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Adventures of Tanaboy (final chapter)

[11/9, 8:08 PM] Writer Tanaboy: ADVENTURE OF TANABOY

Episode 25

The songs of birds could be heard, from afar, it’s night already I fixed my eyes on Cyndi who was fast asleep laying his head on my chest, I moved my eyes away from her and place it on Precious who was fast asleep in the other end of the room, I returned my eyes to Cyndi, I started to caress her hair, my eyes were becoming red at intervals, so this is how this notorious cult boys are going to waste our lives, tears fell down my eyes and rolled on my cheeks , I was lost in my own taught when the door of the room suddenly fell off alongside side with a guy in black outfit probably he was the one on guard…….

The noise made the two girls in the room to wake up, we all took cover in the room at this very point we were ready to fight who ever that came inside the room, suddenly a familiar figure came into the dark room, I recognised him immediately Hilary I whispered, yes he answered precious rushed and hugged him immediately as if her life depends on him, there’s no time for this we have to leave this place immediately, that’s true Hilary added, we all tiptoed out of the dark room which was surrounded with bushes or should I say thick forest…… We had noises from the left side of the bush they are coming directly to the building, suddenly a touch light flashed on us from that same direction, attack them we had the capon’s voice echo from that same direction, we took to our heels following the opposite side, to be sincere the bushes and the trees there weren’t smiling, they were very huge and the forest was very dark……….


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The guys were closing up on us at intervals, I held precious tightly as we raced for our dear lives, on getting to the outskirt of the village, there was a big river there we only had two options, is either we swim past the river or we get killed by the cult guys, let’s jump in and swim to the other side of the river I said more of a whisper, see guys am not going into this river Cyndi said with a strong voice, and why do you say that, I asked with concern, I can’t swim she said with a cracked voice, that’s the only option we have here Hilary chipped in, I can’t swim as well precious said….. The flash of torchlights could be seen and some noises could be heard which signifies that the guys are close by, am very good in swimming, the same applicable to Hilary, we do go for swimming back in the days when we were still in secondary school, we don’t have time and arguing with the two girls will lead to us being captured by the cult guys, I signalled Hilary he smiled showing that he understood my sign, I pushed Cyndi into the river and Hilary did the same to precious, we jumped into the river, I held Cyndi from the back and swim with my other hand, luckily for us we got to the end of the other side of the river safely, we located a deserted house just a little bit far away from the river and passed our night there……….

I was the first person to wake up so I decided to go out and see if it was dawn so that we can proceed our journey, the outside was cool and calm, there is no trace of the cult boys here, I smiled and went further inside the bush in other to get some fruits, because we were very hungry, I felt a metallic something pointed to my head

Freeze !!!!!!!!!!

Your hands on your head, the voice commanded it was a feminine voice, I did as she said……. Turn around, I turned around to see………….

To be continued…….
[11/9, 8:08 PM] Writer Tanaboy: ADVENTURE OF TANABOY

Episode 26

I turn around to see Linda smiling at me in a mockery way

Linda – swimming pass the river doesn’t make you escape from me okay, if I don’t have you nobody will have you, and since you have discovered my true identity I will not spare your life, the only choice I have is to kill you dear, but before I shoot you, I will make you feel the pain I felt when you refuse to date me, you made me feel rejected, you made me feel as if am inferior, I will make you feel the same pain I felt before killing you, she moved backward still pointing the gun at me with her right hand, she use her left hand to cut off a stick from a branch of mango tree, I will give you fifty strokes of the Cain before shooting you, now lye down flat, she commanded, she wasn’t smiling this time around her face was full of hate, I hesitated a bit, before she shouted at me the second time, I said lye down flat !!!!!!

Me – Linda I haven’t wronged you in anyway, dating someone is not by force but by choice, killing me will not do any good to you


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Back to my story

Linda – you are very stupid for saying that, I think arguing with you is a waste of time, good bye Mr Tanaboy, when you get to the other side of the world always remember that I love you and I will always love you, she pointed the gun directly to my forehead, I closed my eyes, suddenly I had a gun shot, I didn’t feel any pain in any part of my body, I opened my eyes to see Linda on the ground on her own pull of blood, I raised my head to see Cyndi holding a gun with a shaky hands……..

I was shocked because she was the last person I expected to see there, tears rolled down her eyes as she watch Linda on the ground, am sorry dear you gave me no choice, she said still sobbing I went and hug her and collect the gun from her, Hilary and Precious arrive immediately, I explain everything that transpired between the tree of us, they said that they located us through the sound of the gun they heard,…………

Hilary took Linda’s gun we have to leave this place, for Linda to locate you here, it means the others are here, as we were about to escape we saw………

To be continued
[11/9, 8:08 PM] Writer Tanaboy: ADVENTURE OF TANABOY

Episode 27

Final Episode

As we were about to escape we saw the capon, Faith, alongside with other cult guys steering at us from the other side of the bush, there faces were mean and full of hatred, fire !!!!!!

The capon instructed, I pushed Cyndi and we fell down using tree as a cover the cult guys shot drastically, Hilary and Precious used a tree as there hideout as well, the guys were shooting indiscriminately, luckily for us we have our own guns, the guys began to approach us thinking we were harmless, I signalled Hilary to open fire, as well, we jump out of our own hideout and fired several shoot at them, they were six in number luckily for us we got four men down, we took them unaware, I don’t think they know we have guns with us

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Back to my story

It was now remaining two people, Faith and the capon, I signalled Hilary to take cover in order for me to attack them from the other side of the bush, Hilary came out of his hideout and began to shoot towards their direction, we couldn’t get any of them down because they are still in there hideout, I crawl through the other end of the bush in order for them not to notice me, on getting to their hideout I didn’t see anybody, I turn around before I knew what was happening the capon rolled from the other side of the bush and fired several shot at me, luckily for me, it didn’t get me. I crawl to a nearest tree and use it as my hideout, I positioned the gun aiming at the direction of the capon, suddenly someone dived me making my gun to fall off my hand

The person climbed on me trying to unleash a blow on me, I pushed her away only to discover it was no other person than Faith she stood up and positioned, in a fighting form, I smiled at her, imagine a girl positioning to fight with me

She rushed me and throw a weak punch on me, I held her hands and bend it to the back, she groan in pains, suddenly the capon began to shoot towards our direction, I held tight to faith and use her as my defender, two bullets pierced her directly in the stomach, I dragged her to were my gun fell off and picked it up……………

She was now loose in my hands, I released her, she fell of and died, Hilary started shooting towards the direction of the capon, after shooting for sometime he didn’t get the capon

Everywhere became calm, from my hideout, I saw the capon running away, I notified Hilary and we chased him immediately, we got to the river he stopped…………..

We approach him, he smiled at us…..

Capon – I live for nothing, all my men are gone, my life is now useless, Tanaboy, you have taught me what true love is, you came all the way from Onitsha down to Enugu in search of your girlfriend, am not as bad as you think, I never chose this part for myself, it was life’s circumstances that turned me into a beast, I had a poor parental upbringing, He was still talking when Cyndi and Precious joined us……….

Capon continues*********

I never loved Cyndi, I was only attracted to her beauty, Tanaboy you are the right man for Cyndi, you sacrificed everything just because of her, he turned to Cyndi… Dear don’t leave Tanaboy no matter what happens he truly loves you, I am now regretting the part I chose for myself………

Cultism has no benefit, it destroys people’s life, it has a destructive end

Tanaboy, I know you are a good writer, please write a story on the effect of being a cultist

Tell our fellow youths that they should avoid cultism by all cost

I have killed many people, I have rapped many girls, I have engaged myself in human trafficking and child trafficking in order to get money

But today, I want to set things right between I and my God…………

Tanaboy you have inspired my life today, you have showed me what true love is……..

In my next world, I will never be a cultist

He brought out a gun before we could say or do anything, he shot himself thrice in the head and died instantly

I fell on the ground and wept bitterly, his words really touched me, the three people with me cried as well…..

We later came back to Onitsha and today we are all living happily…..

My dear readers avoid cultism, it has no benefit

My name is Ignatius

A.k.a Tanaboy and this is my story


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