Adanna 5 Chapter 3-5

Chapter three

I clean up the mess in my room and while cleaning I saw two of my teeth on the things I vomited,I don’t understand what is going on, my fever increase times ten, I keep on sweating but yet catching cold inside, this is getting worse I have to see a specialist as soon as possible, but it’s late already I should wait till the next morning, but I might not survive this night, something must be done.

I took my phone and dial my mum’s number,.

Mum: hello (my mum answered from the other end 

Me: mum, how are you doing? 

Mum: why have you stop picking my calls (I know shes going to ask that, I stopped picking her calls because of my issues with adanna and adaeze, I don’t want her to get involve).

Me: mum am so so sorry.

Mum: hmm you don’t call me unless you get into a problem you can’t come out from, so tell me what is it? (I know she will say that)

Me: mum am sick, am really really sick (I said)

Mum: I can feel it in your voice, so tell me how you are feeling.

Me: I vomited everything I ate, am feeling sweat outside but cold inside, my head is rotating, and I lost two teeths.

Mum: you lost two teeths?

Me: yes mum I lost two teeths when I vomited.

Mum: you need to come home, boy.

Me: mum I can’t come home now, just prescribe drugs for me to use.

Mum: I cannot prescribe drugs if I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Me: but you are a nurse.

Mum: yes, I would say you are running temperature but when you said you lost teeth I got lost there.

Me: so what do you suggest apart from coming home.

Mum: go for a test as soon as possible, and make sure to call me to tell me the result.

Me: okay mummy.

We end the call, of course I know she will ask me to come home, that I can’t do with adaeze Keen to destroy me, if I go home she will face my mother, and I don’t know what this mark is, it might be the thing causing all this problem,.

I went out to get cold water, that’s the only thing calming my head down, any food I eat I vomit, I pray tomorrow come soon let me go see a specialist as soon as possible.


My alarm started ringing around seven in the morning, I couldn’t even turn to switch it off, all my body is shaking, my head is hurting and even though fan is blowing there’s still heat everywhere, my alarm ring for five minutes and stopped by itself, it started again ten minutes later this time it didn’t stop, the alarm was disturbing everybody in that my region.

“Oz you no go off your alarm” Joshua my neighbor shouted from his room, I wish he knows what am going through he will break inside to rescue me, it’s getting to eight still yet my alarm continue ringing, I still couldn’t move.

“Kpo Kpo Kpo, oz you no they inside” temple my other neighbor ask, knocking on my door, I heard Joshua join him and they started knocking on my door and speaking igbo, Joshua checked my glass, he use something to open it a little and shift my curtain, he saw me lying down.

He told his second that am inside, they started hitting my door, they pushed for five minutes all my neighbors started gathering, they finally open the door and saw me almost in the point of dead, they rushed me outside and thanks to one of my other neighbor, they put me in his car and rushed me to a hospital, a specialist hospital in MCC road there, the moment the nurses saw me they drag me inside and started fixing drips for me, they added some drugs inside the drip, I dont know what’s happening,.

“We are losing him” the doctor said.

Their meter started beeping faster and

faster until the meter stop, they tried to resuscitate me with no success, I died in the hospital.


I later woke up in the hospital feeling starved, there was no one in the room, the room was dark, I woke up and stood up from the desk they placed me, there are three other dead bodies in the room with me, what’s going on? I ask myself, am I dead.

Everything looks upside down, my heartbeat sound different, i open the door and came out to a corridor, there are lights in the corridor, I saw one nurse on white walking away, I followed her gently to one room, I saw her through the glass door administering drip to one patient, I opened the door quietly and even with the crick of the door she didn’t hear me, I walk closely to her back, I was starved and guess what’s on my mind to eat, her blood, I was seeing her vein as the blood rush through, my appetite increased as I step closer to her, I don’t know what happened I wanted to dive her and suck her blood and then she turn around and saw me, she screamed and her tool plate fell, she fell on the ground shifting away gently, I was walking towards her, she creep to the wall with nowhere else to go, I wanted to bend down and pounce on her but on the wall there’s a mirror I saw it and saw myself, I have develop four  long teeth, two up and two down, I remembered what adaeze said, that from now on I will continue to feed on blood,.

“What happened to me?” I ask the nurse.

In that moment the door opened and security men rushed in, I ran and jump though the window, I landed on both feet as I run and jump through a tall fence, what is really wrong with me? I need to find adaeze.

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