Adanna 5 : Battle of Supremacy

Adanna 5 Chapter 15-17


There are no houses or structure at all, only caves and mountains and the one am looking for is the biggest mountain standing in front of us, we walk to the front of the mountain,there’s an opening, two doors which one should we follow?

Oluchi took a small leaf from the ground and throw it up, the leaf flew to our left side, meaning we should follow the one on our left, I took my sword and say something, the sword flame up, I use it as light since everywhere in the cave is dark,we enter the dark mountain hoping to end Adaeze ones and for all, but I didn’t know she have other plans of her own.

A sound started coming from inside the mountain, like someone saying an incantation, we followed the sound and as we move closer the sound get louder, and the voice started increasing in number, we walk inside the chamber we saw candle lights surrounding a big egg, five girls holding hands together around the egg and saying some incantation, they didn’t see us, there are red candles everywhere, but someone is sitting on the throne, who might that be?

The five girls didn’t even know that we are there, they just close their eyes and focus on their incantation, I started walking sideways to see the person sitting on the throne, I saw her clearly it’s definitely adaeze, of course she saw us.

“Welcome daddy, I have been expecting you” she said smiling.

I look at her, I look at the egg, a very big gigantic egg like someone is inside and they are trying to resurrect the person, I just hope the person is not adanna.

“What are you doing? Who is on that egg?” I ask.

Adaeze: oh you will know very soon, I get bored been lonely, I needed my mum back since you couldn’t play your role very well as a dad.

When she said that I was scared, I quickly waved my hands towards the girls and a heavy wave came out from my hands and pushed them away, Adaeze was surprised, she stood and came to me with full force, before I could turn my face to her she gave me a dirty slap which took me off my feet and landed me on the ground,

“Continue doing the incantation” she said to the girls, and they stood up and continue working.

“I see you have gotten some more powers, but you still no match for me” she said and started walking towards me, I was still on the ground catching my breath, she move to me and started walking around me 


Adaeze: I gave you a chance to be my dad, I gave you everything, I choosed you instead of mum, but killing my baby is wicked, you are more wicked than us, so far you are still alive there will always be an adanna to kill you, so am bringing her back so that me and her can live together forever, but first I have to kill you and use your head as a gift to her when she returns.

The girls doing the incantation stop, and the egg started shaking.

Ada: yeah it won’t be long for now.

I say something in my mind and vanish from the ground, I appear in the middle of the castle where the egg is, I look inside and saw adanna, still in the egg trying to get out, I look everywhere and saw a big spear, I ran to the spear but before I could get there Adaeze forward her hand to the spear and the spear move to her, I was wondering where the spear went to and Adaeze appear in my front again and hit me with the body of the spear, I landed on the ground heavily again, how am I going to defeat her now? 

As I landed on the ground I passed out, and then I saw myself in a white place, the witch that I killed appear to me in white colour.

“You are stronger than this, you have so much powers in you, finish the battle before her mother come back” she said and vanish again.

I opened my eyes and saw adaeze getting closer to me, she raised the spear and wanted to stab me I hit her leg and she lost control and fell, I quickly climb her and as I wanted to punch her again she shouted so loudly, the wave throw me off her, she stood up quickly and took the spear, she punch it on my stomach, the spear burst out from my back, I fell down.

She left the spear there as I kneel down in pains,

Ada: you cannot defeat me dad, am stronger than you.

Me: no, am stronger



I said and stand up again, I took the spear and remove it from my stomach, the injured part started healing automatically, she was surprised.

Me: you forgot am a vampire now, that means I don’t die.

I said and fly to her, I took her up to the top of the mountain holding her neck, she was struggling to breath, I took her up the mountain and punch her down, she landed on the ground like an explosion, I fly down and collect the spear from the ground, I jump on top her and try to stab her, she hold the mouth of the spear with her hands, the spear won’t move forward she’s still very strong, so I fly up and throw the spear to her on the ground, the spear punch her to the ground, I walk to her and put my hand inside her heart.

“Daddy please” she said, I felt pity and paused for a moment, at that moment the egg burst open, and someone walk out of the egg naked,

“Mummy” Adaeze said as blood gushed out from her mouth, I quickly removed her heart before adanna shouted and then everywhere started falling, like and earthquake.

Her roar destroyed the whole underground, I took Oluchi’s hand and run from the underground castle, we came out from ariaria market and saw that the whole market is collapsing, how did we get there, I thought  we were suppose to come out in eleme junction,how this happen? Of course I know that if adanna come back it will be disastrous, but I didn’t know it will go this far, the whole place continued to collapse, the whole market.

Olu: what’s going on?

Me: Adanna is back and she’s really angry

Olu: if you don’t do something the whole market will collapse.

Me: what can I do? She’s very strong, last time I defeat her I had Adaeze to aid me, now I have nobody.


Olu: you are stronger now than before, find your strength within yourself and face her because she won’t destroy just this market alone she will destroy the whole Aba.

Oluchi is right, I need a way to kill adanna once and for all, I cannot let this go on for long or else I won’t be able to stop it, I look at the sky, the moon is shining very bright, I look at the market, everything is falling, just because of my fault.

I sat in the middle of the market as adanna burst out from the middle of the market and rise to the sky, she hang in the sky like a god wearing a red gown, she waved her hand and as the destruction continues, everything started turning to ashes, every woods, metals blood, fluid or flesh, everrthing within her vicinity started turning to ashes, I mean what’s her goal destroying everything? Am her nemesis she should face me alone.

Olu: what are you doing, we have to leave here now.

I didn’t answer Oluchi as I just sat down and fold my leg like a Muslim praying, I closed my eyes and call on the dark lady.

I opened my eyes in a dark and serene environment, then she walk to me again, the lady that I killed in this market.

Lady: you are back.

Me: yes, I need help to kill Adanna

Lady: there’s no way to kill her, you created her so find a way to kill her yourself 

Me: please help me, she’s going to destroy everything, give me a solution.

Lady: the oath

Me: what oath?

Lady: the oath you took with her? She’s still binded to you.

Me: so she will die if I kill myself.

Lady: are you ready to sacrifice yourself for her?

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