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ADVENTURES OF XAGE written by Ogili Oche Jr ( Xage)
All rights reserved

“Guy you fall my hand oo”, Pablo said laughing, “So ordinary bucket of water, you cannot carry? Abeg no de follow me anytime i dey go gym”. I totally ignored him, i was busy removing my shirt that have being designed with kpotokpoto as my bush guys go call am. (I dunno why people will pronounce kpotokpoto when it’s English word is just “mud”, a three letter word).
“No worry the girl go gree for you, we will go to her house tomorrow evening and na the last time i go help you with this girl matter”, Pablo told me still shining his teeth like a roasted goat.
Pablo has laid ten girls in five months while i have not even kiss one. Choi, my village people must be monitoring me with satellite, maybe i should go and meet my mom for prayers. My mom can fire prayer eh, sometimes i usually pity the demons she binds. Anything that happen in our home is always spiritual to my mom even when you are bitten by a mosquito, to her it’s an evil mosquito from her father’s side, she will want to anoint or wash it with holy water.

After playing pes for like 5 hours, me and Pablo decided to go to Kemi’s place. She was living down our street. Pablo was already teaching me raps that i will tell her. We reached her compound, it was a “face me i face you” setting. We saw some guys who are a little bigger than us, they were drinking and smoking.
They were all smoking weed an taking gin. I only knew two out of the five guys there and the two i knew, Kush and Black Panda were known for their notoriety.
They all stopped what they were doing when they saw us. “Stop there, na who una dey look for” Kush fired at us, he seems to be their leader.
“We are looking for Kemi”, Pablo answered knowing that i won’t answer because of fear. They all laughed when they heard “Kemi’s name”.
“So na una dey disturb my babe for this area abi? No worry my God don catch you today. Black Panda, Semperito, Heavy Hammer, Mallon!! Make we show this guys wey dey wear Gucci wetin we dey do people wey wan touch our property” Kush ranted as he ordered his boys to beat us. Omo, i took to my pace immediately before they lamba my skinny body because it will break if they do. Pablo remain there dey form boss.

After waiting for Pablo for about thirty minutes at the front of my house , i saw Pablo coming like one of those zombies in walking dead, the guy no even get clothes on. As he came nearer, i wanted to laugh but i held my self because it was because of kemi that all these incidents occurred. Pablo did not utter any word, he was just shaking his head like Pete Edochie.
“See, i will not let those rascals go free ooo, i will deal with them, we will go and see motivator” Pablo said licking his injured lip.



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ADVENTURES OF XAGE All rights reserved CHAPTER 6 Pst Eri was smiling when he reached
ADVENTURES OF XAGE: Written by Ogili Oche Ujo (Xage) All rights reserved CHAPTER FIVE Choi,
ADVENTURES OF XAGE Written by Ogili Oche Jr (Xage) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©2017 EraWrites&OcheWrites CHAPTER
ADVENTURES OF XAGE: Written by Ogili Oche Jr ( Xage) All rights reserved EraWrites&OcheWrites ©2017
ADVENTURES OF XAGE written by Ogili Oche Jr (Xage) All rights reserved EraWrites&OcheWrites ©2017 CHAPTER
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