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Month: January 2018

Shattered Dreams (Episode 9)

Alexander felt as white as a ghost as she got to her feet with shaky legs. Belina looked similarly white as she stared at Alexa in total shock. Her facial expression was frightening and Alexa soon started crying all over again. Richard was completely in the dark and his patience soon waned out. “Is someone […]

AFRAID TO LOVE (episode 89 & 90)

“What the hell is this?” Jeremy asked to no one in particular, his tone mixed with amazement and anger. Darren and Allan rushed to his side and saw what got him pissed. They both gasped. “Its Tricia,” Darren whispered. This could be it. It could prove Tricia had a hand in Purity’s disappearance. They didnt […]

AFRAID TO LOVE (season 87 & 88)

“This is interesting,” Jeremy said, flipping through a notepad in his hand. It was Purity’s notepad. It contained many scribblings written by Purity herself. What she wrote had to do mostly with her personal life. Her inner person, her very true self. It was a life not many people knew of. She wrote things about […]

IS IT A SIN==>SEASON 2 (episode 17 & 18)

::::::…:::::::….::::::….. THEMED: REVENGE FROM THE ORPHANS (CLARA AND NNENA) {CHAPTER 7} THEME TITLE: INJUSTICE AVENGERS (COLLINS, CLARA AND NNENA) …::::::…:::::::….::::::….. “Nnena!” All the member of the family yelled in unison… …::::::…:::::::….::::::….. {CONTINUED FROM THE LAST EPISODE} Mrs. Chioma, Chinendu and Chiamaka were all shocked, they wish the land should just open up and swallow them; they are all shocked […]

TARASHA (episode 1 & 2)

The breeze blew gently on her skin through the opened window as she peeped outside. The moon lit the earth brightly, working with the well lighted streets to reveal every road and blocks on the streets. Tarasha looked up at the shining stars, they seemed to communicate something to her which she didn’t understand. She […]

Shattered Dreams (Episode 8)

“Wouldn’t you have your seat, Mr. Coker?” Patricia asked with a smile as she waited in vain for Michael to speak. “What do you want Miss Williams?” Michael asked in return, still not moving his position; he could almost be mistaken for a mannequin. “Ooohhh, eager right? Why don’t we sit calmly like two adult […]

Sex and the city (167)

“This one, she whispered on my ear to call her this night” I said and gave Rica her card. “Not bad, she’s leaving in a hotel and she’s fat can you really handle her?” She ask. “Of course I can” I said. We both left the club after taking out bath, her assistant will lock […]

Sex and the city (165)

“No oh, am just arranging my things because I want to wash some of my clothes” I said. “About yesterday, I believe my daughter is still angry but she won’t say anything to my husband, let’s just behave normally if we don’t then that’s when my husband will know something is wrong” Ria said. “You […]

IS IT A SIN==>SEASON 2 (episode 15 & 16)

  THEMED: REVENGE FROM THE ORPHANS (CLARA AND NNENA) {CHAPTER 5} THEME TITLE: REVENGE ON THE SENATE PRESIDENT {FINAL MISSION} …::::::…:::::::….::::::….. {CONTINUE FROM THE LAST EPISODE} “Ye…s…ss…ss m..a.” Senate president wife replied stammering. Clara grip Senate Leader Jeff left hand as they vanished into the thin air just then the Senate President Building light was restored […]

AFRAID TO LOVE (episode 79 & 80)

“The doctor, the doctor,” Tricia kept pacing in her bedroom repeating those two words – the doctor. She could not easily forget the conversation she had with him earlier that day. His voice kept echoing in her head – ‘I’m watching you. Purity’s watching you too. You won’t get away.’ Whatever does he mean by […]

AFRAID TO LOVE (episode 77 & 78)

“What are you going to do to me?” Purity asked with a shaking voice. “Nothing, yet my love,” Ernest replied. “You have a very smooth skin despite the fact that you’ve been here for days.” “Days?” Purity repeated. He had drugged her, but how could she be unconscious for days. Did he keep drugging me? […]

AFRAID TO LOVE (episode 75 & 76)

“How did it go?” Darren questioned Jeremy with his hopes high. He was standing right in front of Jeremy. Jeremy breezed past him and found himself a seat. He rested fully on it and let out a loud breath. “It was good,” he drawled. “What exactly happened?” Darren was already seated beside Jeremy. “It was […]


    This story is about a Lady Assassin who was trained in Russia, specially skilled in the art and carrying out the job with no fears, restraints or apologies. She became so powerful and was greatly feared by several of her male counterparts, including some of the masters who trained her. She hated so […]

The Last Smile (Chapter 4)

Stepping out of his car, Deolu rushed into a very familiar compound. His anxiety was getting the better part of him and he was no longer finding it funny. The first sight that greeted his eyes gave him an instant alarm. He saw Lucy’s parents. He swallowed hard. He had seen more than enough pictures […]

Shattered Dreams (Episode 7)

Belina arrived home later than she had envisaged. Prisca had successfully dragged her out of the house to help her interview the new salesgirls that applied to her boutique. Belina had been uncomfortable throughout, thinking of what to make of Alexander’s strange attitudes. Belina entered the sitting room and dropped her keys on the chair. […]

OFFICE ROMANCE (episode 3)

(SEPTEMBER, 17, 2010. LOCATION: On a Journey At a friend’s wedding) Bayo had been calling me weeks before his wedding, reminding me of how to execute our plans for his wedding. He selected me to be his “best – man” for that day and I have been running around to make sure that I prepared […]

IS IT A SIN==>SEASON 2 (episode 13 & 14)

  …::::::…:::::::….::::::….. THEMED: REVENGE FROM THE ORPHANS (CLARA AND NNENA) {CHAPTER 3} THEME TITLE: REVENGE ON THE SENATE PRESIDENT …::::::…:::::::….::::::….. {CONTINUE FROM THE LAST EPISODE} {CLARA SIDE OF THE STORY} She dressed in Black-Black like those of Ninja Assassins; she was busy buckling her boots when Nnena came in to meet her. “You can’t be allowed to enter bus going to Abuja like this na, can’t you see how you […]

IS IT A SIN ==>SEASON 2 (episode 9 & 10)

  #STILLL_ON_FLASHBACK #CLARA_CONTINUES_HER_STORYLINE. ******** {CONVERSATION ON PHONE} “Yes the lawyer defended the case excellently, he must be a professional.” The Principal Counsel of the plaintiff informs Senator Jeff on phone. “So what are you trying to tell me?” Senator Jeff retorted loudly. “I think we must act fast because it seems the Chief Judge is highly interested in […]

IS IT A SIN==>SEASON 2 (episode 7 & 8)

2 �� Episode 7 …::::::…:::::::….::::::….. #STILLL_ON_FLASHBACK #CLARA_CONTINUES_HER_STORYLINE. ******** My father just sat down watching the drama played by the two criminal, he was confused, bemused and mixed-up, he did not know what to say. “This lie took after his personality, truly, where is the allocation he received for this month? It is nowhere to be found.” This made him to be totally baffled. “Commissioner, I don’t know these […]

IS IT A SIN==>SEASON 2 (episode 5 & 6)

  …::::::…:::::::….::::::….. (CONTINUES FROM THE LAST EPISODE) “Gbooom!” My father heard a gunshot through his phone. “No!” My father screamed out loud… …::::::…:::::::….::::::….. #STILLL_ON_FLASHBACK #CLARA_CONTINUES_HER_STORYLINE. ******** My father screamed, he knew they must have shot me, he try to call Don but the line has already been switched off, he tried to went back to the spot where he left the money but on getting […]

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