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89. The Lion’s Tail

”You look beautiful today” i said to Elizabeth as soon as i
opened the door. It was something i had programmed my
mouth to say whether she looked beautiful or not.
She walked inside after hugging me at the door.
She sat down and complained that i forgot her. She said she
would have visited me anywhere if i had just asked and that
she had missed me.
I sat beside her and carried her on my laps. She was a little
thinner now but looked the same as last time we met.
The time was getting to 6pm, it was only a matter of some
minutes before Okey returned, therefore i needed to act fast.
My hand had already started moving upwards from her knee
to her thigh. She was wearing a gown.
I like it more when women came on gowns. It made things
Elizabeth knew my intentions because she quickly held my
neck and started kissing me.
I hated it when a woman knew what you wanted to do and yet
pretended that she didn’t and would be expecting you to voice
it out before she could agree or disagree.
People like that usually had only one chance with me and the
next thing would be to start avoiding their calls. We all knew
that we can all survive without sex.
Before we knew what was happening, our cloths were already
on the floor.
As i was about to penetrate her, my phone rang. I ignored it. A
knock on the door followed.
I figured it was okey. I was right. I called him back and told
him to go behind our block and tell the woman there to
prepare point and kill fish, then return upstairs so that the fish
would be ready by the time he finished bathing. He agreed, he
liked fishes.
I quickly inserted my already condom-covered into Elizabeth
and pumped away.
By the time Okey returned from the fish errand, we were back
inside our clothes.
Nothing happened attitude filled the air.
I saw Elizabeth off to her block and went from there to the
fish joint where Okey had already started drinking Gulder. The
guy was a fish when it came to drinking.
After eating our fish, we paid and went back upstairs with
some drinks.
As we watched a movie, i told Okey everything that had
happened back in Surulere. He advised me to avoid any fight
with the Alaye and OPC. According to him, they were the
custodians of every slum in Lagos and wouldn’t hesitate to kill
me if i crossed their path. He gave me examples of people
who were killed by them in the past.
Later in the night, i called Maria and told her that i had left
Surulere but was still in Lagos. I told her that the raid on the
area boys kingdom could backfire and start a small war in
Surulere and that i lived along the road, i didn’t want to be
caught in a crossfire. She asked when i would return but i told
her that i didn’t know. However i told her that i will direct her
to the place when she was ready to visit me.
It was so good to leave Surulere for a while. Everything there
had started to crowd my mind and when such things
happened to me, it was only a matter of time before something
big occurred.
The following morning, i got hungry again. There was only one
place to eat. The Uzoma’s restaurant. Despite the fact that
they only sold swallow foods, i was going to swallow that
morning. Something was at stake. The robust round waist of
Uzoma and her sister must have attracted hundreds of Young
men to their restaurant. I was just one of them.
When i got there, the soup was not ready yet. But i was
determined to wait. My level had just been elevated to
Uzoma’s level. I knew that because, while waiting for the soup,
she was all over me. Making small jokes about how she had
joked the previous day over me not being her level.
Why won’t it be jokes.
The previous day, i had worn a short pant with a pair of
bathroom slippers, a brown face cap and a T shirt.
However my second visit had changed everything. I had worn
a dark straight jean with a body fitting open neck T shirt, a
silver chain i had bought in Portugal, a pair of K-Swiss boots
and a semi dark eye glasses. The Kalvin Klein perfume
smelling out from my body was almost visible.
Upon all those things, i had just alighted from a Grey BMW E36
double exhaust six cylinder factory fitted air conditioned
How can that not change my level?
Uzoma’s mother was even tripping for me. She had made
some guided compliments about how good i looked and had
assured me to exercise a little more patience while the food
Uzoma on the other hand had been trying her best to lay a
claim on the prize. She had made several attempts to portray
me as her friend from yesterday but i had decided to punish
her for what she said the day before.
” I like your car ooh” the younger sister said while dropping a
bottle of stout beer i had asked her to buy for me outside.
”I like you too sweetheart” i said to her.
She smiled and left.
By the time the food was ready, i had spent over 40 minutes
with them. My excuse to the mother was that the vegetable
soup of yesterday was so sweet that i had decided to make it
my breakfast. The Owerri woman must have known that my
eyes were on one of the daughters but being a clever woman,
she pretended as if she agreed hundred percent that i was
there for the food.
” do you people do home delivery” i asked to nobody in
The mother said it was possible if i lived closer. Ofcourse i
lived closer. Block 13 was just two minutes walk from jakande
gate where the restaurant was located.
I gave her my flat number and phone number and told her that
i would like to eat wheat again in the evening before 7pm. It
didn’t matter how many times i ate swallow food in a day as
long as the objective was fulfilled.
I was pretty sure she was going to send Uzoma or the younger
one. However if she decided to send anybody different from
the two girls, that would automatically mean the end to home
delivery business.
After eating, i paid them and drove to Silky Touch boutique in
Allen avenue Ikeja. I needed some new shirts plus the owner
came from my neighbouring town.
” Our desires always disappoint us; for
though we meet with something that
gives us satisfaction, yet it never
thoroughly answers our expectation.”

I returned home before 6pm, a certain beautiful lady was
supposed to deliver wheat and soup to me before 7pm. I
waited in anticipation of seeing Uzoma or her younger sister.
Not that i would do anything but it was important they know
my place. That would make it possible for any of them to
sneak in anytime they weren’t at the shop.
At about 6:25, a knock came a the door. It was Uzoma.
” How are you” i said as soon as i opened the door.
” This is brother Okey’s place” she said while entering the
What! Noooo.
” You know Okey” i asked while pointing at the top of the
medium sized fridge where i wanted her to keep the food.
” okey is my friend but not that type of friend oo” she said and
” uzoma what kind of friends are you people” i asked as a
knock came on the door.
Okey had returned, i guessed. I was right.
” Uzoma what are you doing here” Okey asked as soon as he
entered the house.
I decided to keep quiet and let them sort themselves out.
” i brought food for your friend abi na your brother” she
Okey went to the food and opened it up.
” go and bring for me Abeg, i am hungry” he said.
I sat there and listened to those two people. Okey had
hijacked my job and since i didn’t know what their relationship
was, i had decided to watch them first.
Uzoma left. I went to the kitchen and washed my hands, then i
returned and started swallowing wheat as if i was dying of
” Guy how far, you wan tidy this one abi” okey said.
I shook my head in negativity and continued what i was eating.
” oh boy, these people can cook vegetable soup, look at the
snails and kpomo inside” i said.
” which vegetable soup, i dey talk about important thing, you
dey talk about soup” okey said.
I laughed.
” Mr Man, you have destroyed my job and you stand there dey
talk, what else do you think i wanted to do with her?” i said as
Okey laughed in swahili.
Uzoma returned later with another set of food. I paid for the
two, but before i paid, i asked her if she had a boyfriend. She
denied. Okey was there.
” so you no get boyfriend abi” Okey asked.
The situation was getting complicated, therefore i asked the
girl to wait and take her plates. She said she would return to
carry them.
” Make sure you return with your sister, you can’t carry the
whole plates alone” i had joked. She laughed and left.
” Guy, make we organise ourselves first. You go chose one if
you dey interested” i said.
” chose one, i don tidy Uzoma several times” he said.
Hahahahaha, great.
Then it was obvious that her younger sister was mine. No
argument there.
When Uzoma returned for their plates, she came alone. I didn’t
talk to her, she was a lost job already. I had already decided
that i would return to their shop the following day and stamp
my intention on the younger sister. What i didn’t know was
that Uzoma had other plans. Yea, she had other plans, very
delicate plans.
When My phone rang late in the night, it was an unregistered
number. I hesitated before i answered it.
”hello” i said and kept quiet.
”its me Uzoma” the voice said.
I didn’t bother asking how she got my number, i had left it with
their mother at the restaurant.
I asked how she was. She said she was fine and asked if i
would be around tomorrow afternoon.
” yes, i will be around” she said she would come and hung up.
I wanted to call back but the phone was already switched off.
I figured it was done deliberately.
Uzoma wanted to play the cat and rat game with me. The only
problem was that Okey claimed to have fvckked her. That
wasn’t a problem for me, however the problem was that if
Okey was still into her, it would be disrespectful on him if i
fvcked her too. I decided that i would settle the matter the
following day.
As soon as i heard okey preparing for Market, i got up and
went to him.
” The girl called me last night and said she would come here
this afternoon” i said.
”ha, if she come, tidy am Naa, wetin concern me. She knows
my girlfriend because we usually go to eat at their restaurant
together but yet she allowed me to fvck her. You can do
whatever you like. I don’t care” he said. He even adviced me
to use condom.
Game on.
Uzoma came a little past 11am. She wore a short red skirt
that showed some parts of her smooth thighs.
As soon as she sat down, i sat beside Her and started rubbing
her thighs. I told her that the thighs were so attractive and that
someone could even release sperm on his cloth by just rubbing
the thighs. I had decided to talk dirty from the beginning. She
had called and booked the appointment by her self and there
was only one thing she had in mind.
As my mind wondered all over her body, my hands had
removed her blouse and my mouth was already on one of the
tips of her bosoms. Her bosoms was so rigid and suckable
that i lost myself into it for several minutes. While my mouth
was on her, my hand had pulled up the skirt and a finger had
found its way into her soft cunnt through the side of her
underpants. As she moaned, i hit her clits with the finger and
squeezed her bosoms with my mouth. It was sensational.
I had almost forgotten my game while messing around with
dangerous area boys back in Surulere.
Uzoma had just brought me back to life. It was like a therapy.
” fvckk me now” i heard her moaned from a clenched set of
I slowly laid her on the floor and pulled down my cloths. I
pulled out her underpants and threw it behind me. I had
already left a condom very close, therefore i pulled it from
under the sofa and tore it with my teeth. I wore it slowly and
mounted her in a missionary style. I pumped in and out of her
for several minutes. Despite Okey’s claim that he had fvcked
her several times, the cunnt was still tight.
” I love you baby” she said over and over again.
Amateur! Love who.
After two rounds of hot sex, we cleaned up and wore our
clothes. The younger sister was still on my mind.
” Hope in reality is the worst of all
evils because it prolongs the torments
Chinasa was her name. She had just turned 21. I was on my
way home from a petrol station when i saw her standing at a
bus stop.
”Are you going to the estate” i had asked.
She hesitated a bit before nodding.
I stretched my right hand from the driver’s seat and opened
the passenger door for her.
”Good afternoon sir” she had greeted.
” thanks but i don’t like people calling me sir, just call me
Austin” i said with a smile.
She was a shy girl which made her looked away each time i
asked her any question. She was carrying a small bag full of
clothes and a pair of shoes. According to her, she was
celebrating her birthday the next day which was a Sunday. She
also lived in the estate; block 33 down the road. I asked her if
it was OK to drive her home and she agreed after telling me
that she was definitely going to answer questions about who i
”don’t worry, i will make the answers easy for you” i said as
we entered the front of their block.
They lived downstairs. Her little brother who was sitting in
front of the house got up and ran to the door as i parked the
car. He had stopped at the door while holding the handle but
had started coming back towards the car as soon as he saw
Chinasa coming out of the car.
” he is my junior brother” she had said as if she knew what
was on my mind.
” Emeka, is mummy inside?” she had asked.
Emeka shook his head negatively.
Great, she had just made my visit easy.
Her father had naturally went to trade at one of the numerous
markets in Lagos.
After few minutes of chat, i told her that i was going home.
She asked where my block was and i told her. She didn’t say
when or if she would come, but she took my phone number
and promised to call in the evening.
However, she called as soon as i got home ten minutes later.
According to her, she wanted to know if i had gotten home
Love was in the air once more.
”Yes, i am home now and there was no problem on the road,
not even a bump” i had said.
She laughed and said i was funny.
” I want you to come to my birthday party tomorrow” Chinasa
said on the phone.
” Why didn’t you invite me when we were together” i had
She said she didn’t know how to say that and wasn’t sure how
i would have reacted if she did.
” Its alright. I will come but i don’t want your boyfriend to
break my head” i joked.
surprisingly, she said ” My boyfriend will not do you anything.
He is not violent”
Oh yes. Chinasa had just admitted that she had a boyfriend
and that they were still together. I liked it when ladies told me
things like that. The moment a lady told me she had no
boyfriend, then it would be over with us. I liked competition. I
liked to put the boyfriend on his toes. I liked to see how the
girl would manage the situation. It was always fun while it
lasted. It may sound such a bad thing to anybody but there
has never been anything official about boyfriend and girlfriend,
nothing. Engagement was the real deal.
I was going to compete for Chinasa just like i did with John
the bighead over Agnes back in Asylum camp.
The only psychological problem with the latest competition
was that i felt the playing field was not going to be level. I felt i
was going to have some kind of upper hand over the other
guy. Yes, that was what i thought throughout the night until the
next day when it was time for the birthday.
Chinasa called me at about one o’clock and said i could start
coming to their house.
Uzoma had called earlier and asked if Okey knew that we had
sexx. I had told her that he knew. Then she had said she
would come to the house that afternoon. I had told her not to
At about one-thirty in the afternoon, i drove slowly towards
block 33. When i got down from the car and asked about
Chinasa, a woman, whom i believed was her mother pointed
me to a Primary school block down the road where i had
driven past.
” If you are here for the birthday, that is where they are doing
it” she said as she pointed towards the school block.
I turned my car around and drove slowly down there as if my
car only had one gear.
There were about three cars packed there. Among them was
the latest model of Mercedes ML SUV. Whoever packed the
car was a big boy or girl and he or she was at the birthday.
I packed behind the ML and walked inside. Chinasa smiled
and walked down straight to me and hugged me.
” i didn’t believe you will come” she said. People were staring
at us. The music was blaring. Some rice and salad were being
distributed. Some other beautiful girls were dancing and
staring at us.
The Ozoigbondu had come on a suit, black shoes, a black eye
glasses and newly shaven haircut; FBI.
I was the perfect gentleman.
I had smiled back at Chinasa as she motioned me to follow
her to the table where some three young men, my age were
seated. A quick scan revealed to me that one of them had
come with the Mercedes. It was obvious that i was going to be
outshined. The best thing to do was to stay calm; that was
what i did,
” Austin meet Clement my boyfriend. Baby this is Austin, he
gave me a lift yesterday and i invited him to the party”
Chinasa had said as soon as i settled near the three men.
They were drinking a bottle of Hennessy.
I had stretched my hand to shake them. The first guy shook
my hand but when i got to Clement, he snubed me. He didn’t
even behave as if he had seen me.
What! The jealous type.
The competition was going to be fierce.
Chinasa had seen what her boyfriend did. I on the other hand
had, decided not to shake the hands of the remaining guy who
had brought out his hand.
It was obvious that i wasn’t welcomed in their setting,
therefore i walked down to the car and brought out a brown
envelop i had put some money for Chinasa, stuffed it inside
my pocket and walked back inside.
I took up a seat beside a girl and started talking to her.
Her name was Julie, she had seen what happened at the table
with Clement.
” He is such a kid” Julie had said.
” I have been up against tough
competition all my life. I wouldn’t
know how to get along without it.”
”What are you talking about” i had asked her.
” Clement, i am talking about Clem. He is such a kid. I saw
what he did with you now” she said.
I decided to take advantage of the situation.
” Yea, he is a kid. He probably believe that i am dating Chinasa
or something. I just met the girl yesterday and nothing else” i
had said innocently.
”I know. Chi told me how you gave her a lift yesterday and
that she invited you to the party” she said.
She went on to tell me that Clement was so arrogant that he
even beat Chinasa sometimes. She said that Chinasa was still
enduring his attitude because he gave her money sometimes.
Great, that brat was arrogant because he had money.
Further enquiry from Juliet revealed that Clement was just a
son of one rich man from Anambra State.
I was offered a bottle of stout which i declined. I had gone
outside and brought a JW from the car, returned back inside
and drank beside Juliet who had turned a parrot. Chinasa had
showed up occasionally and asked if i needed one thing or the
My mind had been wandering from one thing or the other,
thinking over how to punish those brats. There wasn’t anything
i could do to them at the party since they outnumbered me.
Then it came to my mind. I had packed my car behind the ML
which obviously belonged to them. I was supposed to drive
out to make space for them to pass.
Great! Since i couldn’t face them alone, i excused myself from
Juliet and took the bottle of Johnnie Walker to a group of four
young men who had been sitting at the left side of the hall.
They were drinking Star beer.
” Hey guys, make una join me oh” i said as handed the bottle
over to one of them. He grabbed it and took a plastic cup
from the table as i pulled a chair close and joined them.
Surprisingly, they had also witnessed my small snub from the
Clement camp.
One of them was visibly angry with Clement. I guessed
Clement had probably snatched Chinasa from him or so. That
wasn’t my business.
As we drank and chated and got to know each other better,
Clement and his entourage left the hall. We heard them
blowing the horn continuously later. It was apparently meant
for the car behind them to be removed but i guessed they
didn’t know the owner.
However, a lady came to our table later and said that they
needed me to drive my car out of the way for them.
”Go and tell them to come here and ask me to do that
themselves” i had said.
The boys around my table jumped to my defense. They were
ready to fight. After Five more minutes of horn blaring, Chinasa
”Austin i know you are angry with Clement but please don’t be
like him” she had said.
The way she said it touched me. I didn’t say a word, i just
stood up and walked outside with my new squad.
Clement and his group had gotten tired and too angry to say
I walked slowly like a Chameleon towards my car and opened
the door. As i engaged the reverse gear and moved back for
them, they drove past me and
threw a bottle of plastic water at the roof of my car.
Chinasa had seen what they did. My first instinct was to gave
them a car chase but i figured that even if i caught up with
them, there was still nothing i could do. As a result, i turned
my car towards the opposite direction and slowly drove away.
Juliet had given me her phone number while inside the hall.
She was not as lovely and beautiful as Chinasa but she was
just alright. The numbers of my female friends were fast
increasing in Jakande Estate.
There was Elizabeth, who called me ten times in an hour every
other day.
There was Uzoma and her younger sister.
There was Juliet and then there was also Chinasa who as far
as i knew, had taken a likeness on me.
It was only a matter of time before i figured out how to snatch
her from the arrogant son of the rich man.
When i got home, i called Chinasa. She thanked me for
listening to her when she asked me to remove my car for
Clement. She said she deliberately invited me so that Clement
would know that there was always another option.
Dam, i was a bait.
”I didn’t call you to discuss Clement. I called you because i
forgot the envelop i wanted to give you at the party” i had said.
”Would you come to take it tomorrow or would you like me to
bring it for you” i had asked her.
She said she would come and use the opportunity to know
where i lived.
When i got upstairs, Okey’s car was at the front of the house.
It was unlike him, i had known him since childhood and he
wasn’t the type to seat at home on a Sunday evening.
Something must be going on.
I walked up to the door and knocked, he opened the door.
Sitting there on the Sofa was Uzoma and one other girl i had
not seen before.
I didn’t ask for any explanation but it was apparently obvious
that i required one.
Okey was sitting beside the new girl while Uzoma was
fumbling with a remote control.
As i walked towards my room, Uzoma got up and followed
”What’s up baby girl, having fun” i asked while opening the
”Your brother said he like my friend and wanted me to bring
her to him” she said.
”So what are you still Doing there, you should give them some
space to talk to each other. Come inside and stay here” i said.
Everybody laughed as Uzoma followed me into the room.
”Tell me when you need a condom” i shouted to Okey who
laughed and called me ”Iddiiot’.
”Before you come here next time, let me know” i said to
Uzoma as i squeezed one of her bosoms.
She grabbed my instantly and started squeezing it.
”Let me remove my Hugo Boss first” i said as i pulled off my
suit and searched for an empty plastic hanger to put it.
The round robust waist of Uzoma vibrated later on my as i
pumped in and out in an attempt to force my sperm out.
Thirty minutes later, we laid beside each other and talked
about love, marriage and money. The three things every
woman would love to discuss at every given time.
Uzoma wanted to know if i would marry her.
” The opportunity to secure ourselves
against defeat lies in our own hands,
but the opportunity of defeating the
enemy is provided by the enemy
”I will deal with you in this Lagos. I will show you that some
people own this Lagos” The strange voice said from the other
side of the phone.
I had asked who it was since i couldn’t recognize the voice. I
knew i had made several enemies and it was difficult to
pinpoint the threatening to a particular person. I had made
enemies in Surulere and i had waited for them to contact me
someday either through gunshot, knife stab or telephone call.
It was when the voice said that he will punish me for dating
her girlfriend, that i knew who it was.
It was Clement. He had refused to mention his name but i had
confirmed it was him when i called Chinasa.
”He called me and asked for your number. I asked him what
he wanted to do with it and he said he just wanted to talk to
you” Chinasa had said when i asked why she gave my number
to Clement.
She went on to ask what he had said to me but i didn’t tell her
anything about the threatening. I needed Chinasa to get to
Clement and if i told her that Clement had threatened to attack
me, she would not respond to the requests i was going to be
In the afternoon of that Monday, i called Clement back.
”You no dey fear abi, i go show you pepper for this Lagos” he
yelled as soon as he knew it was me.
”Calm down Clement. What is the problem?” i had asked him.
He continued his ranting about how i had the gut to talk to his
girl. He even asked if i was the only person who didn’t know
him in the whole area.
I was really angry but i knew how to manage my anger
especially when presented with a situation i had no immediate
solution to.
After yelling at me and wasting my air time, he hung up the
phone. I called Chinasa and told her that i wanted to see her,
she said she couldn’t come out. As a result, i drove down to
her place.
She was cooking when i came. The father was not around but
the mother was. After greetings, the mother recalled that i was
the person she had directed to the party the day before.
My reason for coming to the house was to bring the birthday
gift to Chinasa, i had forgotten it during the party.
I waited for over thirty minutes in the sitting room discussing
with the mother until Chinasa finished what she was doing.
During the wait, the mother had tried to know everything about
me. She had asked where i came from, what i did for a living,
whether i was a Born again Christian and if i was a husband
Whatever she meant by husband material.
When Chinasa came out, the mother left us. I was sure she
didn’t want us to go out, therefore, we just walked to the front
of the house and sat there.
”I am not going to ask why you gave him my number. I just
want to know the kind of person he is. Maybe i can meet with
him and make him understand that we are not dating” i had
She waneed to know where i would like to meet with him and i
told her to chose the place.
We agreed on a Mr Biggs in Okota.
”Just don’t tell him that i was coming” i had told Chinasa.
She agreed.
When we finished talking, i gave her the brown envelope
containing N5000. I knew Mr Money bag had been giving her
far much more but why should i care? I was not going to go
into expenses competition with Clement since it was obvious
that while i suffered cold in Europe, he was being pampered
down there in Lagos.
When i left, i called Clement again. This time, he had calmed
down a bit.
”It is a shame that you talked to me that way. I understand
you own Lagos but you need to grow up. Don’t always think
that everybody is supposed to know you” i had said.
”Na because of that useless BMW you dey claim abi, that
thing wey no reach two million” he had interrupted.
I hated it when people jump into materials while reasoning
with others. But in the case of Mr Brat, he was not really
interested in reasoning. All he cared was his money and his
power over everyone in a city as Large as Lagos.
”Well, we will meet soon enough Mr Clement and when we do,
i will give you the receipt of how much the BMW cost” i said
and hung up.
Uzoma had called while i was driving back home, she wanted
to know if i needed wheat and soup.
”No, i will be at the shop later” i had told her.
It was time to remind her that it wasn’t really about food since
she had refused to figure that out by herself.
There was a Large Mango tree behind the place where Okey
and I usually eat our point and kill. Boys were always playing
draught under it. I had always walked there on foot but this
time, I drove there and parked near them, got down from the
car and greeted everyone.
After the greetings, i brought out a bottle of Elliot from the car
and kept it under the small chair where i had intended to sit,
then i called out the fish seller to get me a glass. When the
glass came, i handed it over to the one i felt was the oldest
and asked him to pray before we began to drink. He handed it
over to another guy whom he claimed was the oldest. The new
man said a short prayer before we all started drinking in turns.
It was nice to mix up with them.
When we had all taken, i announced that the day was my
birthday and that i was going to celebrate it at the Mr Biggs
Okota tomorrow. I also told them that anybody who was
interested can follow me.
Nobody wanted to declare interest initially but by the time the
whiskey began to work, three healthy area boys had declared
interest. I told them that i was coming to pick them up at that
Eventually i played draught with them too. I was able to defeat
one person before i was knocked out.
When i got home, i called Chinasa and asked her what time
Clement would be at the Mr Biggs, she said she didn’t know
but promised to call him and get the time.
The visit of Clement was going to cost me money at the Mr
Biggs but i needed him to know that Lagos actually belonged
to no one in particular. It was gaining the status of a Mega
city and Mega cities around the World usually belonged to
everybody. Tomorrow wasn’t far anyway.
” I’ve always considered myself to be
just average talent and what I have is
a ridiculous insane obsessiveness for
practice and preparation.”

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