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Adanna 5: Battle Of Supremacy (12-14)


As I ran outside the mansion a heavy wind started blowing in the underground city, the wind throw me back inside the mansion and the gate close, i fell in the middle of the ladies, they started walking in circle around me whispering something I don’t understand, they are high table witches stronger than adaeze and even adanna I guess

“What do you want human?” The leader that throw me off balance ask me.

Me: am looking for someone.

Witch 1: and what makes you think you can find the person here? (The leader ask again)

Me: because she have been here before

Witch 2: what’s the name of this witch?

Me: Adaeze

Witch 3: you are the one that killed her egg

Me: yes, I am the one..

They were quiet for some minutes and then the leader appeared in my front and punch my heart, she tried to remove my heart from my body but she couldn’t, I hold her hands and punch my own hand into her heart, I removed it at once and she fell down, the second witch took a sword and stab me from my back, I shouted in pain and hit her with my hand, I fell down trying to remove the sword, I remove it and started running very fast around the room, they couldn’t see me because I was running very fast like flash.

Witch 5: he’s a vampire, he cannot die.

Witch 8: we should run

Witch 3: this is our home, we cannot leave.

They started talking to themselves, they didn’t know when I used my sword to remove one of their neck, I stop in their front again with sword on my hand and on my other hand the head of their sister, they were scared.

“Who wants to die next” I ask no one in particular.

Witches: what do you say you need again?

Me: Adaeze location.

Witch 3: hold on let us consult the Oracle.

They took a big pot and poured some substances, they do some incantation.

Witch 3: she’s not a witch, she’s a mermaid, she lives in the sea, she’s what you people called ogbanje, she’s very strong and I don’t think you can defeat her.

Me: leave that problem for me, where can I find her?

Witch 3: in the deep sea, I can create a portal for you if you agree to take her place.

Me: whose place?


Witch 5: you killed our supreme leader, without her we are nothing, the person that killed her must take her place, the ghost is already hovering around you.

Me: I don’t have time for that, I just need to kill Adaeze, so you can take her place.

Witch 3: you are going for a war, taking her place will give you more powers to defeat her, if she made you a vampire what makes you think she can’t turn you to a frog the moment she sight you, and also taking her powers will make you to walk during the day without having problem with light.

Me: what do I have to do?

I took their leaders heart and ate it, they did some rituals and that’s it, they said they will be watching me warning me that I can’t misuse their power because their power is very strong that’s why they don’t leave their coven, that one no concern me so far I can walk under sun now, they draw a map for me, a map to adaeze where she live inside the sea, I just hope my mission will be successful.

As I was about to leave I stopped and asked them if I can free Oluchi, they said no that I will need a human body to free her, life for a life, I will think about what to do after I defeat adaeze, I hope I can

I snapped my finger and then I vanish and appear in Ariaria market with Oluchi waiting for me, waoh, I smiled.

Adaeze am coming for you.

I told Oluchi that she can follow me but I cannot release her for now, she agreed to follow me anywhere am going, am the only person that can see her no human can see her one day I will free her from her bondage and will reunite her with her mum.

Me and Oluchi took a bus to river state where there is big river, we waited for night to reach before we came out around twelve in the midnight, I took some white stones and spray it in the river, me and Oluchi stand on top ogoni eleme bridge in Rivers State, from the bridge I throw the white stones and say the incantation the witches taught me, a heavy breeze started blowing and then a portal open up in the sea below where we are standing, I took Oluchi hand and we both jump inside the portal, we landed on red sand, I open my eyes, the sky is red, trees and grasses are red, everywhere is bushy no bird no animal no human.

“Where are we?” Oluchi ask

Me: welcome to the underworld

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Adanna 5: Battle Of Supremacy (9-11)
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