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Brouhaha 4: Die Another Day

Brouhaha 4: Die Another Day
By Akhigbe Oziegbe
Brouhaha4: Die Another Day
Copyright © 2016 by Akhigbe Oziegbe.
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may
be reproduced or distributed, without the prior
written permission of me.
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It has been a long journey, from Ogute to Auchi and now Portharcourt,
i was an innocent kid from the beginning who only cares about how to
satisfy my dickson, that is how my dickson land me in trouble in
Mabel’s house where i was strongly beaten by her father for sleeping
with her in her father’s house, i was later released and on my way
back i saw my ex girlfriend or rather sugar mummy called Celestina,
she took advantage of me in school then and since then my urge for sex increased drastically.

After the encounter in Mabel’s House, me and Celestina resume our love and thats how i fell for
her again, she is the
leader of a strong group and she ran away from Auchi because she
killed another gang leader, she came to Ogute to hide where she later
reconcilled with me, after seeing that am her weak leak the other
gangs members kidnapped me and took me to an uncompleted building and
with Celestina coming to rescue me she was killed there though she
manage to survivie, after her death i promise to revenge the person
that killed her so i ran away to Auchi and thats where my love for
Edna (Celestina Right hand girl) started growing, we overcame the
brouhaha in Auchi and i manage to escape to Portharcourt where i met
some bad and professional thief, i join them to steal for a while
until Jack the brother to the gang leader that Celestina killed showed
up in portharcourt, he continue to hurt me by killing a police man and
then set me up for it, the police took me in but i manage to escape
thanks to Stephaine and Catherine (Celestina’s girls), on our way out of
portharcourt now Jack intercept us again and started chasing us,
police block our way and the only way out is to fight Jack and his
gang, we tried to fight them but their force were stronger than ours
so they killed Stephaine and Catherine, and that is when their real
leader showed up, and guess who the person is my ex girlfriend Mabel,
she was the lover of the gang leader who Celestina killed from the
beginning, she wanted to kill me on the spot but i manage to escape and
jump down from a bridge, the girl i thought was dead (celestina)
rescued me from the river and that is where my next journey began.

chapter one
Me: celestina?
Tina: hello boo.
Me: how did you……..(i was trying to get up)
Tina: sshhhhhh be still, rest yourself am not going anywhere, we are
alone here too so be calm when you are fine i will tell you
Me: (after laying back) they are dead, Stephaine and Catherine are dead. (I said crying)
Tina: shhhh, relax i know.
Me: we must avenge their death.
Tina: just like you were trying to avenge mine that almost got you killed?
Me: i thought you were dead.
Tina: no.
Me: yeah i can see you, the funny thing is that now that you are here
i dont even know what to say, i feel like a fool trying to avenge your
death, i did horrible things i never thought i could do.

Tina: well everything happened for a reason. (she said standing up and
walking to the door), am coming let me check what am cooking..
Me: hope you wont disappear again?
Tina: nowhere to go for now.
She left me in the hut while i kept on wondering how and where she emerge
from, is like am seeing a ghost but shes real because she touched me
with her hands, how can i be so stupid? but come to think of it i
thought she was dead, she was alive all this time and she never
care to contact me? How did she do it? alive all this while but
kept shut, i did many horrible things to avenge her death and now
Catherine and Stephaine are both dead, they sacrifice their life for
nothing, she could have just told me shes still alive instead of letting me
go all this holes just to avenge her, am in this portharcourt because
of her self, by the way where are we?
I was still lost in thought when she walked in.
Tina: how are you doing? (she came in sitting beside the bed).
Me: how can you do this to me?
Tina: we will talk about that when you are fine for now forget about that.
Me: how can i forget about it when many people are dead because of me?
Tina: trust me i didnt even know you had it in you. (she gave me a tea).
Me: i dont want to drink i want to know why you didnt bother to
contact me since.
Tina: i told you not now.
Me: i want to hear it now.

Tina: i was in a coma.
Me: what?
Tina: yes i was in a coma all this while, i came out three days ago.
Me: waoh am sorry.
Tina: dont be, now drink your tea, open your mouth.
I open my mouth as she feed me like a baby, all my body are plastered
and the pain is extremely painful i doubt if i can walk for a month.
Me: we need to call Edna.
Tina: she will be here soon.
Me: where are we by the way?
Tina: we are in portharcourt.
Me: which place?
Tina: Kalio.
Me: okay, so how are we gonna fight back.
Tina: we wont.
Me: excuse me?
Tina: yeah we wont.
Me: why?
Tina: because i say so.
Me: you are not serious, if you like dont join me but all i know is
that i wont rest till i cut Mabel’s head off.
Tina: if you want her dead, i will kill her but am not going to let
you see a gun again.
Me: the only way you can stop me is to lock me up.
Tina: i wont, you wont be able to move for weeks.

Me: come on dear, see what they did to us, do you really think they
will rest until we are dead?
Tina: we will fight back but you not going to be part of us.
Me: what do you mean?
Tina: you are going back to school, you need to live your life and forget about cultist.
Me: really? I dont even have my waec yet.
Tina: we will enrol you here where you will write your Neco and focus
on your study.
Me: i dont want all this, i want revennngeeeee (i screamed)
chapter two
Tina: see dear, i know you want revenge but trust me the biggest way
you can do it is to calm and let everything die, then when you are
done with school we will rise again from the dust to avenge our
friends, they are my friends too and i love them equally but think
about it, you thought i was dead and went on killing spree only to
later find out that am alive,.
Me: i know all this, how can i focus on study when my mind is else
where, it dosnt work that way, i know you are trying to protect me by
letting me go so that you will go fight them alone, but trust me
driving me away is the worst thing for you to do now.
Tina: the battle is mine not yours.
Me: you made it mine too when you made me to fall in love with you.

Tina: so you want to fight?
Me: of course i want to fight, and i will with or without your permission.
Tina: then you should get better first.
Me: yeah.
Tina: and you must obey all my commands.
Me: of course i will.
Tina: good, Edna will be back any moment from now.
Me: why are we staying in a hut?
Tina: the police are everywhere searching for us, they almost got us
on our way here.
Me: so when are we leaving this place?
Tina: i send Edna to go look for a hotel for us inside port Harcourt city, we have to wait till
she return.
Me: okay then, so which hospital did they take you to?
Tina: General Hospital Irua.
Me: how did you get there?
Tina: a good samaritan took me from the place we separated and took me
to a hospital, they transfer me from Afuze to Irua where they put me
on oxygen.
Me: waoh, who is the good samaritan?
Tina: i dont know, the person just drop me in Afuze hospital and leave.
Me: do you think it might be one of them?
Tina: i dont think so because the hospital said the person look like a farmer.
Me: God will bless him for me.
Tina: yeah, i think i heard a bike outside, let me go check.

Me: becareful.
She left me alone in the small hut and as she left i started thinking
about what she said, who is that good samaritan? Whoever he is he will
remain blessed for helping my love, yes i called her my love because i
still love her i think.
She came back with sad Edna, and when i saw her i was sad too.
Me: Edna.
Ed: Ozila.
Me: am really sorry.
Ed: about what? (sitting close to me).
Me: about cath and steph.
Ed: forget them, they knew what they signup for and we should be happy
that you are alive and Tina too.
Me: they did everything for me, we should honour them.
Edna: there is no way, we that we are alive we cant even move around
freely in the city not to talk of honouring two dead people.
Tina: Ozila the police are looking for us and also Jack and Mabel are
looking for us too, so tell me how can we be able to honour them?
Me: hmmmm, i thought we are one body?
Edna: yes, am not saying we wont honour them we will but not now, as
it is now our priority should be getting out of port.
Me: why? Leave port and go where?
Edna: back to Edo state, thats the only place we have power.
Tina: yes, we have strong base there.
Me: no, we will stay here and fight, we have base here too and they

will be willing to help.
Brouhaha4: Die Another Day
Copyright © 2016 by Akhigbe Oziegbe.
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may
be reproduced or distributed, without the prior
written permission of me.
To get the completed story for just #200 Airtime card message me on
Whatsapp Contact: +2348066418379
Mail: ozilla111@gmail.com
chapter three
Edna: you mean Lady gaga and her gangs.
Me: yeah, they were nice to me before.
Edna: they were nice to you because they thought Tina was dead and the
only way they can be in control is to be nice to you.
Me: but they will still help us na.
Tina: they will but not exactly how we want it.
Tina: Edna i think we should stay here.
Edna: why?
Tina: because we dont want to put our gang there in trouble too,
we will stay here and avenge our sisters one by one when its time for
the real battle we will call our gang from Edo and also send message

to lady Gaga.
Edna: and what exactly are going to be doing here?
Tina: Ozila will return to his sister’s shop and continue his act as
if nothing happen while we will be monitoring the situation here and
also building strong empire, when everything is ready we will call our
Me: sound like a good plan but me gaan am not going back to my sister because
police are looking for me and also i dont want to put my sister in
harms way.
Tina: relax nothing will happen we will take care of it.
Me: no am not going back to ozuboko, thats final.
Edna: you dont want to go Edo, you dont want Ozuboko too, what really
do you want?
Me: i just want to stand up and take my gun and burst mabel’s head.
Tina: you will but not now, as it stand now they have the upper hand.
Me: i thought you went to look for a hotel?
Edna: yeah.
Me: so?
Edna: i found one and it cool and private.
Me: good so can we go there now?
Edna: no till night, we dont want eyes on us while we walk.
Me: okay.
Tina: we will stay in the hotel for the time being till we find our feet again.
Me: you mean till i find my feet.
Tina: i told you three days ago i was in a coma, am yet to recover fully.

Me: oh yeah, we all are down with no strenght at all.
Edna: am not down yet.
We remain in the hut till nightfall when everywhere was dark, they
took me up and walk me down the road to where our Tina Toyota van is,
they opened the door and assist me in, after I enter the car Edna went back to get
her bike while Tina sat on the drivers sit and start the car, we drove
out of the forest and leave the place dusty, we enter into main road
were the city light is shinning all over the town, on our way many police van pass us with their
siren and noises
everywhere, everybody were in haste is like there is commotion
everywhere, we drop by one mall and Edna bought a walking stick for me
saying i should manage it till i gain my strenght back, Tina
followed Edna’s bike to the hotel that was very big and high with
fence everywhere, i like it already.
I think the hotel is located in airforce road in Portharcourt, we horn
and the security men open the door for us, we enter inside and park
the van, i think this is another van because this one is black and
huge unlike the other one.
We came down and walk to the hotel, we walk pass everybody not minding
them greeting us or not, Edna took us to the top of the building
before she later open one door by the left, we enter inside and
everything looks expensive, with a nice view to the city.
Me: this place is cool.
Tina: yeah but i dont like it.
Edna and Me: why?

Tina: the security is too tight and incase anything happen there is no
way we will escape.
Brouhaha4: Die Another Day
Copyright © 2016 by Akhigbe Oziegbe.
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may
be reproduced or distributed, without the prior
written permission of me.
To get the completed story for just #200 Airtime card message me on
Whatsapp Contact: +2348066418379
Mail: ozilla111@gmail.com
chapter four
Me: you are right, even the gates have bab wires.
Edna: am sorry i didnt know, i thought the
tight security will help keep Jack and his men out i didnt think about
our own safety..
Tina: keeping them away from us is a nice idea but what about the
police and other force that can search the hotel anytime, how are we
going to escape from them?
Edna: i will look for another place.
Tina: no need, lets manage here first i will meet an agent tomorrow so

that we will negotiate for a house here,.
Me: you mean it, you gonna buy a house?
Tina: dont you like it?
Me: of course i do.
i took my walking stick and left them there let them continue talking,
i walk to the other room and later settle for the one close to the window
where i can see every ins and out of the hotel, i went back to the
sitting room and told them am hungry, Edna took the phone and ordered
for some rice and chicken, i sat on the chair watching TV as Edna and
Tina continue talking, they were talking about Afuze and Auchi,
everything that happen on her absence, of course she has miss alot and
she need to catchup fast for her to maintain her position as the
leader of the group, of course she is the leader but on papers Edna
still control the gang, Tina is more ruthless and dangerous, they use
to call her empress because of her strong mind and accurate readiness
to fight, of course she deserve the crown as the leader of the cult.
The doorbell ring and one of the hotel staff came in with bowl, she
drop the bowl on the dinning table and left, i walk there and started
eating without waiting for my fellow friends, while eating Edna walk
to the tv and increase the volume, i was surprise to hear from the
news the incident that happened earlier at the bridge, they showed
everything including the car, they said we are dangerous that anybody
that have our location should report to the nearest authority, thank
goodness they dont know our names, imagine seeing myself on a tv as

thug, what will my people say?
Talking about my people i think i need to call my sister and
my mum they will be very worried now,.
Me: Edna can you excuse me your phone i need to make a call.
Edna: to who?
Me: my sister.
Edna: okay but do you really think its a good idea?
Me: of course, she need to know am alright.
Edna: and where will you tell her you are right now?
Me: a friend in Auchi poly.
Edna: okay..
She gave me her phone and then i wanted to dial her number that was
when i realize i dont have it offhead, i was disappointed because i
need to talk to her, she will be very worried now oh, okay let me call
my mum since i have her number off head, i dial my mum number and she
Mum: hello.
Me: good evening ma.
Mum: ozes, where you they we they try your number since?
Me: i they auchi na, i just land and i cant go to bros house today.
Mum: so where are you now?
Me: am with a friend in auchi poly.
Mum: okay you will come home tomorrow right?
Me: yeah maybe.
Mum: why maybe?

Me: my friend told me about a job where i will earn big money, i want
to stay and try it out.
Mum: and what about your school?
Me: if I don’t come home I will sort it out here in Auchi Poly.
Mum: okay becareful oh.
Me: yess mama, bye bye, please call big Sister and tell her that am in Auchi already.
Mum: okay bye.
i cut the call and continue my food, i turn to my friends and ask.
Me: are you guys not hungry? I will finish this food oh.
Tina And Edna: finish it
chapter five
I was all alone in the hotel licking my orange, Edna and Tina have gone
out, i was watching TV when i saw on the news that Uniport base
was hit, some gang men enter Lady Gaga’s crip and start shooting
sporadically, many people were killed but i dont know if Lady Gaga
survive, i was like wtf, i quickly took my phone and call their base
nobody pick, oh men those guys they vex, and i believe they were

looking for me thats why they went there and kill them oh, i just hope
Lady Gaga survive the clash sha.
Tina and Edna went out to check the new apartment they got for us
while i remain indoor eating and enjoying, i wanted to follow them but
they refuse saying the city is not yet safe for now and that i should remain indoor, i can walk
around now even though i still feel some pains
but not like before, i told my mum am working with my friends as
trailer driver so am not always around meaning she cant come to see me
and i cant come to see her, it was a perfect lie and i did it for her
anyway, i dont want her involve in all of this.
I went to the bathroom to ease myself in the evening when i heard
gunshots from outside, i quickly came and look down the building,
there i saw men on black carrying Ak-47, three security men are
already lying on the ground lifeless, they didnt waste time as they
rush inside the hotel and started shooting anyhow, i took my phone and
a gun under the bed, there is no how i can escape through the door
because two guys are standing on the hotel gate while the other five swam inside
the hotel, without been told i know they are looking for me so i open
my door and started running to the top of the building, while running
i took my phone and place a call to Tina telling her they are here, she told me
to stay put that shes on her way now.
Me: no no no, dont come, just call the police.
Tina: Edna is calling the police right now.
i cut the call and continue running to the top of the building, i stop

running when i heard a gunshot coming from there I wonder how they manage to get there so
fast, i ran back to my
room and close the door, but how did they manage to get to the top so
quickly? as i enter my room i open my window gently so that those guys
on the ground wont see me, as i open the window of the hotel from the
eight story building i went to my room and took a long rope, i tie one
edge to my waist and the other edge to a big table, i quickly went to
the window and climb it, i look down and it was like i will fall any
moment from now, i put my leg on the window and started climbing down
carefully, i climb to the next room and stand on the air condition, i
carefully open the window of the other room and climb it down, as i enter
everywhere was quiet, i walk to the door, i eavesdrop and heard the
noise coming out from the top of the building meaning they are inside my room
now, i quickly lose the rope from my waist and throw it down so that they will think that i
climb down already, i walk back to the door with my gun and then i
started hearing their noise coming down again, they pass the room i
hide and continue going down, that was when i heard the sirren of
police car and then i breath a sign of relief, i went to the window to
look and then there was no sign of them again, i ran back to my room
and remove the rope and hide my gun.


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