enter the car and drive” I said to the commander.

The other police men are already rushing out of the hotel with full speed, I join the commander with my gun still position in his head, he start the van and speed off, I look back and saw squad of police vehicle running after us.

“You won’t escape this” the commander said.

“You think so?” I replied.

“Just summit let’s settle this amicably” he said.

“No worry I can handle this” I said.

He drive straight to port harcourt main road and I command him to turn towards garrison, I look back and saw the battalions still following us and before I know it I saw a full police block at the garrison motor park, seeing the police men the commanded started slowing down, I command him to turn to the other lane.

“That’s suicide” he said.

“I know just do it before I blow your head” I commanded.

As he was turning the van to the other lane I didn’t know he has already open the door because he slowed down so he jump out of the car leaving me on the main road with police men surrounding me both front and back, I took the wheel and fire the van toward abuloma park opposite the garrison park where people sell phones and other electronic devices, everybody has started running already but I don’t mind as I speed inside the abuloma park and enter the road going to amadi junction, the police still continue chasing me with full speed, I know that now am no more with their commander they will start shotting me and yes the moment I enter free road of amadi they started shooting me with heavy gun, I got to the junction and enter abuloma road with full speed what I don’t know is that there is another police road block in the one lane abuloma road, I forgot there is a police station there.

I saw the road block when I get to amadi grammar school and I match the break at once because I can’t pass they put like four van on the road, as I match break they started shooting me from back and from front, I don’t know where to because no road apart from the small street opposite the grammr school but the van can’t fit in so I decided to run. I came out from the van and started running inside the street, few meters away I saw the police running after me, the worst I saw a police man on power chasing me with full speed, I turn and shoot the bike but the bilke man divert to the other side, I did it three times and seeing that the bilkeman is tougher than I thought I decided to concentrate on running, if you live in port you will know that almost all the houses are fence, I can’t enter any house because of the fence and the bikeman has gain on me already, if I don’t shoot this bikeman he will catch me so I stop running and point the gun straight to his head, before I pull the trigger he removed his helmet and then my heart smile.
She came closer and I jump inside the power bike as she speed off, the police men stop chasing me because they know they have lost.

“God bless you” I said.

“You wanted to visit abuloma now you are here” taiye said driving with full speed.

“Not like this” I said holding her very tightly.

I look back and am glad no other black car is following us.

“Are we been followed?” she ask.

“No, how did they know about the hotel?” I ask.

“I don’t know maybe probably someone tip them, we were coming when we saw them arranging perimeter” she said.

“Hmmm, and did you get the ticket” I ask.

“Yes” she replied.

“Good, because it’s time we end everything once and for all” I said.

“Okay, so where are we going?” she ask.

“Ozuboko, since am here let’s visit her na” I said.

She reverse and enter the main road, as she enter abuloma road we heard the sound of helicopter.

“They are really serious” taiye said.

“Why won’t they, I kidnap a fvcking commander” I said.

As the copter get closer Taiye increase the speed, I saw a big church with no door yet so I point to her to hide inside the church, the church is opposite first bank before ozuboko road, she enter the big church and stop the engine, I came down and watch the helicopter pass us, few minutes later Taiye phone started ringing”

“Kehinde what’s up?” she said and she pick the call.
“Did you get him?” kehinde ask.
“Yeah, what’s going on there?” she replied.
“Oh well speaking of the devil, Tina just left the hotel now” said kehinde, I heard and move closer to the phone.
“Tina?” I rephrase.
“Yeah, she came here with full white angel squad, they were carrying heavy guns and even some police men join them” she replied.
“Waoh, that explain the helicopter” I said.
“Where are you now” kehinde ask.
“We are waiting for night to reach before coming back, you find the new hotel?” Taiye ask.
“Yes, I will send you the address now” she answere.
“Alright, you take care sis” Taiye said.
“You too” she replied

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