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60. Lady Annabel

Her face is very red even though day never break finish but its bright enough to see her full body, she get wing like that of bat, her face look scary also with her long nails, na who go see this kind thing and still stand they look? Well of course i ran back but the demon pursued me like say i took something that belong to her, i ran back to Lizzy’s house getting to the gate now something raised me up from ground, i look down and saw myself on the air, something is taking me up not just something but annabel, she hold me tight like say am her missing rib.
She begin fly go up up, i was shouting calling lizzy for help but i nor see any help.
“calm down i wont hurt you” she said though you cant trust a demon can you? I continue shouting because where i dey far from ground i look where she dey even carry me go self then i realize that shes taking me to my village Ogute, i dont know if shes taking me to my house exactly so i continue to shout for help, i wonder where Lizzy go wey she no hear my voice oh, i thought shes always watching over me.
“where are you taking me to”? I shouted at her.
Ann: to your house.
I was surprise at her response so i calm down a bit and hold her tight very well so that i wont fall though i was still very much afraid but safety first, i be dey struggle before trying to escape as if i get anyway to go for air, or maybe i have because Lizzy told me that i can fly, hahaha misplace priority, i dont believe that shit, infact when i get home the first thing for me to do is to meet my pastor so that he will perform deliverance for me because i really think i need deliverance now.
Ann took me to the back of our building (our small garden) and drop me there, as she drop me i turn around to look at her i didnt see her again, what i saw baffle me, a beautiful damsel like the one from the party, what make her beautiful is because shes not with any fucking bangles or cowries, this time she wear normal london cloths i look her from up to down, i look at her leg and i saw a red cloth tied on her leg.
Me: Ann?
Ann: yes, dont be afraid i wont hurt you.
Me: you wont, why?
Ann: because am on your side.
Me: how come? “still afraid”
Ann: well i talk to lizzy, this is your house right?
Me: yes and i dont need to ask you how you know right?
Ann: of course you dont need, am Annabel by the way, and am here to apologise for what happen at my party.
Me: oh yeah, that was scary what do you want with my hair by the way?
Ann: i dont know mother Queen asked for it as a gift.
Me: who is the mother Queen?
Ann: you should know that because his your mother.
Me: no no shes not dear, i have a real mother here so dont repeat that word please.
Ann: ooh.
Me: so she ask for it and you just agreed without investigating what she want it for.
Ann: am in no position to ask.
Me: why?
Ann: because am a greeener pasture.
Me: what do you mean by that?
Ann: you will understand on the run.
Me: hmmmm.
Ann: by the way i talk to Lizzy after you leave her house, thats why she didnt come to rescue you when you were shouting her name.
Me: oh i see what did you discuss about?
Ann: i just told her i wanna apologise to you.
Me: and you have to do it by scaring me.
Ann: well thats part of the plan to make you strong.
Me: hmmm, then you should be going now day don almost break.
Ann: oh yeah i cant fly now so please go in and bring transport fee for me.
Me: ok.
I walk to my frontage and open the door, i enter inside and took one hundred naira from our container, i return back after few seconds and give her the money,.
Ann: thank you.
Me: i should be thanking you, but how can you go home like this, no sleepers, rough hair and dirty body.
Ann: well i will manage, i have nothing to be ashame off, thanks again and please know that i will join you and Lizzy to fight your spiritual mother.
Me: hmmm not my mother and i dont have to fight her because shes not an enemy.
Ann: hahahahahaha you are funny.
Me: but thanks anyway.
Ann: you can count on me, though my power and lizzy still wont be enough to fight her oh we need like one more to fight a mother queen.
Me: well when the time reach which i doubt will even happen, wen e reach we go know.
Ann: alright see ya bye, now go.
Me: okay.
I left her there and enter inside my house and sleep deep sleep, inside my sleep i dreamt a horrible dream, i saw a dark smoke, inside the dark smoke i saw my so called spiritual mother, she open her red eyes to me and said.
Queen: even if you gather all the witches of the world to fight me, so far my blood is inside you i still own you.

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59. Demons Everywhere
61. Monitoring Spirit
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