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Brouhaha 5: Judgement Day

Brouhaha 5: Judgement Day
Author: Akhigbe Godsgift
From the beginning they were the best of friends and the greatest cultist I have ever seen, they
do things together like family infact you will think they are blood sisters, they protect me from
Afuze to Auchi, From Auchi to Port Harcourt, now they are about to face each other? who is
going to protect them from themselves? Tina is angry with Edna because I broke her heart, it is
time to run with Edna because even with super strength Edna can never defeat Tina because
Tina control all the cultist in South South, let’s watch as the story unfold between Tina (Cult
leader) and Edna (her subordinate).
Chapter One
I sat quietly with Edna under the gutter bridge filled with water, I look at Edna and saw her falling
asleep so I woke her up because its not a normal sleep but a sleep of death, I know she need
medical care immediately but I can’t leave while Tina girls are still out there.
“You have to leave without me, safe yourself please”
said Edna.
“Be quiet and safe your strength, I can never leave you behind” I said slowly so that they won’t
hear me up there, I they craze say I leave her behind before?
I raised my head again to check if they are still there, oh yeah they are still standing with Gaga
making the call.
After few minutes they started coming back to the crash site maybe to check if we are inside the
van or not, “time to go” I said to Edna when I saw them coming back.
I took her hand up and we started crawling under the bridge running away from the crash site,
Edna is just struggling because its obvious she’s losing it and she need medical care as soon as
As we kept on moving we came over a pedestrian crossing the one in GRA before waterlines, I
raised her up and we enter the walkway in which they can’t see us because they covered it with
mirrow, we cross over to the other side and when I look back I saw them looking for us, I smile
when i saw them following the wrong direction, I took Edna pass one filling station and then
cross over to the waterline road, I plan to buy tickets for both of us back to Edo state but I
believe Edna need medical care first so after crossing the filling station I saw a taxi, I stop the
taxi and told him to take us to the nearest hospital.
Chapter two
As we move quietly people have started coming out for their business, I don’t think Gaga will still
be trailing us because she can’t just walk with guns in the open unless she want to get arrested,

as we move I saw many police can driving pass us, I know where they are headed, I pray they
arrest Tina but i know it’s impossible but no harm in praying.
The driver stop us at a nice hospital and immediately I brought Edna out the nurses rush out
and help me to carry her, I didn’t want to follow her I just stand there as I watch my love being
wheeled away, I was startled when the driver called me to settle him.
“Oh am sorry” I said as I put my hand inside my pocket and gave him money, he took it and
drive away while I cross over to the other lane, I saw a place where they are selling drinks more
like a bar, I went there and bought soft drink, I saw there facing the hospital waiting to see if
Tina girls will show.
I remain there for more than one hour and even bought more drinks just to make sure I don’t get
thrown out, after three hours and everywhere is now very busy I stood up and cross to the
Chapter three
“Hello am looking for the lady that was brought in earlier this morning” I said to one of the nurse.
“Are you her relative?” The nurse ask.
“No am her friend I brought her in” I said.
“Oh I see, you brought her in and you just left like that? How do you expect us to treat her when
we don’t know who will pay us?” She ask.
“I don’t know I thought you people are train to save life?” I fired.
“Mr man I hope you know this a private specialist hospital, not a government owned” she said.
“Please am sorry, I will be the one to pay I just rush back to get something” I said.
“Oh well she said something about being a minister daughter and when we check she was right
so we quickly administer treatment, I think she’s stable now and sleeping” the nurse added.
“Oh thank God, where is she can I see her?”
“Yes, I will take you to her” she said.
I follow her from behind as we pass many nurse and patient on the passage way, she stop at
one room and open it and there I saw my Edna sleeping like a baby with drip flowing through
her vein.
“Don’t wake her up” the nurse said as she walk away.
I walk gently to her and pull a sit, I sat close to her watching her breath like a baby, she’s so
beautiful I know many Muslim girls are beautiful but her own is out of this word, I still wonder
why shes still here in Nigeria when her father is a minister, the day I ask her she said she will tell
the story another day, am praying for her to wake up so that she will tell me the story.
As I continue gazing at her I just can’t help myself so I took her hand and started rubbing it, she
breath and then open her eye, she turn and saw me smiling, she look around and ask.
“Where are we?”

“In a hospital” I said.
“Oh, (she recall) you just drop me yesterday and disappear huh?” She said.
“Am sorry my love, I had to stand watch to make sure we are safe” I said.
“So are we safe?”
Chapter four
“Yes, they don’t know we are here”
“Okay that’s good, buy we can’t stay here for long”
“I know but you need your rest please” I said in a soft voice.
“Yes, go out and look for a place we will stay, come back and carry me because staying here is
a risk” she said.
“Okay but I don’t have any money with me”
“That’s no problem, I still have my ATM” she said signaling me to check the small pus on the
table, I check it and saw her gt bank ATM card, I took it and walk back to her.
“Please switch on the television” she said with soft voice.
I walk there and on the TV, unfortunately they were showing what happened on the highway
and how a group of cultist slaughter each other at eleme junction with more than thirty people
dead, rumours had it that the battle between the two groups black axe and white angels is not
over and the leader of white angel has place a bounty of one million naira on anybody that can
bring the head of one miss Abubakar Zainobe sport minister daughter, popularly known as
Edna, it was gathered that she’s the cause of all the blood shed after she kidnap the leader
Immediately they said that I look at Edna and she’s has already started removing the drip from
her hand.

“What are you doing? I ask.
“ you heard them, they are framing me for everything its only a matter of time before they find
“But you can’t leave like this”
“I have to or else we will be dead within one hour, help me up please” she said.
I have no choice than to help her up.
“Take my ATM go and pay for my treatment while I put myself together” she said.
I took her ATM and walk to the balcony, I saw the same nurse on the table and ask her our bill,
she told me and then I gave her the ATM, I insert the code and pay. I thank her and as I turn to
return to the room I saw six mobile police men coming from the outside gate, I run to Edna and
saw her already set.
“Time to go the police are here” I said.
“I thought as much” she said.
I hold her hand and we pass through the back door and escape, we followed the back of
another compound and come to waterline road, we saw taxi going to express way so enter
“So where should we go to now?” I ask.
“We need to find a way to escape port Harcourt”
“And go where?”
“Abuja, time to visit my dad” she said.
Chapter Five
“How are we going to get there when everybody is looking for us?” I fired.
“We just have to get to the airport” she said.

Oh well if we are going to be flying to abuja then I better be ready because u have not enter
plane before, but how can we just walk to her dad after so many years of been away? There are
so many questions running through my mind but I can’t ask her because I want her to rest, she
need her strength now more than ever because the battle is going to be long.
“Why can’t we just let the police men take us at least we will be more guarded?” I ask.
“Trust me, those men are working for Tina”
“How do you know that, What if its your dad that send them?”
“He can’t because my step mum won’t let him” she said.
“Oh I see, we need to find a place to rest then when everything calm down we will continue our
journey” I said.
“So what do you have in mind?”.
As she said that we pass one nice hotel and suite along the express way before romoula
junction beside one big Catholic church, we came down and pay the driver, we walk back to the
hotel but before that I told Edna to wait for me as I run to one diamond bank close by to
withdraw some money, I return and saw Edna still sitting on the sofa drinking yoghurt, I pay for
the yoghurt and walk to the hotel attendance, we book a room on the sixth floor, we walk inside
and then I rush to take my bath and before I come out of tbs bathroom Edna is already sleeping.
I cover her body and walk out of the hotel, I saw one man selling face cap so I bought one to
cover my face, I took a taxi to garrison park and cross to the area where they sell phones, I
bought one small Samsung phone and then as I turn back to leave I saw a white van stopping in
front of the unity bank close to where I am standing, I hide In one shop and continue looking at
the van, nobody came out of the van the van just park there I don’t who is inside or if they will
see me if I leave this store, it can’t be Tina because there is no way she can trace me here so I
summon courage and walk out of the store bending my face downward, immediately I came out
the car door open and then three girls came out of the car with guns, the moment I saw them I
started running and they started chasing me, seeing that am outrunning them they started
shooting me not minding the civilians, everybody started running helter skelter, four people are
already on the ground with a pool of blood.
Chapter Six
I pull my jacket and join the crowd to run making sure they don’t see me, that’s how I escape
there and board a bus going to abuloma, I didn’t want to enter but seeing that the bus is almost
full I decided to enter to take me out of this deadly place, as the bus move away I saw the three

girls looking for me everywhere and when they hear police siren they run back to where ever
they came from.
I don’t blame them though, if Tina didn’t place a bounty on our head this won’t be happening,
now every cultist in the whole south south are unto us whether dead or alive, Tina is doing a
real job and I think it is high time we fight back instead of running.
“Driver stop me here” I said as we wanted to turn over to amadi road.
The other passengers were surprise looking at me like a lazy man that can’t walk this little
distance, oh well if only they understand.
I came down and walk pass different streets until I come across the express way, I saw a man
selling black jacket I bought it and use it to cover myself, I stop a taxi and stop at our hotel
lounge, I saw somebody that looks like Edna standing in front of the hotel, I walk up to her.
“What are you doing outside?” I ask.
“Looking for you”
“I went to buy some things”
“Why would you leave me alone when you know we are in danger?”
“I didn’t want to disturb you” I said and hold her hand as we walk back to our room.
“I heard gunshots that’s why I woke up, please don’t tell me they trail you”
“I don’t know how they manage to know, as I wanted to take a taxi back I saw their car and
when they saw me they open fire killings civilians in the process” I said sitting down on the bed.
Chapter Seven
“Oh God, please don’t leave my side ever again, I was really worried” she said as she sat close
to me on the bed with her shot and big shirt.
“Am sorry dear I won’t, I bought some dress and a phone” I said looking at her.
“That’s good, but we need to change hotel, they might have followed you here” she said rubbing
her sexy hand on my head.
“I don’t think so but since you say we should change hotel then let’s do it, am really sorry I put
you in all this mess” I said.

“Oh come I should be the one apologising, I know the rules before I broke it, but I don’t regret
falling in love, do you? She ask.
“ of course no, falling in love with you makes me to understand what real love is” I said looking
at her.
She smile and then sit ontop me, she remove her big jacket exposing her white bra.
“Falling in love with you is the best thing in my love, I love you dear” she said and kiss me while
on my body, I fall back on the bed as we engage our self in kiss, I turn her to the bed and stay
ontop her, I remove my shirt and continue kissing her, she turn me back again and then I use
my hand to remove her bra showing her nice boobson and tip, she place the right one my moth
and I started kissing it gently, I tur her over again and continue kissing her boobson, I bend
down and remove her short while I also remove my trouser, I bend down kissing her nice
shaved puss, she open her leg wide giving me free access, I lick her puss as she rub my head
and moan in pleasure, I put my tongue inside and lick it very well and then she started squizzing
my head like she’s vibrating, she later stop me and then turn me over, she rub spit on my
Dickson and started sucking it like a baby, I relax on the bed feeling the pleasure and when I
can’t take it anymore I raise her up and then she sir ontop me and started riding me like a cow,
she continue fvcking me softly and then I sat up and started kissing her as she ride me, we kiss
and fvck and then I turn her and continue the fvcking, the pleasure is out of this word is like I
haven’t had sexx for long, we continue turning each others in bed till I cumm inside her, after
sweet sexx I lay on the bed to sleep and then I felt her touch, she was rubbing my head as I
sleep calmly like a baby..
Chapter eight
I woke up later in the evening and after looking everywhere with no sign of Edna, I was worried
so I quickly got up and wear my shot, standing up I saw Edna sitting gently on the sofa watching
“I thought you left” I said after relieving myself.
“Where can I go without you?” She said smiling.
“Am hungry”
“There is food on the table let’s go and eat” she said standing up.
“Okay dear”.
We walk to the table and started eating gently.

“I don’t we should run away” I said.
“What do you think?” She ask.
“I think we should stay and fight”.
“ how can we fight them with no weapon?”
“Oh well, don’t you know anybody that can supply us with weapons?” I ask.
“I know but they are not here, I only have friends in benin, but I doubt if they can help us, but
they can supply us with weapon” she said.
“Oh well that’s all we need, just weapon” I said thinking out loud.
“Come on even with weapons we still can’t win, they are too many for us”
“So we should just run away to meet your dad?”
“If you want to survive of course I will fight with you but what am concern about is your safety, I
just want you to be save” she said..
“Come on, I can’t just live in fear watching my back all the time”.
“ I think its the best thing to do since we don’t have anybody to join us fight them”
“At least we will have element of surprise because they won’t expect us to fight back” I said
standing up to the window, I look down and saw people moving peacefully, I wish I have the
power to move freely too, as I turn back wanted to go and sit down I saw something coming
straight to us from another building, immediately I saw it I run to Edna and we both run our of
the room before the rocket strike, the explosion throws down the stairs as there was
pandemonium everywhere, everybody was trying to run away from the fire, Edna raise me up
asking me if am alright, I told her yes and join the people leaving the hotel, withing ten minutes
people have gathered around the hotel as they watch the hotel burning to pieces, they called
fire service men but they are nowhere to be found, we enter the crowd and disappear out of site
and on our way she said..
“Okay I think we should fight back”
I smiled.

The worst thing is that we don’t have any friend here that can supply us with weapons, Edna
only have friends Benin and for us to go there would be a problem, by now Tina and her men
would have block all the road, even police are looking for us too since Tina has put bounty on
our head any body can just put a bullet on our head wether police or civilian we cant trust
anybody now only ourself.
Chapter Nine
“We need to find a place to hide then when everything cool down we can travel out” I said as we
walk down to rumoula with our heads down.
“Trust me this will only get worse, they will keep searching all hotel in port the best we can do
now is to sneak out”
“That’s impossible with the way things are going now, we can’t leave the city” I said.
“Yeah I know that, we can’t leave in a commercial bus nor vehicle then we have to travel to aba
and then from there we take a bus going to Lagos, when we get to Benin city we will come
down” said Edna.
“That’s a nice plan but why can’t we just take a bus from aba to benin instead of boarding Lagos
own?” I ask.
“Because they will search all vehicles going to benin, they won’t suspect any bus going to
Lagos” she said stopping and facing me.
“Okay okay, that’s a nice plan let’s just go to aba” I added.
We stop at rumoula motor park and wait for a direct bus going to Aba, we enter the front sit and
we didn’t mind that we are the first people inside the bus, the bus stop in other bus stop looking
for passengers and there delaying us, seeing the condition Edna told the conductor to forget
about other passenger that we will pay for the sit, the driver look happy as he speed off
forgetting the remaining six passengers to complete the bus, he shouldn’t worry anyway since
we will pay for the sit.
When we get to oyigbo we saw mobile police on the way, they were looking very vigilant as if
they are on the look out for something, seeing them Edna quickly gave the driver five hundred

naira to give the police man, when we get there the driver give the police man hundred naira
instead of the five hundred and they let us pass without searching.
“Why didn’t you give him the five hundred?” Edna ask the driver.
“Because he will suspect something is wrong, na fifty naira and hundred naira them they collect”
said the driver.
“Okay thank you”.
We pass many road blocks on the way even army, the driver just settle them with money and
they let us pass without disturbing.
We reach our destination around six in the evening, we came down and started looking for the
bus going to Lagos, we were directed to one long vehicle called “ifeanyichuku” we book and
ticket and enter the bus, since the bus is not yet full we decided to explore the market, the place
is quite busy with people selling different type of things,


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