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82. Give me the numbers

The next morning, my brother called from
Onitsha. he had done some background
investigations on Daisy and her family.
Unfortunately they belonged to the Outcast clan
( Osu).
The news shook me to my bone. I couldn’t
believe it initially but the news gradually sank
down into my thick skull.
According to him, Daisy and her parents had
not even returned to the village for years. The
negative stigma of that unfortunate culture had
taken them far away from Igboland and they
were not ready to step their toes on their land
Outcast ( Osu):
I had heard about Osu right from when I was a
kid. It had caused a lot of troubles in my own
town. The problem with it was that if you
marry from an Osu family, the entire town
would regard you as one. You would be
excommunicated and treated differently from
the rest. If you host a ceremony such as burial
or marriage, the rest of the town would not
attend. Your parents would be removed from
the village groups and meetings. If you kill a
cow, nobody would come to get a share of
meat. During the Ani Festivals such as Ikeji,
Ifejioku, Ani Obodo and the rest, you would not
participate with the rest of the community. It
was the worst culture that I had seen in
Rumour had it that the Osu people were those
who had been dedicated to Oracles and those
who had been captured as war hostages.
The problems caused by the Osu stigma were
endless in Igboland.
Numerous prominent men had tried to stop it
in Igboland but unfortunately, people still
practiced it.
Back in Germany, I had boasted that I would
not care if I married Osu or not but as soon as
the news of Daisy and her people being from
Osu group was announced to me, I became
I knew that I could disregard the the problems
and marry Daisy but if my parents, my
extended family and most of my friends
refused to attend my marriage because of it, I
had no name for how I could feel.
After the news from my brother, I laid back on
the bed and closed my eyes. My mind
wondered to what I would tell Daisy. The poor
little angel had high hopes on me, she had
believed that I was hers already. She may not
have even knew about the Osu thing.
After an hour of thinking, I landed nowhere. I
came up empty, something I rarely did.
I got up and opened my fridge, my whiskey
were running down but I still had a bottle of JW
and Elliot.
I opened the JW and drank from the bottle. It
felt good.
The entire apartment had became small for
me, I wanted to go out.
I went to the bathroom and took my bath
as I staggered down the stairs and out of the
building, I saw Issa unpacking his goods inside
his small security room. I turned and walked
back upstairs. The phone I had collected from
him sat on top of the fridge. I picked it up and
switched it on. Madam’s number was still
there. I deleted it and walked back downstairs.
”here is your phone” I said as I stretched my
hand towards Issa.
”Do you know why the landlord sacked you”. I
asked. He said nothing.
”Next time, if madam ask you to tell her
anything about me, don’t do it” I said as he
took the phone from me.
” I’ve never been able to relate to many
people. I’ve always been the outcast
child. I don’t follow the rules. That’s
kind of how I do everything. Through
my life stories, I’ve found a place in nairaland
where I’m accepted, so I’m
….. And so shall you be, my Daisy, with or
without me.

I drove out of the compound and headed
towards Badagry. I had nowhere in mind but I
wanted to go away from the house as far as I
could drive.
From inside the car, I called Mr Chukwudi.
”Why you dey call me, I told you it will be ready
in two weeks. No be yesterday Abi day before
yesterday you gave me money? No disturb me
because of two hundred thousand again” he
shouted in few seconds and cut the line off.
The bastard had already started to exhibit all
the characteristics of a thief.
First he had changed from Igbo language and
switched to Pidgin English.
Secondly, he had started shouting even when I
didn’t tell him why I called him.
the hand writing was all over the wall and it
was left for me to act as fast as I could.
After his call, I called Johnson in Germany and
told him what was happening between me and
Mr Chukwudi.
He was angry and asked what I wanted to do
about it. I told him that I could go to the wharf
but there was no guarantee of seeing Mr
Chukwudi there. However, we can engage him
with another business until the two weeks and
then catch him like a rat that he was.
He asked how I wanted to do that and I told
”Use my money you got from Akunne and buy
L300 bus. Load it with some goods and send it
to Apapa wharf. Let me know when you finish.
We will continue from there” I told him.
I drove to Seme border and packed my car. I
wanted to go into Cotonou to buy Whiskey but I
didn’t know if they used a different kind of
Driver’s licence. I didn’t want the troubles of
the corrupt Nigerian customs, therefore I
crossed the border and took a cab to Cotonou.
When I reached the Tokpa market, I bought 6
bottles of JW, 4 Elliots and some bottles of
I went back to Seme border with them and
hired a custom official to cross them for me…
He did.. I gave him a bottle of Elliot and
N1000. He was all thanks as I loaded them in
my car and drove back on top speed to Ojo.
On my way home, Zainab called. She asked
what time I would come to pick her up as I had
I was running out of Excuses to give the girl but
I was not going to Unilag that afternoon.
”Can you come to my house please, I am not in
the mood to drive” I had said.
She agreed to come with a cab but said she
had no money. I told her that I would pay.
She came two hours later and met the
carefully arranged whiskey bottle on my center
table. I had not taken them inside the room.
I had gone down and gave Issa N2500 for the
cab and returned upstairs. I had also called
and told Zainab to get the money from gate
man when she arrived.
”What are you doing with all this” she said
while looking at the bottles.
”they are for sale Sweetheart, do you know any
customer that could buy from me” I joked. She
believed that I was going to sell them.
She sat beside me and caressed my chest as
we lied about how much we had missed each
”We are born alone, we live alone and we die
alone. Only through our love and friendship can
we create the illusion for the moment that we
are not alone”
”I want to bath” Zainab announced as she
carried her small bag and walked inside the
Daisy called as soon as she left. I watched the
phone rang and vibrated at the same time
without touching it. I didn’t know what to tell
her. I was feeling ashamed of myself.
Some minutes later, Zainab came out. She had
come with a bumshot. She looked sexy and the
whole picture of her on the bumshot turned me
”Baby you look sexy” I said with a devilish
She walked up to me and sat on laps.
She had washed her underpant and Bra and
spread them in the bathroom. There was
nothing under the bumshot and the short T
shirt she was wearing.
My hand got to work as soon as she sat on my
She started kissing me as my hand slipped
inside the bumshot and caressed her freshly
washed cunnt. It was sensational.
It would be such a cheat if I climbed Zainab
without taking my own bath. She was smelling
good while I had not taken my bath after going
across the border.
”Baby I want to take my bath too” I said.
She stood up and dragged me to the bathroom.
As I pulled out my boxers, she pulled out her
bumshot and shirt too.
She had come for action and didn’t need any
hold up.
Our Landlord had managed to buy a water
pumping machine which pumped water to the
three plastic tanks on top of the building. It
made the bath showers work pretty well.
I opened the shower tap and put my head
under it.
Zainab ran back to her bag to get a shower
cap. She returned some moments later and
joined me under the shower.
As the water poured on our heads and bodies,
we kissed and squeezed every squeezeable
parts of our bodies.
The way she acted showed that she had really
missed sexx but one could never tell.
At a stage during the bath, I turned her around
and made her bend down and hold the ground.
Her round smooth buttocks protruded and
exposed the well shaven cunnt.
I brushed my right hand past the entire length
of the cunnt and mounted her without condom.
She cried out as I moved my dicck inside of
her slowly in a back-and-front manner.
”You are killing me baby” she had said as the
entire length of my dicck moved inside of her
and I started pumping.
Skin to skin had always been sweeter, the only
problem was the dangers associated with it.
But despite the fact that disease hardly show
on the faces, I knew that some neat girls would
be foolish to allow disease to live inside them.
Zainab was a very neat girl.
”I love you baby” I heard as I pumped inside
the already lubricated cunnt. After some
minutes of intensive fvvckingg, I felt the sperm
coming out and pulled my dicck out of her.
Sperm splashed on her buttocks and the floor.
She turned around and started kissing me
The water was still splashing down from the
shower, I didn’t care if it would finish or not.
The landlord had increased the rent after
digging and installing the water bore hole. I
should not economize water as I used to do
when the house was newly built.
After our bath, we dried our bodies and went
back to the room to cover our bodies with
We returned to the sitting room and watched a
movie. Half of my mind was not on the movie.
Somewhere not far from my house, a girl was
there hoping that she had found a boyfriend.
Her name was Daisy. She had called twice and
I had no heart to pick the call.
I knew that her next action would be to come to
my house, as a result, I called her.
”I have been calling you” she said as soon as
she answered the call.
”I am sorry, I hope you are alright” I asked.
She said she was fine and that she was
missing me… I told her that I was at home but
was busy. I promised to call her later and hung
Zainab heard everything I discussed with Daisy
but she didn’t care or say a word. She just
kept quiet and played with the hairs on my
I wondered whether she didn’t know that I just
chatted with a girlfriend or that she just didn’t
We watched films until the light was taken,
then we laid on the long sofa and rested
My mind wondered as we laid on the Sofa. I
was glad that Issa had returned but I was
angry that I hadn’t found a way to punish Mrs
Landlady. Such ladies should be told how to
live side by side with others and not how to
maltreat others simply because their husbands
had money or built houses.
The next day was Sunday and a devilish plan
came to my mind.
” Don’t be disheartened by the forces of evil.
Nothing can happen that Nature hasn’t allowed.
The devil always has you where the gods
wanted you”.
The next day was Sunday. I told Zainab that I
was going to Church.
My cousin asked if I was going to Church
immediately but I told him that I wasn’t going
The Church in Onireke was very close to our
house, as a result, we were not required to go
to the Church with vehicles.
The Landlord’s wife and children didn’t require
their car to go to Church too. Everyone in the
vicinity walked to Church.
On that very Sunday, a man named Bishop
Okogie was visiting the Church. Every adult
Church member was expected to attend the
8am Mass.
I drove to the Onireke-Tedi road and waited
while my back was turned on the barracks.
There was a small ditch in the middle of the
road where there was dirty water.
People walked to the Church early to get free
seats. About 10 minutes to 8 am, I saw the
Landlady down the road. She was with Stella
and another of her child which I didn’t know
I started moving down slowly. I targeted the
ditch to be our meeting point. As soon as they
got to a meter of the ditch, I moved the car
faster and jump into the small ditch with the
passenger side of my two tyres.
Dirty water splashed all over their cloths.
They had jumped up in anticipation of the
obvious incident but they were apparently a bit
late as it was a deliberate attack from me.
I packed the vehicle some meters away from
the ditch and came down from the car. My
face had suddenly changed into a very sorry
man’s face.
”Oh, my Gawd” I said as I brought out my towel
handkerchief and brushed down the dirty water
on Stella’s Grey gown
”Madam Sorry oh, it was an accident” I said as
I looked her in the face with that fixed sorry
She stood there looking at me like I had just
poured the water on her ego instead of her
Parish Cloths. They had contributed money
and bought the cloths which had the Bishop
Okogie’s Image on it.
It was obvious that the entire Catholic Women
Organisation (CWO) of the Parish were
required to wear the uniform on that very
Sunday. However, Madam Landlady’s own
uniform had just been ruined by thick dirty
waters lying on the road for several days.
People had gathered there and was looking at
them. Some of them were telling them sorry
and reminding them that it was just an
Some were busy saying that I must have taken
alcohol that morning. A lot of people had
stopped to sympathize with them.
I was sure madam knew that it was a
deliberate act but I didn’t care.
Stella and her sister were just victims of
circumstances and if I had chosen to target
their mother alone, I may not have gotten the
Since madam Landlady wanted to play the
game of dirty waters with me, it was left for
the gods to determine who the winner was.
Stella had gotten angry with me. Her own
cloths had been ruined. She was looking at me
unbelievably. She didn’t believe what had just
The other daughter of Madam Landlady’s
cloths had also been ruined. That one was
crying but I didn’t care. I didn’t even pity Stella.
I only concentrated my mind on Madam
Landlady. I had gotten my revenge at last.
I stood there as they all turned back and faced
the way back home.
”Madam please let me drive you people home
to change, I am sorry for what happened” I had
None of them even looked at me… They just
walked slowly and shamefully back home.. I
waited to make sure they were out of sight,
then I turned my car around and drove to the
Badagry expressway where I washed my car.
I didn’t like what I did to Madam Landlady, but
my hands were tied.
I just wanted her to know that if I ever got the
chance to betray her, I would.
That If the opportunity came to pay her back
with dirty water, I would take it.
”I am a hustler and a fighter. I believe in the
eye-for-an-eye business. I don’t believe in
turning the other cheek like we were all told
when we were kids. If you kill my dog, you
better hide your cat”
When I got home from the car wash, I saw
madam Landlady standing on the veranda. She
had obviously decided too skip Church entirely.
I didn’t know about her daughter, I guessed
they returned to the Church but as for madam
Landlady, she was not going to see the Bishop
She had killed my dog and paid with her cat.
You see, forgiveness was such a good thing.
Trust me, I loved forgiveness but when a
perceived wicked person who had the record
of offending people tampered with any of my
happiness factors, he or she would pay as long
as there was a means to pay.
Fortunately for me, there was always a solution
to every given problem. I believed that the only
thing without immediate solution was death
which was the absolute end of every life.
I walked upstairs with my eyes covered in
black glasses. Ironically, I expected her to
throw another water on me from the veranda
but she didn’t.
After the Church, the landlord came to my
apartment. I was with my cousin when he
”Azubuike, I have something to beg of you. I
will do everything you want if you agree to do
that for me” he said and kept quiet.
I poured a glass of whiskey in a glass and
sipped it with my legs crossed on the table.
”Oga, if it is about what happened near the
Church today, I have apologized to madam” I
said and sipped another drink.
”Yes, it has something to do with what
happened. Madam had told me what happened
and she cried over it. I promised her that I will
tell you to look for another house. I am not
forcing you out but I will have peace if you
move to a new house” he said.
”Thanks for the offer Oga Landlord. I totally
understand you but you know the stress of
finding a new house in Lagos now. First of all, I
will have to pay for two years before any
landlord will listen to me. Then I will have to
move my properties too, all this things cost
money Sir and I don’t have cash now” I said.
”I will return two years payment to you if you
agree to go. But you will take care of every
other thing by yourself. I just want to rest
before you people kill me in this house” he
I Laughed out to the amazement of my cousin.
”Ok, Oga like I said, I understand you. Women
can drive people crazy. I am going to start
looking for house tomorrow. Hopefully I will get
one by the end of the week. I will surely move
out sir as long as you keep to your promise of
Refunding me my two years rent” I said.
He thanked me and left. The laughter on his
face showed that he had almost won a war.
Clearly Mr Landlord was suffering in his own
apartment. Not that it was my business but ” a
snake which refused to act like a snake will be
used as a rope by women”
When he left, Zainab came out of the room and
sat with us. She listened as I discussed the
current situation in Igbo language with my
My cousin was panicking as if there was no
other house in Lagos.
”I don’t like the way you view these whole
thing. when one door is closed, another one is
open. You play Bob Marley every night and you
here these sayings yet you now feel as if the
world has fallen on your head” I said to him.
”I am the treasurer of CYON and the secretary
of Saint Anthony at the Church. I can’t just go
like that” he said.
”Then lets go with their money, I am sure there
must be catholic Church wherever we go from
here” I said and kept quiet.
After some more drinks, I thought about the
best place to relocate to in Lagos. I thought
about Mafoluku in Oshodi. I figured out it would
be good to live close to Mr Chukwudi but I
didn’t even know his house.
I thought about Victoria Island, the houses
there were probably expensive.
I thought about Surulere, it was a good place
because it would give me easy access to Lagos
Island and the rest of Lagos mainland.
It was time to leave the barracks area and its
I flashed back to how I even came to live
there. It all started in 2002 when I thought I
was going to marry Efuah, a Ghanaian woman I
had met in Accra. I had found the place and
had believed I was going to settle down as a
family man. But as fate would have it, I
traveled to Europe. I only returned to that place
because, I didn’t want to waste more money
looking for a new accommodation when I was
refused another travel to Europe.
Everything that happened to me in that area
was born out of natural causes which no man
can ever stop.
It was true that we selected where to live but
where we lived actually chose us.
When the tension had reduced, I told Zainab to
get ready to return to Unilag. She had not
mentioned about going back to school since
morning and I didn’t know why. Maybe there
was nothing important happening in school but
whether there was or not, she was going.
”I will go to school in the morning baby” she
had replied.
”No Zainab, you are going to school now. There
is a little trouble in the house and I don’t want
you to be involved in it. I will come and pick
you up when every thing is calm” I had said.
She wanted to know what it was but I wasn’t
interested in telling her anything.
After some minutes, she quietly went inside
the room and got ready to leave. I took her
downstairs and drove her to the Barracks bus
stop where we waited for a cab.
I gave her N5000 and told her to pay for
transport from it. She entered a cab without a
word or even looking back at me. I knew she
wasn’t happy, therefore I didn’t expect such
” The only thing that should surprise us is that
there are still some things that can surprise
The following morning, the hunt for a new
house began.
I drove to Surulere and checked for new
houses. There were quite many of them but I
was looking for a specific kind of house. I
needed to find a place where there was not too
many tenants.
Too many tenants meant too many gossips.
I found One at Nnobi street. The problem was
that it was too expensive for my liking. The
agent who took me there said the landlord
wanted N600,000 for two years. The agent
himself said I would give him N60,000 while
the lawyer would take another N60,000.
Paying N720,000 wasn’t what I was looking at.
It suddenly occurred to me that that amount
would take a big hit on my bank account
”Lets go look for some other house” I had told
the agent.
Late in the afternoon, I had searched enough
for the day. I gave the agent N2000 and told
him that we would try again the next day.
On my way home, Daisy called me… She said
that I had started to avoid her which I denied.
I told her that I was too busy for the past few
days and promised to call her in the evening.
I got home and packed my vehicle outside. I
had hoped to go out again when I rested
enough. I got upstairs and took my bathe. The
Sunday stew my cousin had cooked the day
before was still in the kitchen. I boiled rice and
ate to my satisfaction, then I called Daisy.
She came 30 minutes later. We sat in the
sitting room and talked. She accused me of
acting cold towards her.
She was right, I wasn’t my usual gallant guy
who would tease, make jokes, tickle and play. I
had turned into a TV watching slowpoke who
only gave short answers to her questions.
I thought about the best way to tell her what I
had found out about their family back in
Igboland. The problem was that there was no
easy or best way to give her that news. It was
a lose-lose situation on her own side.
” I think you have another girlfriend now” she
said suddenly.
‘I wish it was just that’ I thought.
”Daisy, something is disturbing me and its not
a girlfriend or something like that. I wish I can
just tell you what it is but I can not and please
don’t ask me to” I said to her.
She felt the pain too as she came close to me
and held me close to her heart.
”Whatever it is, I believe God has an answer to
it” she said with almost tears in her eyes.
I caressed her hair slowly and told her not to
worry. It wasn’t a life threatening issue. The
mood was very bad for intimacy and we both
knew it, although we stole a few kisses.
When she was about to go, I went inside and
brought out a pair of shoes and a bag I had
bought her at Mandilas the previous week.
Some rays of life returned to her face.
Women and shoes!
I walked her to the gate and returned upstairs.
Issa had turned to a very quiet born again
Stella had not called me or sent a text
message since the last ”dirty water” incident.
I decided to contact her.
I opened the ”New message” input box on my
phone and typed:
”I know how much you hate me now but what I
did to you was an accident. I was rushing
home for something and didn’t concentrate on
my driving. As a result of what I did to you,
your father has asked me to find another
house. It means that I am leaving your house
soon. I will miss you but I will be fine” I
finished and sent it to her.
I was very careful not to involve her mother in
the writing. I made things looked like it was all
about her.
She didn’t reply the message until around 10
pm. I was hoping to get a message from her,
therefore when the message tone came, I
grabbed the phone quickly and opened it.
Sure, it was from Stella. She wrote:
”I saw you with Daisy this evening. What was
she doing in your place”
The message was very short and out of my
expectations, therefore I decided not to write
her again.
I switched off my phone and slept.
”IF we will be quiet and ready enough, we will
find compensation in every disappointment”
About 9am on the following Tuesday morning,
Johnson called from Germany. He had bought
the bus as we planned and had started buying
goods to load it. He didn’t know how and what
I planned to do with the bus but he knew that it
had something to do with Mr Chukwudi.
”Let me know when you take it to the shipping
company, then I will tell you what to do next” I
had said.
Since the business of the day had started with
the issue of Mr Chukwudi, I decided to call
”I told you to give me two weeks Azubuike. Why
are you disturbing me. This is how you people
make me lose concentration and blame me if
the visa didn’t come out.” he yelled on the
phone as usual.
”Why are you shouting at me” do you know why
I called you”. I said calmly.
”Why else would you call me if not because of
the chicken change you gave me” he said and
cut off the line.
I bent down my head and thought about how to
approach mr Chukwudi. The problem was that I
didn’t know his house. He had no office at the
Wharf like he claimed. He was just a sub agent
who got business for the clearing agents, he
would then be paid some small fees like all
other sub agents/touts roaming the Wharf.
It was time to start the ”Operation Chukwudi”
in full.
I hurriedly wore my cloth and went downstairs
to my car. I didn’t even take a bath. My car
was packed at the extreme end and another
car had packed behind it.
”Issa, go and call the owner of this V-boot to
come and shift the car for me” I said while
pointing at the vehicle behind mine.
”Oga, I no dey go up abeg” he blurted out. I
understood him. The last time I sent him out,
he had been sacked. Little did he knew that it
was me who moved the motion for his return.
However, I didn’t have time to talk much that
I asked him the flat of the owner of the
Mercedes 300CE. He told me and I went up
there and called him. He came down and
shifted his car for me…
I Drove outside and headed for the Wharf.
There were numerous scouts all over the place
looking for car owners who needed clearing
I walked to a small drinking bar and sat there
with a bottle of medium Stout. Some minutes
later two men came in. They bought their own
drinks and sat down to chat.
They discussed about how the business of
yesterday had gone.
It happened that one of them named Ifeanyi
had gotten a deal for their main agent. He had
even negotiated the price and had somehow
managed to add N20,000 to the normal
clearing price. Since the man had agreed to
pay the money, Ifeanyi had decided to start
buying drinks for his friend named Okenwa.
Somehow I managed to join them in the
conversation about the deal. They were
cautions with words but when the alcohol
overcame their normal sense of reasoning,
they flapped their mouths like parrots.
”Bring us more drinks madam” I said for the
second time that morning.
When it was time to leave, I took Ifeanyi’s
phone number and drove to Lekki beach. I
needed to relax and cool my head. The coming
days would be hectic.
There were few people at the beach that
morning but of particular interest to me was
two girls who sat under a small shed. Initially I
thought they came with some three men
throwing a volleyball down the ocean bank but
when the men left without them, I raised my
As always, I was wearing a dark Eyeglasses. I
walked up to them.
They were in swimming pants and bikinis.
Apparently from a well to do family or families.
”Hello Ladies” I said and waved from Ten
meters away.
One of them waved back and smiled. The
other one just looked at me and said nothing.
”Mind if I join you”. I said again.
”OK, no problem, you can” the one that
responded earlier said, while the mute one
said nothing again.
Instantly, I decided that my attention and
concentration would be on the talking one.
Since the other one wanted to play the mute
game, it would be appropriate to help her
achieve that.
”I am Austin” I lied.
”As in Austin Okocha” the talking One said and
started laughing while the mute maintained her
straight face.
”I am not Okocha, though I play a better
football than him” I joked.
One laughed as usual.
I stood beside the talking One and asked her
She said she was Maria. I didn’t bother to ask
for her sister or friend’s name. She could have
kept quiet as usual and that could stop the
already moving train.
”Why are you on the beach alone” Maria asked.
I liked her type of girl, always coming forward
with questions instead of the type that waited
for you to do every talking.
”I am looking for a girlfriend out here. The one
I had left last month because I had no money”
I joked. Maria laughed as expected.
”Money shouldn’t be a factor in friendship” she
had said.
She preached on how Love should be the real
deal etc. She was trying hard to sound
European but of course she was a Nigerian.
Maybe she had heard the European accents on
TV and wanted to talk like them.
Maria lived in Surulere And so was her friend.
They were both from Edo state. She had a
1998 Model Toyota Rav4.
We talked for over an hour until they
announced that they were leaving.
It was when I offered to drive them home that
I found out she had a car.
We all headed to their car but since mine was
closer to the beach, I asked them to keep going
while I picked up the car.
I drove up to them while loading their bags in
the car and packed behind them.
”You have a cool ride” Maria had said.
I thanked her and told her that I preferred her
own ride. I needed to make her feel in charge.
There was something about Maria. She had a
lot of confidence.
”Can I have your phone number” I asked Maria
when they were ready to move.
”Why not” she had said while fumbling for her
phone inside her handbag.
She brought out a motorola Razor phone.
Exactly my type of phone but the grey colour
She found her number and called it for me
while I registered it with my own black Razor.
I called the line to make sure it was correct
and it was. I also used that opportunity to send
my own phone number to her.
Her friend can squeeze her face from morning
until night. I didn’t care.
Something was different with Maria. I
suspected that she was an actress or a model
of some kind but I didn’t want to be to
forwarding with questions. I decided to find out
another day.
They drove off as I walked back to my car,
started the engine and followed them.
The speed they were on wasn’t what I wanted,
therefore I blazed past them on top speed and
waved at them.
A call came to my phone immediately and it
was Maria. She warned me to drive slowly but
I was already over 200 meters away from
She had made the first call and it was
encouraging, whatever the reason was.
I got home after some hold ups between Tincan
Island and Berger. It was already late in the
I called the house agent and asked if he had
found a new place. He said there was a block
of four flats at Adetola street in Surulere and
that it was new. I promised to visit there the
next day.
I called Ifeanyi, the guy I met at the Apapa
Wharf. He was excited. He said he lived in
Surulere too.
Great! Everything was shifting to Surulere. The
new Maria, Ifeanyi, the new house.
”Ifeanyi I have a business for you tomorrow, I
will meet you at the wharf” I had said to him
on the phone.
Even though he didn’t know the kind of
business it was, he was still excited.
He asked me to call him as soon as I got to
wharf the next day.
I called Daisy and asked how her day had
gone. She said she was OK and that her
mother asked of me… I told her to greet the
mother for me.
Early the next day, I called the agent and drove
to Surulere.
The new house was a one-storey building of
four flats. It had enough compound for four
cars. Someone had already moved in to one of
the top flats. It remained one flat at the first
floor. The other two flats were on the ground
Since I didn’t want to live on the ground floor, I
initiated the payment procedure immediately.
We called the lawyer who directed us to go and
pay N500,000 into an account in Diamond bank.
Then we would proceed to his office to sign
some papers. His own fee was N50,000 while
the agent demanded for another N50,000 as
well. I agreed.
I drove to the Bank and withdrew money. I paid
in the money into the Landlord’s account and
drove with the agent to the Lawyer’s office in
Broad street. After signing the agreement
papers, I paid him N50,000.
It was time to settle the agent.
”You understand I cannot give you N50,000.
You will get N20,000” I had said to him.
After much haggling and re-negotiations, we
agree on N30,000. I paid him and drove to the
It was already past 12pm, when I got there.
I called Ifeanyi and we met at the same joint
where we drank some days before.
Before buying him any drinks, I told him that
an agent called Chukwudi had stolen my
money. I didn’t give him the details but told
him where he had claimed to be his office.
He didn’t know Chukwudi but promised to ask
questions and track him down.
I told him that the roles he would play in the
”Operation Chukwudi” will earn him N20000.
He was very excited as I handed him N5000
advance payment and ordered two bottles of
Gulder beer for him.
I left the wharf later and drove back home. It
was time to approach the landlord for my
As a Nigerian, I was supposed to get my money
from the Landlord before paying for the new
house but I knew our landlord was a weakling.
Weaklings usualy kept their promises because
they had no heart for the unpredictable
I sipped a mixture of JW and juice and waited
for the night to come. It came.
It had rained in Lagos that evening which
made motorists to got hooked in a dreadful
hold up between Alakija and Barracks.
My cousin returned before the Landlord. I told
him that I had found a new three-bedroom flat
in Surulere. I didn’t tell him that I had paid but
I told him that it would cost us N600,000 for
two years.
He asked when I would get the money from the
”We are going there this night” I had said.
He didn’t want to follow me up there but I
needed a second person.

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