Adanna 5 : Battle of Supremacy

Adanna 5 Chapter 6-9


I was confused as I walk through the street of MCC aba, wondering what’s wrong with me, i don’t know what to do, everywhere is dark but I can see everything as if it’s day time, I don’t know where to find adaeze, but I know a place to start, but first first am hungry, and I don’t have appetite to eat but I have appetite for blood, that’s the only thing I want, I cannot come and suck someones blood, I don’t want innocent blood on my hands, I came out from MCC road and enter Aba/Owerri road, I look left and right everywhere is quiet like a dead zone, so I decided to stroll back to my home inside MCC, as I wanted to turn back I heard from my back “don’t move, if you move I blow your head off” the person said.

I freeze and raise up my hands, there are street lights in MCC road thanks to ikpeazu, I turn around and saw six men with hunters gun, they came out from hiding and surround me.

I think they are arm robbers, they are even holding a small bag, that means they just finish robbing,.

“Who you be? Wetin you find by this time of the night?” One fo them ask.

“Am just coming back from travel” I said

“Coming back from travel? And you dress like person wey they come back from dead?” The guy ask again, giving a good and correct guess.

“Our bus was robbed, I ran naked and na only this dress I see wey to wear?” I said.

Another man said “him done see our face, make we kpai am” 

“I no see anything and I will not report anything I swear” I said begging.

“Na so una they talk, e bad sha say you done escape one robber another one come catch you here, sniper kpai am make they go” the first one said.

Before he could finish his statement one of them shot me on my chest, I fell on the ground, I sit on the ground and saw the wounds healing on its own.

“Wetin they happen, shoot am again” the leader commanded.


He shot me three times on my chest, I felt the pain but few seconds later my body started healing up again and I was angry and hungry, I stood up and punch my hand on the chest of the guy that shoot me, I brought out his heart, the rest ran away, the guy fell down, I climb on him and suck his blood, after sucking him I snapped his head, I got up, the blood is very tasty, I need more.

As I stood up I can hear the footsteps of the other guys running away, I started chasing them, my speed increase like a power bike, waoh am gonna enjoy this, so o thought.

They didn’t run far before I caught up with them, I kill all of them one by one and suck their blood, I took all of them to the center of the road and burn their body, I don’t want any trace, now it’s time to find adaeze, my so called daughter that turned me into a vampire, where can I find her, let’s start with Ariaria international market where she kept my grandbaby, she have her cult there.

If I remember correctly there are like eight of them there, I just need one to tell me where to find adaeze, tell me or die that’s the deal, I was walking home after killing the robbers, I heard police siren and started running, I ran to one pioneer street (pioneer is a place in Aba where guys have fun with girls) there’s one football center there I hide there, I saw the police van park in front of the brothel, they look around and even knock the door, someone open and they discuss for some minutes before they leave, I came out from hiding and then jump fence to my compound, I pass back and enter my room, they locked the door, so I just hold the key and draw it, the key open at once, I enter my room and close the door, I took some waters outside to wash myself, I enter my room and sleep,.

“Knock knock, Oz you they there” someone said from outside, I opened my eyes and everywhere is bright, like the bright light is affecting my eyes, I quickly stand up and cover my windows, I adjusted the windows properly to make sure the lights are not coming inside the room, I opened the door and saw Joshua my neighbor.


Me: Joshua whats up? (I said covering my face)

Josh: ha, oz thank God you are alright oh

Me: yeah am alright, thank you very much for yesterday.

Josh: no problem Oz, we are just glad you are alright, 

Me: no problem, I will come and thank you guys later, for now they say I need much rest.

Josh: no wahala, take care okay.

Me: okay,

I said and quickly lock the door, the light outside have started giving me headache, that means I must be inside all through today, I won’t be going anywhere.

I know that since Joshua have seen me others will start coming, so I quickly open the door and called Joshua to not tell anybody that am back, he said okay.

I stayed indoor throughout that day, I slept all through and watch some movies, I browse through the internet to check how to survive as a vampire, there are nothing new from the ones I already know, I can’t stay being a vampire I need to resolve this as soon as possible, I plan to go out this night to solve this mystery, I hope I find what am looking for, so help me God.

I couldn’t go out, it was hell in the afternoon because everywhere was hot, and there was heat everywhere, I couldn’t go out and also the room was hot, I felt it like I was closed to a burning fire, am definitely not staying here tomorrow, the sun was even hotter than yesterday own, e like say God want come punish me with the sun because today own na hell, worst thing there was no light, my body was boiling, I will never forgive adaeze.

Later in the evening the sun started going down little by little, and then it went down totally around five, I still stayed indoor with my one room, I needed to bath but I have to wait till seven when everywhere is cool and dark.

People started coming back from work, around seven I came out and thank them for their support the other day, they were glad and happy that am alright, they look happy, I took my bath around eight, I get ready to visit the market, I took sharp knife and a small bag, as I was about to leave my phone started ringing on top bed, I didn’t save the number, should I pick it or I should leave it and just go?

Me: hello (I said as I pick up the phone)

Caller: hi dear, it’s me Mercy, I had a bad dream about you.

Me: Mercy, what’s the dream about? 

Caller: it’s a bad dream, I saw you sucking bloods and cutting people’s head with sword, I had to wake up and pray against it, please tell me you are alright (she said with a shaky voice).

Me: honestly Mercy, am not alright, am really sick.

Mercy: please we need to see, am coming to aba immediately.

Me: don’t come, am taking care of it, am even traveling tomorrow. (I liied because I really don’t want her to come)

Mercy: okay please always pray and make sure your Bible is always by your side.

Me: I will, thanks.


I cut the call and throw the phone on the bed, seems like she still care very much for me, well I don’t want her here, let her focus on her husband, am the devil now that am a vampire, I can take care of myself, I will kill adaeze and everybody that stand with her, she have the mind to turn her father to a vampire, she will pay for it, but to be sincere it was my fault for killing her baby, turning me to a vampire is her own form of revenge, so let me just seek for solution first before I think of what to do next.

Around ten in the night I came out from my compound, everywhere is still busy, aba people no they quick sleep, they like night party like Benin people.

I went to the MCC junction and enter bus since the government banned keke once it’s past eight, they said they use it to rob in the night.

We waited for the bus to full before we take off, I was so tempted by the lady beside me, I can smell her blood as they run through her veins, I can see the blood flowing, I can hear her heart beat pumping blood to her body, I don’t think I will be able to resist for long so I turn my face to the window, the bus stop at Ariaria, I came down and started trekking to the center of the market, everywhere was quiet, the only noise you hear are those from rats, cockroaches, and owl.

I was wearing complete black with a facecap, I don’t want to be recognized, I walk to the center where I first enter to kill adaeze baby, when I got there I heard a creaking sound, and them something ran past me, I look back but didn’t see anything, the good thing about this is that I can see through the dark, but I was a little scared because am alone in the dark, I went inside the dark hall, all shops are locked as expected but there’s one still open with a candle light inside, I was scared as I walk to the one shop that is still open, my heartbeat started beating very fast, I have been here before I really don’t know why am so scared now, I don’t even have this power last time.

I walk to the shop and look inside gently, I saw a baby, maybe seven years old just sitting on a stool and crying.

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