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Apocalypse : The Second Coming (thirteen)

Chapter thirteen
The person didn’t answer me so I get closer trying to see the persons face, with the way she’s sitting on the floor its difficult to see her face but from her figure I know she’s a female.

“Are you Elizabeth?” I ask with scary voice.

“Whoo wants to knowwww” she replied with a thunderous voice that almost make me faint, i saw her face, she’s an old lady with no hairs on her body, she should be more than 100 years old if am not mistaking.

“Am ozila, and we need her to save the world from destruction” I said again.

“The world is already dead” she said standing up, I can smell her odour and as she stand up completely I was surprise that an old woman like this could stand very well.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“I am the person you are looking for” she said.

“No, this is a mistake” I said and ran out from the underground barn, on my way out I saw Adesua coming and then I collide on her.

“What’s chasing you” she ask as I fall ontop her.

“Elizabeth” I said.

As I said that the door open wide and then the lights started switching on one by one, everything started arranging on their own and then a sweet fine beautiful lady came put from the building I just run from.

“Who are you?” I ask as I dust myself from Ade.

“The person that chased you out now, I have been waiting for you for years, the apocalypse is already here, grounds are opening around the world and theres two already in nigeria,” she said.

“Elizabeth” said Adesua smiling.

“What are the grounds for?” I ask.

“A way to the underworld, if we don’t close humans will seize to exist” she said looking at me and smiling.

“But you are an old lady just now” I said.

“Because I have waited too long for your coming, follow meet me show you the map of the grounds” she said and walk past us, we followed her inside her mansion, everything is shining and sparking, even her white rob shines and glow like a star.

“You keep staring at her” Ade said..

“Even you too, beside was my girlfriend so please let me stare, after all it is my stare” I said.

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  1. finally u meet your damsel lizzy


  3. please make it longer it is interesting to read this story.
    Good Job!

  4. Bro,please be faster writing next chapters

  5. Bro,please be faster writing next chapters

  6. it’s awesome but please make the chapter longer

  7. next pls
    chapters too short
    nice writeup though

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