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22. Sex, robbery and delivery service

22. Sex, robbery and delivery service
After I was fed with breakfast, the leader told the guys to untied me from the chair and bring me out with ropes still on my hands. One of the guys did as he was instructed and I was brought to the other room where the leader was. We were now five in the room, I was told that I would act whatever they planned and I would be released after the mission. And if I fuccked up or tried to run away, I would be shot dead instantly.
At 11am, an unknown number called me, the phone was picked and placed on loud speaker as usual and it was Mr femi.
ME: hello sir
CALLER: how are you?
ME: I’m fine sir
CaLLER: so where are you?
ME: at home sir
CALLER: let’s meet at queen’s street by 2pm.
ME: ok sir
CALLER: make sure you come alone, I don’t like company please.
ME: ok sir, how do I locate you when I get there?
CALLER: I would call you when its time. **hanged up****.
After the call, the leader sent for an envelope, he put papers inside the envelope and filled it to the brim. He sealed the mouth of the envelope and gave it to me.
ME: what do I do with it sir?
LEADER: this is what you would give to him when you meet him
ME: what if he finds out that it was a fake parcel sir?
LEADER: its of no need because he is coming here with us today.
ME: ok sir
LEADER: good boy. So this is what will happen, you will go on a bike while we follow you, we would hanged around your meeting point and apprehend him there after.
ME: ok sir ****frightened***
LEADER: this is the warning. Cooperate with us and you would be freed, or try to run away and you would be dead just like labake. ***raised eye brow****
ME: **** scared****, I would cooperate sir.
The guys went inside another room to change cloths one after the other, the ropes on my mind were loosed and we were set for the mission.
At 1:20pm, the leader’s phone rang and he picked it. I couldn’t hear what the person on the phone was saying but I heard the leader saying
“How far?”
“Are you sure?”
“Which hospital?”
“Has it been confirmed?”
“Ok, fall back here,”
“We have a serious job ahead by 2pm”
***hanged up****
He looked at the other guys and said “labake had been confirmed dead, she was rushed to hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. Our boys said she was found in the mortuary”. I felt so sad and heartbroken. For the first time in four years, I missed my labake so much, it seems like a part of me was removed. I felt cold instantly and began to sweat at the same time. The other guys also felt bad to some extent but not up to how I felt. I began to cry non-stop without control. I felt so guilty because labake actually died for me, the leader cheered the guys up and told them to be strong for the job ahead. Then he turned to me and said, “mr delivery, did you realized that she actually took you death? Ehhn!!!”. I nodded I silence and fear. Then he said, “if you try to fucck up today or run away or go out of our plan, I swear to God that you will die by my own bullet”.
I immediately stopped crying and began to shiver and recap every of his word. At 1:45, the two other guys arrived and we are now seven in the house. At 1:50, the leader called a guy on the phone to come immediately, and by 1:55, a bike man arrived. The leader called him out and whispered some words to him in private and we went out has planned. I was on the bike and the team followed us in a saloon car. I was so frightened and heartbroken on the bike, I began to remember labake, I thought of our good old days, I thought of the little time we spend together few days ago and I thought of how she died because of me. I began to shed tears on the bike to the extent that I didn’t know we have reached the destination. I dropped from the bike and wiped my tears. The bike man went away after dropping me and The guys also alighted from their car. Two of them walked to one end of the road, two stayed at the opposite end. The leader and the last guy were in the car packed along the road. I don’t know their plans or how they wanted to execute their mission, I was just clueless on the road.
I wanted to call Mr femi but I don’t have his new number because he always called with an hidden number. After 15mins of waiting, my phone began to ring. I checked and it was an unknown number. I picked and it was Mr femi,
ME: hello sir, I’m on that location
Mr Femi: who are those guys hanging around the road with you?, you came with companies abi?.
ME: no sir, I don’t know them, maybe they were just passing by on their own.
MR FEMI: hmmmm, you are playing with death abi?
ME: ****frightened***, no sir.
MR femi:. Is my parcel intact?
ME: yes sir,
MR FEMI : ok, stretched it forward and let me see.
ME: I should stretched?, are you around? Where are you? ***twisting and stretching neck at both road ends to see if anyone was looking at me****
Mr femi:. Just shut up and do what I said ****harsh voice***
ME: ***frightened**** ” I don enter am today ooooo”, **stretched the envelope forward***
MR FEMI: ****silent for 15 seconds**** ok, keep it stretched, I’m coming.
I was at the road and everywhere was silent, probably because it was on sunday or maybe because it was an estate area. 2 minutes later, a red toyota camry passed by, I could see the guys positioning themselves as the car drove by, hoping it would stop infront of me but it didn’t, 3minutes later, 2 bikes rode pass my place, a bus drove pass and one guy with a girl walked in love manner passed my standing position, I was frustrated and tired as my hands began to pain me.
Moments later, my phone rang and it was adenike, I was a bit joyous as I saw her name on my screen. At that moment, I stopped thinking about labake, I stopped reasoning about the parcel. I began to wonder if I should picked and we began to talk, I was so carried away in my thoughts as the phone began to rang over and over again. I looked at the guys around me and remembered I was on a mission. As I was looking at the screen of the phone, I saw a bike coming, I didn’t reasoned or thought of it that it could be Mr Femi, the bike rode closer to me and I was still lost in thoughts. As the bike got to where I was, the bike rider dropped a bundle of N100 notes on the ground and snatched my envelope with his left hand and then zoomed off with high speed without stopping. The guys at the opposite end couldn’t stop it because of his high speed. Haaaaa!!!, wahala don shele, the team guys instantly retreated into the car and I was pushed inside also. The leader drove the car and gave the bike rider a hot chase but unfortunately, they lost him. They drove angrily back home and I was in for another serious wahala.

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21. Sex, Robbery and Delivery service
23. Sex, robbery and delivery service
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