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76. The Plan

I was really surprise to meet three of them there they are even discussing smiling as if they know each others before, or maybe they do.
Me: hello ladies whats going on here?
Annabel and justina: welcome Oz
Lizzy: have a sit dear dont worry you are save.
Me: of course am safe abi na you wan make me no save before?

Annabel and Justina sat in a cushion chair facing each other i walk to Lizzy and join her, we face the other two girls i know all of them so am not afraid at least not yet, Lizzy open her mouth to talk.

Lizzy: so now that we are all here lets discuss how we gonna defeat the Queen.
Me: you didnt tell me we gonna be having a meeting.
Lizzy: i dont have time to tell you.
Me: why should you when you left with anger the other day.
Annabel: you should be happy that we are even saving you the stress, you suppose to be the one organising this thing.
Me: i dont understand.
Lizzy: Oz just watch okay.
Me: okay (i kept quiet like dondy).

Justina: i dont really think we can defeat her because the witches behind her are stronger than us.
Lizzy: oh yeah you are right thats why we gonna defeat her elements first before we face her.
Annabel: oh yes before we even get close to her we have to defeat her element.
Me: i dont understand the word element.
Lizzy: her element meaning the witches thats guarding her and before we get to her we have to defeat those witches.
Me: why dont we just set a trap to lure her out and we capture her.
Lizzy: thats a good idea so that we wont face her element abi? you are wrong that day she appear to you, there are more than hundred witches guarding her.
Me: really?
Lizzy: oh yeah.
Me: so how many element are we talking about here.
Lizzy: twenty element.
Me: thats serious.
Annabel: she dont normally come out.
Lizzy: yes she taught she can manipulate Oz so that he summit himself willingly but now she knows he wont then shes gonna use force.
Me: you mean a hundred witches follow her to the market that day, so how are you guys gonna face hundred witches.
Tina: ladies not guys.
Me: oh sorry ladies.
Lizzy: thats what we are here to talk about if we can take her elements out we can defeat her because those her bodyguard belong to her element, the guards only obey their masters if we can kill their masters there wont be any guard to protect the queen.
Justina: so whats the plan?
Annabel: no plan yet.
Lizzy: there is.
Annabel: then say it out.
Lizzy: first lets go home and renew our charm and potions lets practice hard because as from next week we gonna be taking the element out one after the other.
Justina: thats not gonna be easy.
Me: wait guys why are you ladies helping me self wetin be una own gain?
Ann: they want a new Queen and Lucy is my friend.
Justina: yeah they dont support us anymore we need them because they produce alot of items that we witches need.
Lizzy: yeah, since she take over she cut all our ties with the witches so we need her out and only her blood can kill her.
Annabel: that means you.
Justina: and am telling you if others know about our plan they will join us because they hate her with passion.
Lizzy: and her policy.
Me: but shes so strong how can i even defeat her.
Annabel: you have her powers.
Justina: but you dont have her lotion and charms.
Lizzy: thats why you gonna train hard this week.
Annabel: really hard my dear.
Me: hmmmm am afraid already.
Lizzy: you dont need to be afraid we are behind you.
Annabel: and we gonna do everything in our power to make you succeed.
Justina: and if you fail that means you’ve put the entire kingdom in danger.
Lizzy: Oz you need to be prepared because the war is about to start.
Ann: and you are the source of the war.
Tina: and also the cause.
Lizzy: and only you have the power to end it.
Ann: you have to try your best.
Tina: all your best to win.
Me: hmmmm if i tell una say everything wey una they talk no they enter my head una go think say i they lie.
Lizzy: we will make you understand, we will meet here weekend to practice together before we attack on monday.
Me: but what of my school.
Lizzy: the school will take care of itself.
Me: hmmm the school is important.
Ann: more important than your life?
Me: no.
Lizzy: good then it is settled.
Ann: you can always come back for the exam.
Me: okay i guess i will just have to do as you guys wish lets end it once and for all.
Lizzy: now thats my boy talking.
Ann:i love his confidence.
Tina: i love his dicck more.

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