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79. Land of the Dead (2)

Well call it what you want to call it nobody will see a flying bat in form of human being and not get scared unless that person is not human.
I hide at the back of Lizzy as the bat flew pass our head and land on our back then the bat start changing to human being, i think i have seen this type of bat before and yes i was right the bat change to Annabel.
She wore a dark cloak and her hairs are red with her shinning eyes like that of cat she walk to us opening her shinning teeth like eddie murphy.
Me: Annabel (i called her and i cant hide my joy as i walk to her and hug her).
Lizzy: i know you will come.
Ann: well i cant allow you guys to die alone afterall we are team and no matter what we will always stand together no matter the situation.
Me: am really glad you are here.
Ann: i just hope we can scale through because this is a suicide mission i wish Tina is here because we really need her.
Me: well shes busy according to her so we have to respect her decision so lets start going.
Ann: as if you know where we are going.
Me: i dont know but i believe you guys know.
Lizzy: you dont know the place thats why you are so full with confidence trust me if you know you will be shivering now begging us to forget about it.
Me: well its good i dont know right.
Ann: i hope you are ready for it.
Me: i am.
Lizzy: okay lets go.
We walk inside the locust street where there is no house nor anything but only bush, we get to a place where fire burn, the place is clear because the fire chop everything on the land lizzy stop and told us to holdon she pick a dust from the ground and say some incarntation, as she was repeating it a heavy breeze started blowing, a heavy one not just ordinary breeze.
Me: whats going on? (i ask Ann).
Ann: shes opening the portal to the land of the dead.
Me: how does it look like?
Ann: like that (she point her hand to a hole in front of Lizzy).
Me: hole shit.
Lizzy: guys you ready to go.
Ann: sure.
Lizzy: Oz.
Me: aaaammmm reeeeeadddy (i stammered).
Lizzy: then i will go first, Oz you follow me from behind.
I was scared like hell, the portal just look like one small hole like a lion cave i was thinking whether to go on with the plan when Lizzy enter inside the hole.
Ann: your turn.
Me: i dont think i can do this.
Ann: come on dear we’ve discussed this before and now is not the right time to continue because the portal wont stay for long.
Me: holy shit.
Ann: you have to go in now.
Me: i cant am sorry am going back.
I turn back as i wanted to take first step Ann took my hand and push me inside the hole with her.

You wont blame me now for trying to run would you? i mean i wanted to do it seriously but the terms and condition is too much, i woke up in a deserted forest with Lizzy and Annabel starring at me as if i don die.
Me: wetin happen?
Lizzy: why were you trying to turn back?
Me: i was scared like hell.
Lizzy: is normal something at least you are here now thanks to Ann, so can we continue our journey?
Me: were are we by the way?
Ann: welcome to the land of the dead.
Me: but this look like the land of living to me.
Lizzy: well you just arrive so lets keep going before we wake them up.
They help me up and i look around nothing new to me just that we are alone in the forest.
Me: so were to?
Lizzy: we look for the tomb.
Me: is it far from here?
Ann: very far dear.
Me: oyaa now make we they go.
We took our weapons and luggage and start walking to nowhere in particular, we came out of the tick bush and enter one road like that the road bend like snake and on both side hang a pole with human head, i saw it and my fear rose from 50 percent to 80 percent.
We follow our left going to where i dont know, Lizzy wore a white rob, Ann wore a dark cloak and me i wear normal trouser and tshirt (lizzy told me to change it but i refuse i dont know why she want me to change it oh).
As we they go from nowhere people with mask came out of the bush with weapons and attack us, i took my dagger out ready to defend myself, Ann and Lizzy took something like knife abi cuttlass but the thing short and sharp, they were fighting them why me move to a safer place, one person run come meet me and as he wanted to hit me with his sword Lizzy throw her knife and struck him on the back i look up and saw like ten rebels on the ground with Lizzy and Annabel standing like rock.
Me: who are they (i ask no one in particular.
Ann: the dead.
Lizzy: just a welcome party.

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