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Month: June 2018

Tarasha (Chapter 12)

*Saturday; after several uneventful days ** ~~Abuja, Nigeria ~~ 11am The shock and grief that came with the news of Jubril Lawal’s assassination was still very fresh in the African atmosphere. The streets were flooded with people rushing the newspaper vendors to get their copies so as update themselves on the latest discoveries surrounding the […]

Behind Her Smile (Episode 13)

“I am not a coward,” Obiageli said, coming out from where she’d been hiding. “I’m just making sure that I don’t scare you.” “And who are you?” Ezinne asked, staring at the young girl in front of her. She noted that the girl was approximately Chioma’s age. “I am Obiageli,” Obiageli replied. “Those eyes tell […]

Behind Her Smile (Episode 12)

Chioma walked into the servants’ quarters, studying the maids as they cleaned the room. “Ella, how did you find out that the Prince was coming back, and also that he was sick and a sacrifice would be used to cure him?” Chioma asked. “I overheard the Queen’s discussion with the Chief Priest,” Ella replied nervously. […]

Fierce (Chapter 13)

Chapter 13 “Ladies,get your asses up cos you are going to the Met gala tonight.” Trish announced from the doorway. She was smiling like a child who got an early present from Santa Claus. “Anna Wintour is throwing out invites?” Mani asked sarcastically. “More like,she got a new intern who mistakenly sent invites to everyone […]

Fierce (Chapter 12) by Paulaspearz

Chapter 12 Ehi and Mani stood in a corner discussing with each other. They were guests at the Caldwell’s fundraising event. There were a lot of famous people at the party and also strong political figures. Christian came over to their side with a popular socialite called Trish. There was a time when her face […]

Hole in the Wall (Episode 11)

“Okay, so the NIA, That is National intelligence agency was formed in 86, and basically it’s tasked with counterintelligence operations and foreign intelligence while the state secret service is domestic….just like let’s say CIA and FBI or MI6 and MI5……” “Short Sam I don’t need a lecture, it was my former job remember?” Tonye interrupted […]

Behind Her Veil (Episode 20)

As much as Sadiq was enjoying Janelle’s company he still missed Zeenat and Vanessa. But he certainly missed Zeenat more and seeing her everyday without being able to talk to her was suicidal. No matter how hard he tried to concentrate on the handout in front of him and read for upcoming midterm test he […]

Behind Her Veil (Episode 19)

He chased her till he caught up with her. They panted, “didn’t that make you feel good” asked Jennifer, stopping to catch a breath. “I didn’t know you can run this fast” “That’s because all your attention has been on Vanessa” she said, glanced at him and he was silent as they walked along the […]

There And Back On Time Season 3(CHAPTER 52-54)

CHAPTER 52 ———————————————— (They were all the same) The time was getting to 6:30pm. Stella wanted us to go home but I had other plans. The loud sound of the party music did not allow me to talk to Stella without yelling at the party. ”I want us to look around Festac before going home” […]

There And Back On Time Season 3(CHAPTER 49-51)

CHAPTER 49 —————————————— (Church was better) I walked into the Church and saw her kneeling down at th Chapel. I walked up to the chapel and knelt down three meters away from her. Naturally I started with the sign of the cross. I wasn’t there for prayers, I was there for my landlord’s daughter. Therefore […]

Adanna 4 (final chapter)

chapter twenty six Copyright © 2018 by Akhigbe Godsgift . All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed, without the prior written permission of me. Whatsapp Contact: +2348066418379 Mail: ozilla111@gmail.com To get the completed story for just #300 Airtime card message me on “Come on am not a baby, I […]

Behind Her Veil (Episode 18)

“Hello” Vanessa spoke on the phone. “Hey V” her agent. “How could you? How could you publish that book.” She ranted. “What do you mean!” “My character is the villain!” “No. Your character is the angel” “Dont be fooled. It’s not! Please we have to kill the story before it gets out of hand” “I’m […]

Behind Her Veil (Episode 17)

“Surprise!” Vanessa displaying a parcel at his face. “What’s this?” He asked “A welcome gift. Open it” she insisted staring with anticipation. He tore off the wrap and unveiled a book. “A book! Thanks” he said without paying attention to the title of the book. “Its not just a book. Its your book!” she replied. […]

Hole in the Wall (Episode 10)

Bigelow wished he was armed as he walked slowly and self consciously to the counselor’s office. He could feel Bulky practically breathing down his neck. He had garlic breath and it was nauseating. He stopped at the strong oak door with an empty nameplate this was the Counselor’s office. He knocked nervously “Enter its open” […]

Fierce (Chapter 11)

Chapter 11 Mani lived in a duplex penthouse on fifth avenue at sixty- third which she shared with Christian Caldwell. Ehi wasn’t really sure how they met but she knew from stories she had heard from Mani that Christian had a very rich father. Apparently his mum was dating his father who was married and […]

Fierce (Chapter 10)

Chapter 10 Ehi was in a drunken haze for the next eight weeks. She went through her days like a robot. She hardly ever ate, didn’t care about her looks or appearance. Life seem to stop meaning anything to her. She kept hoping it was just a bad dream, one she would wake up from […]

Sex and the city (210)

210 The house is damn beautiful with beautiful gates and nice garden. “Waoh” that was Rianas word when we enter the compound, it has a nice parking garage too, I packed the car and when we enter the house everything was shinning, it has two bedroom with two master bedroom, it has a dinning room […]

Ownets Adventure (episode four)

#OWNET’S ADVENTURES {The tampered destiny} EPISODE_2B Traveling on the busy road from illorin to kogi state. The journey was not easy. The journey had squandered a lot of Mr grammer’s money but nevertheless, he was determined to leave illorin at all cost. Only Mr grammers family entered the truck with their luggages. Nobody followed them […]

Ownets Adventure (episode three)

#OWNET’S ADVENTURE [The tampered destiny] EPISODE_2A grammer quickly went out to call for help. In no time, everybody gathered around the place. Mama sule, whom was a family friend quickly brought out the native herbs used in curing it and instantly the baby was ok. Mr grammer thanked her very much and went inside to […]

Ownets Adventure (episode two)

#OWNET’S ADVENTURES [The tampered destiny] EPISODE_1B The celebration ended after a long time and everybody went to their house. Mr grammer was the happiest man on earth at that instant. His family members still continued the celebration even after everybody had gone. Various songs was sung by different people. They sang songs with ebira and […]

Ownet Adventure (episode one)

#OWNET’S ADVENTURE [The tampered destiny] EPISODE_1A Mr grammer can be seeing wearing the popular agbada. He was smiling sheepishly and looking very happy. Mr grammer was a Muslim but not a too devoted one. In fact, you will hardly believe that Mr grammer is a Muslim, though he observed his prayer and carry out his […]

Maimed Soul (Episode 28)

Episode 28 Lara walked into the kitchen, minutes after her friends left. Jack wasn’t around but that did not surprise her, he was a busy man; it was still a wonder that he had spent so much time with her, trying to console her grieving self. Her friends were still convinced that he had skeletons […]

Maimed Soul (Episode 27)

Episode 27 “Okay ladies, I think you are going overboard with this philosophy thing” Teresa said, staring at the two ladies with an incredulous smile on her face. “Lara did not just consent to a marriage proposal with her half-brother!” “But you just said that my analysis was logical now, didn’t you?” Bola countered. “Yes, […]

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