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90. A Prophecy

When Chinasa called me the following day, she said Mr Money
bag would be at the place by four o’clock. Knowing Nigeria, i
figured that his four o’clock would be anytime between four-
thirty and five in the evening.
However, i had went to the mango tree and picked up my
three men. They thought we were going to eat and drink and
return but their real job was to protect me since i didn’t know
the squad that would show up with money bag. It was true that
i had warned Chinasa not to tell him but i never trusted
women that much.
We got to the Mr biggs a few minutes before four o’clock and
camped along the restaurant. There was a small private beer
parlour that sole chicken meat too, we camped there and
drank. Over an hour later, the black ML showed up in front of
Mr Biggs. Chinasa, Clement and one other mean looking
skinhead alighted from the car. It was clearly the most
expensive vehicle in the area. Clement’s father must have
really been very rich to the extent of allowing him to be
cruising around in an expensive German machine. However,
there were other reasons that could make an insecure rich
man allow his children to live such flamboyant lives. One of
the reasons could be the one son or one child syndrome. It
was a situation where a Nigeria or African Parent would over-
pamper their child because he or she was just only one child
or son.
I never for one day saw such rubbish in Europe. Actually
Europe was where people deliberately gave birth to one child
and quit. Nothing would make them have another child unless
they had decided to do so mutually. The Westerners believed
so much in their own lives, not the lives of others no matter
who they were.
Mr money bag even had body guards. People like him hardly
amount to anything because they hardly knew how to make
How Chinasa met money bag was a surprise to me. Maybe it
was from school or Church or party.
It wasn’t time to think about such things. It was time to
approach Clement inside the restaurant. However, i still didn’t
know how to do that.
Eventually i had decided to walk in there alone and let the
three wise men follow me closely later. I was also suspicious
of the skinhead. He could start attacking me in the name of
protecting his pay master. But i could still buy enough time to
allow my group to come in before starting any provocative
words. I wasn’t really interested in fighting Clement. He
probably had more resources but his arrogant would destroy
him if he tried to fight me.
I would have suspected something if i were in his shoes. I
would have suspected the sudden invitation of Chinasa since i
had always thrown every situation open to suspicion, even the
ones i knew were not supposed to be
It had protected me for long.
My squad were busy talking about the SUV that i even
wondered if they would switch allegiance. People were too
fragile in Nigeria and could sell out anytime they wanted. And
somehow, i had just met my squad. It was all risky but i was
As my new bodyguards looked in awe of the German SUV, i
told them that i knew the guy and that he had threatened to
attack me.
One of my new friends asked why and i told him it was
because of the girl who just came down from the car with
him. Instead of him getting upset as i had expected, he
started giving me advice as if he was King Solomon. However,
i knew he would still fight on my side if that was to ensure.
”I am going inside there now. You people should come in and
sit in a different table as soon as i went in. Order what you
want to eat and pretend that you don’t know me unless
something goes wrong” i said and stood up.
I settled the bill and walked into Mr biggs.
Mr money bag and his two friends had taken a round table
with five seats, two of the seats were still vacant. I walked
there and said: ”Surprise Surprise, look who is here. How are
you Clement my brother”
He looked up at me with two large surprised eyes.
”Are you following me” he asked as three strange men walked
past us and sat at another table.
”Your car is one in town, so it was easy to spot you and
follow you. Anyway i am not here for trouble. I just want to
warn you to stop threatening me on the phone. I want you to
know that i can track you down anytime i want. This is Chinasa
and she is here with you, not with me. If she ever chose to
follow me, you need to get over it” i said as his skinhead
friend stood up and tried to come at me.
I tracked back towards my three wise men as the skinhead
came at me. One of my group had stood up and walked past
me to stand between me and skinhead.
”You dey craze abi, you wan beat am because you get muscle.
Try touch am now and see wetin go happen to you here” he
said as skinhead started going backwards.
Lets leave here i said to my group. The two security agents at
the entrance of Mr Biggs had noticed that something was
wrong. They had started coming towards us as i said to
Clement ”Just stay away from me. The next time you threaten
me, i will punish you”.
The pampered brat was scared that he couldn’t say anything.
Chinasa had stood up and didn’t know if to hold me or beg
me to stop.
We walked outside. I got to the back tyre of the ML and
started leaking it, one of the security men rushed at me and
pushed me aside to prevent the tyre from going down entirely.
I went to my car and started the engine. My squad entered as
i sped off through Ago Palace way to Amuwo Odofin. There
was a hotel i had gone once that featured live band. My group
had done their jobs and i needed to make them happy. I had a
feeling that the war was about to begin, unless of course
Clement was just a brag. He had been shocked by what he
witnessed at the restaurant. I had just hoped that he didn’t find
out that Chinasa was exclusive on the plan to bring him to Mr
It was a small victory for me and i had hoped that Clement
would stop threatening me but i knew rich kids very well, they
always believed the World was made for them.
” As a man sow, shall he reap. and I
know that talk is cheap. But the heat
of the battle is as sweet as the

The troubles i was encountering in Nigeria was becoming too
much. It was almost as if i didn’t know how to live in my own
country. I was being too careless with words that could put
me in trouble. I was getting too involved with people who
could harm me. I had managed to escape most of the
troubles unharmed but i also knew that it was only a matter of
time before i got into a trouble that could land me in serious
harm. I tried to recall how i got myself into some of those
Almost all my troubles were avoidable at the initial stages.
I could have forgiven the Landlord’s wife after pouring water
on me, perhaps i would have still lived in their house.
I could have forgiven the area boys after slapping me but i
didn’t want such life, i never did. I had always believed that
Africans would not abandon evil ways if nobody punished
them for their sins.
I could have also ignored Clement and his threat but i had
chosen to attack whether he meant it or not.
Everywhere i went, there was always someone to step on my
toes. Was it that it was me who stepped on people’s toes? Or
could it be that i didn’t know how to live in the World? Why did
i always chose the revenge path anytime i felt that i had been
It was clear to me that i had been able to win all my revenge
fights because while my enemies rested, i planned on how to
I took them unawares. It was time to start behaving like
millions of other inhabitants of planet Earth. It was time to
abandon revenge and start turning the other cheek. Yes, it was
First things first, i called Clement.
”I called to apologize for my behaviour” i had said as soon as
he answered the call.
” You silly boy, you have the gut to call me?” he shouted.
”I am serious Clement. I think what i did was bad and i am
sorry for that” i said again.
He hung up the phone.
Damn! It was going to be too difficult to convince people that i
had changed for good, that i had turned a new leaf.
I made a mental list of the people i had wronged. I needed to
apologize to them one after the other.
First of all, i called Stella.
”What do you want” she had said.
”Stella, i want to apologize to your mother for what i did to
her” i said.
”Has your new landlady asked you to leave like my mother did,
you are not wanted in our house again” she said.
”Stella i am serious about this, i think what i did was very bad
and i need to talk to her. Please send me her phone number” I
She suddenly hung up but a few minutes later, i got a text
message with her mother’s number in it.
I called Stella back. She answered and reminded me that i
also needed to apologize to her.
”I am really sorry sweetheart. I think some kind of revenge evil
possessed me but i have changed now” i said.
She advised me to go and visit a certain Prophet T B Joshua
for deliverance. According to her, the prophet would cast the
revenge evil away in a few seconds and i would become a
new leaf. I gave it some thought.
I had decided to visit the prophet really but i needed to
apologize to people first.
I called Stella’s mother. She hung up when she found out it
was me. I tried several times to call again but she never
picked. However when my phone rang four hours later, it was
”Why were you calling me” she said.
I figured Stella had discussed with her about how i wanted to
”Aunty I am very sorry for pouring dirty water on your cloth. It
was deliberate and i think it was wrong. Please forgive me” i
She was touched. I heard her said a few inaudible words to
someone and when she talked to me again, she said she had
forgiven me. However she wanted me to visit the same
prophet her daughter had suggested.
The next on line was Maria. I called her and told her that i was
coming to Surulere. She said she would be at home in an hour,
therefore i used that opportunity to drive to Ago Palace way
and picked up some money in the Diamond bank along the
I drove to a super market and bought a flower and a card.
Inside the card was written in blocked letters ”I am very
I took them to Surulere and waited inside the car in front of
Maria’s house. She was on her way back.
She returned some minutes after i had come and packed her
car behind mine. Maria tapped on my car to alert me that she
had returned but i sat motionless, looking at the sky through
my windscreen. The flower and the card were on the
passenger seat. Tears were gathering around my eyes and i
was struggling to keep them at the back of my head where
they belonged; men don’t cry.
Then all of a sudden, i jumped out of the car and hugged
Maria right there on the street. People were staring at us but i
didn’t care. I had drifted away from humanity, love, care and
forgiveness. If i was really going to return to all of the above,
hugging and kissing in public shouldn’t matter.
I entangled myself from Maria and walked across the car to
get the flower and card.
” Here is for you” i said as i handed her the items.
She looked up and down the street and finding out that
people’s eyes were still on us, she held my left hand and
dragged me inside her house.
”What is this all about” she said while looking in my eyes.
She must have thought that i was about to propose marriage
to her.
”I did something to you out of anger and revenge. The items
were to ask for your forgiveness” i said.
She tore the card and read it.
”What exactly did you do to me Austin” she asked.
”First of all, my name is not Austin. It is Azubuike. I lied to you
about that. Secondly, i was the person who told the area boys
to attack you at the Emmanuel bus stop” I said.
She kept her gaze on me for a long time and when the
realities of what i had revealed to her sank down into her
head, Maria began to cry. She didn’t ask why i did it. She only
asked for her phone when she stopped crying.
I didn’t know how to tell her that i had sold her phone but i
didn’t want to lie to her anymore.
”I sold it”
” There is no refuge from memory and
remorse in this world. The spirits of
our foolish deeds haunt us, with or
without repentance.”
”You sold my phone Austin, uhm Azubuike” she said in
between tears.
I wanted to tell her that i will buy another phone for her but i
had already done that. I knew her concern would be more
about the contacts that she lost.
”I know who i sold it to, i will go and see if he still has it” i
I knew i had wiped the contacts but i wanted to give her hope.
I needed her to stop crying and it worked but when i thought
that everything had been settled, Maria said ”I am going back
to Italy Tomorrow evening. I have another phone in Italy where
all my contacts were saved, you can forget about the phone”.
The news was a mixture of relief and surprise to me. Maria
would have left back to Europe without my knowledge if i had
not visited her. I didn’t want to pursue that line of topic since i
knew she was already upset.
”It is alright baby, the important thing is that you have forgiven
me, i will meet up with you in Europe very soon” i said as i
walked to where she was and kissed her.
After a long kiss, Maria dragged me slowly to her room where
two large traveling bags had already been packed. Her
wardrobe was open and there were no more cloths in it.
”Lets make love one more time Austin, we may never see
each other again” she said.
I wanted to argue that we will soon meet in Europe but the
reality was that she may have been right.
My second mission to Europe was supposed to be about drugs
and not women.
Her mouth had covered mine and she had pushed me down
on the bed.
Maria laid on top of me and continued kissing as if she was
going to die the next day.
Some moments later, our clothes were seen on the floor while
our Unclad bodies rolled over each other from one side of the
bed to another kissing and fvcking like newly wedded couple.
After making a passionate love, we laid Unclad on the bed for
long until the night came.
A knock on the door had startled us.
”Are you expecting anybody” i asked.
”No, except my uncle who is supposed to come and carry my
Television and other things tomorrow” she said.
I became alerted.
Had the area boys tracked me down with my car or did Maria
set me up.
The second possibility was far fetched since i was with Maria
throughout the evening. But the first possibility wasn’t far
I had dined with the area boys several times. They knew my
car which they had seen several times.
The second knock had reminded me that i was still Unclad,
therefore i got down and slowly wore my clothes. Two things
were going to happen. It was either they killed or wounded
me, whichever way, i was not going to call the Police. I slowly
walked to the sitting room and found Maria’s phone vibrating.
As i picked it up, i saw Uncle Osaro on the screen.
Could it be him that was knocking? As soon as the phone
stopped vibrating, i saw 17 missed calls on the screen.
It was probably Osaro knocking.
I walked back to the room and handed the phone to Maria
who dialed Osaro’s number immediately. It was him at the
door. Relief!.
Uncle Osaro had been calling Maria for over two hours to find
out what time he would come to the house the following day.
Unfortunately, Maria had left her phone in the sitting room.
The phone was on vibration alert as well. We could not hear
the sound from the room.
”Uncle, this is Austin, the guy i told you bought me a phone
when my own was stolen” Maria said as she looked at me and
Alert! Alert!!.
”Yes Uncle, those area boys won’t let people rest in this
country” i said quickly. It was in an effort to stop Maria from
continuing to the end of the story where it would be revealed
that i had confessed to sending the area boys.
Although i could still deny if she told Uncle about my
confession. It was true that i had confessed and was ready to
change but i wasn’t really ready to admit that i sent people to
attack Maria. Her uncle could misunderstand the whole thing
and decide to call the police.
Anyway, Maria didn’t intend to tell her uncle. She had really
forgiven me but she had just scared me into calling Osaro
‘uncle’ as if he was my uncle or as if uncle was his name.
”I will bring my car to you with the keys tomorrow afternoon.
Austin will drive me to the airport” she said.
I didn’t plan to take her to the airport but it wasn’t a big deal. I
would do that.
When uncle left, i received a call from Chinasa. She had asked
where i was. She wanted to see me. According to the vague
information she gave me, Clement had told her that he was
going to hit me soon. She had begged Clement to forget about
it but it seemed that he had made up his mind.
She had threatened to even quit the relationship if Clement
touched me but Clement didn’t care.
”I am in Surulere now. I will return to the estate tomorrow
Morning” i told her and hung up.
I knew i was not going to the estate until tomorrow night. I
was going to the Ikeja Murtala Muhammad Airport tomorrow
evening with Maria. It meant that my arrival at the estate could
be anything from 8 to 9 pm when Maria must have left the
departure hall to the boarding hall.
I had decided to make peace but it seemed i would take some
hits before i could achieve that. Hits that i didn’t know how
severe it was going to be. It could be a mass beating by some
hired thugs. It could be a hit and run and above all, it could be
a gunshot which could even result to my death.
But why did the brat reveal his intentions? He had just made
the first mistake.
He may have known more people in that area, had more
resources too but he had made the mistake of revealing that
he would hit me.
No, Mr Clement, you can’t hit me since i already knew that.
He had just given me time to plan. Plan to either leave the
estate and disappear, or plan to be elusive as long as i wanted,
or even plan to hit him first.
Whichever one it was going to be, i needed to act fast.
First and foremost, i needed to win Chinasa, our common ally,
to my side.
Yes, i got it; Chinasa first.
Chinasa, Welcome to ”Life on the run”.
” The very purpose of existence is to
reconcile the glowing opinion we hold
of ourselves with the appalling things
that other people think about us.”
At the Murtala Muhammad airport, i sat on a metal chair
fastened on the floor and talked with Maria. I told her that i
would come to Italy as soon as i returned to Europe. She also
promised to visit me wherever i decided to live in Continental
We chated and waited until it was time to check in.
I helped her checked-in her two luggages before i left the
airport and drove to Ikotun.
Bob, an uncle of mine lived there in Ikotun. He was married
with children. When i arrived to his house that evening, he was
surprised to see me. I told him that i wanted to go to TB
Joshua the next day and that i wanted to park my car in his
place. After chating and drinking, i left my car in his place,
took a bike and drove back to estate.
Elizabeth who had been calling me, was waiting for me at the
estate gate. Bikes were banned from entering the estate from
6pm, therefore we walked all the way from the gate to my
house. She had naturally asked about my car which i lied to
her that i had left at the mechanic.
We got to my place and met Okey. He said he wanted to go to
festac for clubbing that night but i told him i wasn’t going. A
war had been declared on me, therefore i needed to be as
careful as a snake.
”I am clubbing here with Elizabeth, you can go to Festac alone
or call one of your concubines” i said as i walked past him into
my room.
The following morning was a Sunday. I had promised Stella
and her mother that i would visit the prophet they suggested to
me. I had asked Okey where the Church was located and he
had directed me. It wasn’t really far from Jakande estate. It
was located along the Ikotun road. The name was Synagogue
Church of all Nations.
I had taken a Bike to the place and stopped at the entrance. It
was a magnificent place decorated with fancy lights, the type
God approved.
As i walked in the direction of where others where heading, we
got to a Place where we were all stopped and searched. We
were asked a few questions before some of us were allowed
into the auditorium. Others were directed towards the right
where i didn’t know. The place was already filled before i
came despite waking up and going there so early that morning.
The prophet wasn’t there yet but it was clear to me that there
was no way i could see him privately on that Sunday. I had
thought that i would approach him and kneel down before him
to deliver me from whatever revenge evil that had occupied
my conscience but when i looked around, i discovered that
there were hundreds of people who required urgent attention.
Cripples, blind men and women, deaf and dumb, mad men
etc. They had been spotted in every corner of the Synagogue.
I wanted to get up and go back home since my problem was
far too small but before i could make up my mind to do so,
the Man of God appeared amidst cheers and shouts of
”Alleluya and Praise God”.
I relaxed on my seat and waited for the sermon. Apparently he
was the God in the building but we Africans didn’t know that.
”In Jesus name” the Prophet said.
”Amen” Echoed from all corners of the Church.
After the initial prayers, the prophet began his teachings.
The Topic of the day was forgiveness. It was a miracle. I had
almost believed that Stella or her mother had called the
prophet and told him to preach Forgiveness since i had
promised them to attend the Church.
For several minutes, the prophet rambled on how good it was
to forgive your enemies no matter what the offence was. I sat
there and wondered if he knew what he was talking about.
How advisable was it to forgive someone who tried to kill you
but failed? What about someone who had taken all your
money out of wickedness and disappeared? How about you
were preparing for your exams and someone intentionally burnt
all your books so that you would fail? Or a situation where you
wanted to fly to Overseas and out of wickedness, someone
took your international passport and burnt it?
According to the prophet, every offence was forgiveable but
according to me, there were things that we can’t simply
forgive. We were all hypocrites. We forgive the small offence
and revenge or take legal actions on the big ones. It was very
easy to forgive someone who intentionally slapped us or
someone who intentionally poured dirty water on our clothes
but what about someone who intentionally fvcked our wives,
and did it twice after forgiving him the first time?
The World is full of good and evil and both of them balanced
each other. Without good, there would be no bad. That was
why i believed so much in the rule of law.
Of course it was only good that the Church preached
forgiveness, it help the people to live side by side with each
The problem with most Africans was that they hardly analyze
things on their own. They just sat there and listened to the
preachers who would in turn analyze the preaching based on
his or her own understanding.
Everything in the World was based on context. Context, you
heard me right. If i must forgive you for doing wrongs to me, i
must first of all consider the context. I must check how
remorseful you were. I must consider if you were ready to do
that again or not. I must consider what i would lose or gain.
Thanks Prophet for reminding me that it was important to
forgive but no thanks because there were things that we can’t
Just forgive. I recalled in the Bible when God would order the
Israelites to destroy other towns and cities due to one thing or
the other. Where was the forgiveness?
I recalled back in Europe where every offence were clearly
stated, including disobeying the traffic lights. Each offence
had its punishment and no matter the reason you gave, the
law would punish you. Yes the law, That was what we needed
in our own society. That was the only thing that can reset the
mindsets of our people. But of course a certain book told us
not to Judge. Nothing else mattered. Just don’t judge and you
will go to Heaven. But you can Judge Goodluck Jonathan’s
Yes , according to the Tribal bigots, the Religious bigots and
the partisan bigots, Goodluck jonathan, our dear President is
clueless but ‘thou shall not judge’.
“Wake up fellow Africans, we are far behind and there must be
some reasons behind that”
” I have suffered a great deal from readers who have quoted
this or that
sentence of mine out of its
context in matter which quite
distorted my meaning, or destroyed it
”Children of God, i see a dark cloud in the sky. I see a plane. It
is going down. Going down” i heard from the pulpit
What was the Prophet talking about?
You see, the biggest problem of the black man was ‘tags’. The
tags we gave ourselves was our biggest motivators.
If the tag you gave yourself was ‘Satan’, you would always try
to make people believe that you were capable of inflicting evil
on them.
If the tag you gave yourself was ‘expert driver’, you would
always be driving fast just to impress people.
The man had given himself the tag ‘Prophet’. The only thing he
would always do was to prophesy every other day.
How could the man have claimed he had seen a dark cloud
and an airplane crashing? He may have called it prophesy but
to me, it was his corrupted imaginations. Just like dreams. The
only difference was that dreams happened when we sleep.
Now back to the present, the above statements and belief
system was entirely mine. I didn’t say he saw or didn’t see
anything. I just didn’t believe it then and now and never.
”Children of Gawdddd, to avert the disaster, you must pray
hard” he said as i heard different speaking in tongue rhetorics
from all over the Church.
How come everyone was capable of speaking in tongue
except Ozoigbondu? How was that possible?
Was i a devil, if yes, how come no angel had managed to
attack me inside the Church?
My thoughts wandered all over the place as i saw Nigerians
and other ignoramus and gullible black men shouting and
wailing and clapping with their eyes closed. They were casting
away the devil who had managed to come into the Church
How on Earth can we see the Angels with our eyes closed. As
far as i was concerned, there was only one part of our body
that can see, one that can smell, one that can hear etc. If we
claimed to see in spirit with our eyes closed, then we must be
able to smell in spirit with our noses closed or even cut off.
You see, my people it is good to go to Church but never allow
the Church to go to you. Your brain would be reconfigured and
reprogrammed like a computer and you would have no choice
but to behave like a robot; a machine.
I wanted to stay back at the Church and see how the prophet
would heal the crippled and the deaf and blind people but
since i had had enough, i needed to go home before i got
angry and doubted him right there in the auditorium which of
course would attract the users to hack me down, Shawn
Michael style, all in an effort to convince the Church that i was
a devil whom their omnipotent Pastor’s powers had managed
to arrest right there in the Church. It was their territory and i
can’t fight them there. The best thing was to leave and that
was what i did.
The beautiful eyes of my people were still closed as i walked
slowly out of the auditorium.
Ahh! The Ushers were not allowed to close their eyes and cast
away the devil. They were told to keep their eyes open at all
”Where are you going?” a young lady asked me.
She was an usher in the Church, one of the chosen ones
whose brains had been programmed to listen, obey and never
analyze. There was no need telling her that i had decided to go
home. She could also believe that the prayers was chasing me
away. None of them would remember that the prayers was
about an impending plane crash. They would attribute the
prayers to me.
”I am having a running stomach and i wouldn’t want to mess
inside the Church” i had told her. She quickly cleared the way
for me to pass and even escorted me to the main door where
the guards opened for me and let me out.
As i re-entered the natural atmosphere of the planet Earth, i
began to re-experience the wonderful work of nature. The sun
was out there in the sky. The sun never discriminates, it shone
on men and women, black and white, small and big, green and
yellow. It was there in the sky, overlooking us all. If there was
God, i would say he was right there in the sun but since i was
a student of science, i had decided to stick with Physics.
Things i see.
Right there at the entrance to the Church, i called Chinasa. Her
phone rang three times but nobody answered. I figured she
must have gone to a different auditorium, where the priest
would of course be telling her a different story. There was no
way her own prophet could have seen the impending plane
crash, no way.
Well well well.
It seemed that since i couldn’t see the prophet, my
deliverance had not been performed. But Stella could have
told me that it was difficult to see the man of God.
Hey, how come Stella and her family chose to go to Catholic
since the prophet was the real deal?
This whole scam was all about money and power. Those self
acclaimed prophets were super rich, not from their hardwork
but from the hardwork of unsuspecting and gullible blacks
whose own wealth were stored for them somewhere in the
sky. Of course before you reach that sky, you would have to be
buried on the ground first.
As i sat on top of the bike, i considered my next move. I had
thought about going to Onireke to meet with Stella and her
mother. I wanted to ask them for forgiveness in their presence
but after the things i had heard at the Synagogue, i had
decided that i wasn’t going anywhere anymore. It was all over.
No more asking for forgiveness. Offend me and don’t
apologize, then wait for my own offence.
Damn anybody who banked on my forgiveness before
offending me. Your prayers cannot stop me from retaliation.
Bring it on Clement, i heard you were thinking of attacking me,
The Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin, the Akpaka Njamina 1 of Enugu.
When we were kids, They told us that it was too dangerous to
touch the tail of a tiger but it seemed the over pampered little
brat didn’t hear that. Just for mentioning that he would attack
me, he must pay for that. But like i had said earlier, my Plan
would start with Chinasa. She was the key to everything.
I drove down to Uncle Bob’s house and picked up my Bayern
Motor Works. It was time to go home.
” We must respect the past, and
mistrust the present, if we wish to
provide for the safety of the future.”

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