Adanna 5 Chapter 1-2

Adanna 5: Battle of Supremacy

Introduction :

After succeeding in killing our unborn child because I sure know the child will be more dangerous than Adaeze and even Adanna, I decided to kill the baby and run away after deceiving Adaeze to cloak me so that she won’t be able to find me, but I was wrong, she decipher my plan and blocked me in Onitsha (Mercy home town). 

She destroyed my bus killing everybody on board because of me, I manage to escape from the bus but I didn’t go far from the Niger bridge before she caught up with me, She almost kill me before Mercy from nowhere came out from the crowd and save me again just like an angel

Chapter One

As she saw mercy she was surprised, she knows how strong mercy is, she look around and saw people recording what’s going on, and then she heard police siren. 

“We will meet again dad” she said and run inside the crowd, vanishing from sight.

“See what you got yourself into?” Mercy said. 

“I don’t really know, I wish I know how to get out” I said. 

Anambra police came and started helping the injured ones, I was taken to a hospital nearby, I was scared looking at my shoulder all the time. 

As I was sitting on the hospital bed, recovery from my injury, Mercy walked in. 

“Thank you so much mercy, I don’t even know where I will be now if not you” I said as she took a sit and sat close to me. 

“Well, am glad I was there that moment” she said. 

“So how have you been?” I ask. 

“Am fine, am married now” she said. 

“Waoh,  really?”

“Yes, married last month to a pastor”

“But why didn’t I get an invitation” I ask. 

“I just wanted to close your chapter not knowing I will still meet you here”. 

“Oh well there must be a reason, whats the name of your pastors church?” I ask. 

“Lords chosen of course, I want you to follow me for deliverance ozila please do this for me”

“Yeah, I will go for deliverance but not in your church, now that you are married, I don’t want trouble in your family you know how dangerous my life is, and you know Adaeze is coming back, so please understand I promise to go for deliverance after leaving this place, I will do it in lords chose Aba” I said. 

“Okay, just do it and when you get to the church you call me okay”

“Alright, thanks alot mercy” I said. 

“You welcome, let me leave now, you can travel back to Aba this evening, call me when you get home” she said. 

“I will dear, thanks alot”

She left me alone, I wanted to sleep small before traveling back to Aba since Adaeze won’t let me leave, but the moment I close my eyes, everything became darker like night, I opened my eyes again and saw that the light is gone, and then a heavy breeze started blowing, and then I heard her laugh. 

“Haha haha haha haha”

Chapter two

the sound of her laugh started getting louder and louder by the seconds, I was scared I didn’t know what to do, my mind started beating very fast like someone in the midst of death, am I in the midst of death? Of course I am. 

I stood up quickly, there’s no way to see road because everywhere is dark no thanks to Adaeze, I manage to locate my small bag, I lost the big one on the scene of the accident but I manage to collect the small hand bag, I brought out my small Nokia touch from it and switch the touch, as I point it to the direction of the door I saw Adaeze, standing in the door with a white gown, I was scared and I shouted “Jesus” falling back on the bed, I was shaking because there is no one here to help me now that Mercy is gone, there is breeze everywhere as she started walking towards me. 

“Why did you kill our child” she ask as she draw nearer to me while I lay beside the bed shaking heavily. 

“A… da… eze, am so…. rry but I cannot let another evil incarnate into this word” I said with my shaking voice. 

“You cannot?  It wasn’t your decision to make” she shouted and then the force of her shout destroyed the glasses on the window, she was very angry and I can feel it, who wouldn’t be? 

“Am sorry Adaeze, I know it was painful killing your child, but there was no other choice, see what you are doing to me because of the mistake I made with Adanna”

“Don’t mention her name” she said with her red eyes, “I helped you kill her because I thought we could get along, but it seems am regretting that decision now, you have neglected me in the sense that you have the guts to kill our baby, I won’t rest until I kill every other person you love” she said with anger. 

“Please, punish me and leave my people out of this, I will do any thing you want” I said. 

“There’s nothing else I want from you, you have proven to me that we cannot live together in peace, now I will make you suffer and suffer and suffer, you will know no peace and you will live your life regretting all the things you have done, and you will be alone because you will never find love again, you wont be able to feed like before and now you shall only drink blood to survive, the sun shall be your enemy and only the moon shall be your friend” she said and walk to me, she took one of the shattered glass from the ground and use it to cut my hand, she lick the blood and then something strange entered my body, all my bone started breaking like someone hit by train, I screamed very loudly

“Hello sir, what is it?” I opened my eyes and saw one nurse trying to calm me down, I look around no shattered glasses 

“Where is she?” I ask. 

“Where is who” the nurse replied looking around. 

Everything seemed normal, but when I look at my palm I saw a strange mark, the cross of Christ but its upside down, what does it mean? 

I don’t know the meaning of the mark but it doesn’t seem to hurt, I will go show it to my pastor when I get to Aba, I took my small bag and thank the nurse for her care, I left the hospital and took a bus in Onitsha back to Aba. 

I got to MCC road in Aba and then I came down, I walk my way to number 9 MCC road, where I live, the moment I open my door I walk straight to bed to sleep because am very weak, It looks like am having fever because my head is boiling, I thought I needed some rest that’s why so I slept, I woke up around seven in the evening, the headache became worse, i stand up from bed and took some money, I went out to buy headache and fever medicine, I return home and took the drugs but it didn’t stop, my head is spinning and I don’t know what’s wrong, I went out again to calabar kitchen in MCC road there, I bought soup and garri and when I got home I ate them very fast because I was hungry, after eating my stomach started making some kind of noise and before I know it I vomited everything I ate, what’s wrong with me?  I just don’t know. 

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