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Apocalypse : The second coming (chapter fifteen)

Chapter Fifteen

The forest is scaring as shit, tall trees with no grasses, the ground is filled with red branches from the trees, how can a tree have red colored branches? I wonder what type of tree it is, there are many trees in the forest not just ordinary trees but evil ones too, there’s a place where a long branched tree covered the road, we tried to cut it but the tree won’t even bend, we went behind it since the tree is very stubborn.
We ride for hours before we saw a clear space, where’s there’s no tree or branches but red sand, a few meters away there’s a smoke emanating from a mountain in front of us.

Ade: I guess that’s our bus stop.

Lizzy: yeah

Me: that mountain is meters away but am feeling the hotness from this place, won’t we get burn before we get there?

“let’s find out” said Ade walking majestically to the mountain, I looked at Lizzy and then she signal for us to follow us, the closer we get the hotter the environment, I was getting tired because the hotness is just too much, Ade doesn’t seem concerned at all as she keep on walking like a boss, Lizzy saw my face and then stop, I walk to her and then she bend and brought something from my bag

“yuu will need this from where we are going” she said giving me a black necklace.

Me: what’s this Lizzy?

Lizzy: you will know when the time come, just put it around your neck.

She didn’t even allow me talk before she collect it and put the black necklace on my neck, suddenly some sudden wind emanate from my body as if I gain some strength, it felt good.
I look at Lizzy, she smiled at me and continue walking towards the rock, I followed her from behind, I wasn’t even feeling the hotness of the mountain again, it’s like she gave capsule of energy.

We got close to the mountain, Adesuwa waited for us to catch up,.

Lizzy: the portal is up there

Me: ontop the mountain?

Lizzy : yes,

Me: but how do we get there?

Ade: getting there is not the issue but getting inside the underworld.

Lizzy: it’s easy, drop a coin inside and we will enter with ease.

Ade: do you have a piece of coin?

Me: I do.

I took a coin from my pocket, as I was about to place it on the hot ground the whole place started shaking as if I have angered the gods,
From nowhere a big giant stone came from our back and crashed on us, we jumped out of the way as the giant stone destroy the path to the mountain, red magma started coming out from the mountain occupying everywhere, we started running back to the evil forest, the whole was turning magma rock, what have we done to offend the gods, we weren’t fast enough as the floating magma caught up with us and eat us up, the magma wasn’t hot as I expected maybe its because of the black chain Lizzy gave me that’s why am not feeling the heat, the magma swallowed us completely.

I woke up in a dark room, no light and no window, I don’t know where I am, I took a step and fell twenty feet down, I land on a stream, everywhere is still dark, where should I swim to?

I don’t have touch I don’t have light, nowhere to go but I can’t remain here, whether its a large river or a small one I don’t know, so I started swimming to anywhere in particular, as I was swimming my necklace started shunning little by little, a reck light started emanating from it, I took it from my neck and use it to illuminate the area as the light came out in full, I think am still inside the mountain cause am in a secluded place where there’s water, I saw a small canoe at the the center of the river, I hive a sign of relief and started swimming to the canoe, as I was going something inside the river pull my leg down, I was so scared losing the necklace in the process, I look down the river and saw the necklace still falling inside the dept of the river, I followed it, without that necklace I won’t know my way, I started swim to the bottom of the river because of the necklace, the river started turning like its creating a hollow to swallow me, I increased my pace as am very good at swimming, I learnt it when I was a kid.

The river is very very deep, I couldn’t breath but I can’t give up cause if I do I won’t survive up there at al, the same something draw my leg down as I almost get necklace, then something hold my neck and started squizing it, the hand is really big though, the thing was killing me really and I couldn’t do anything, I look down the river and saw the necklace shinning down the bottom of the sea, I tried to remove the hand from my neck but I can’t because the grip is just too much, I started giving hope and losing my spirit.
I look at the necklace again and then something in me told me to forward my hand towards the necklace, I stretched my hands towards the necklace and then the necklace started coming to me, I was surprised, the necklace came to me and then I took it and shine it to the creatures face, it’s a devilish creature, the thing screamed and run but there are others, more than hundreds of same creatures surround me, I was scared cause I don’t know what to do, as they swim to me inside the river I closed my eyes, I put the necklace around my neck, I put my hands together as if I wanted to pray, I said in my mind “help me Queen Olokun” the goddess of the sea.

As I said that the necklace sparked so hard distributing different colors of light to the whole room, and then from my back a mighty feather came out, two huge feathers, I flew out of the river and then landed on the ground like an angel, the feathers are dark with thorns.

“welcome the black Phoenix” I saw a man wearing a monk-like dress,
“the king is waiting for you” he said pointing to the door.

I walked pass him and when I pass the door I met another environment, more than hundreds people sat together and in front of them a king with a crown, I looked at the king very, and yes he’s a real replica of me, and he’s wearing a red necklace like mine.

“the prophecy is fulfiled, the second coming” he said standing up from his chair.

The king looks like me exactly, a real replica of me, and why is he wearing a red necklace like the one I used in my dream, my first adventure, what’s going on?

“I know you have alot of questions I will answer all of then later but for now let’s dine together, your friends are already waiting for you” he said pointing to another room where there are many meats on a table with my friends already sitter, am confused what’s going on?
I walk to my friends and ask what’s going on, they didn’t say anything at all maybe they are scared of something.

They ushered me to sit down, I sat on the available chair, there are four prepared already, Adesuwa and Elizabeth sit opposite each other, I sat opposite my second, I didn’t want to eat cause I don’t know what the food is, if it’s human being we don’t know, Ade and Lizzy started eating, I don’t know what’s going on I just stay dumb.

Me: what’s going on?
Ade: Nothing just eat
Me: eat what? We ain’t here to eat.
Lizzy: just play along.
King: you know I know why you are here, but am the gatekeepe here, so if I say you do anything you do it with smile (the king was angry and his eyes start turning red)

I didn’t know what to do again so I join my friends and started eating, I don’t even know what am eating, looks like we are dinning with the devil, keeper of the underworld.

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