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Month: December 2017

My Imsu Desire (chapter one)

My Imsu Desire Copyright © 2017, Mercy Nnamdi. Chapter 1 I tossed and turned in my bed, unable to sleep. I was very anxious about my tomorrow’s exam. Damn!, am so nervous. This JAMB of a  thing can really turn someone into an apprehensive freak. Finally, the time has come for me to see the […]

Married (twenty)

EPISODE 20 Silence stretched out and tension was at its peak as everyone held their breaths waiting for the doctor’s response. The doctor seemed to have frozen on the spot he was standing and for one second, he seemed like a frozen mummy statue. “Well, Doctor?” Lizzy yelled impatiently. Andy’s face had already drained, leaving […]

Married (nineteen)

EPISODE 19 Andy had never been more grateful to God that he had listened to his father and hired some bodyguards. He only used them at work because having bodyguards seemed more of a burden to him and made him look older than he actually was, but as he stormed the hospital, he was so […]

Married (eighteen)

EPISODE 18 Jessica cleared the plates from the dinning, happy that she had been able to prepare the breakfast. She had asked Ada to stay off for the rest of the day because she wanted to treat her husband the way any wife would. She cleaned up the plates and walked to the room, still […]

Married (seventeen)

EPISODE 17 “Eat up” Andy growled referring to the left-over food, looking pointedly at Jessica. “You need to gain back the weight and strength you had. You are nearly as light as a feather” he murmured. Jessica frowned. “I am trying” she said and swallowed some more food. She still could not believe that she […]

Married (sixteen)

EPISODE 16 Mr. Williams stood by the massive window of his extra large house. Guards stood motionless in strategic positions but all their faces were stony. Andy’s dad now felt a measured level of regret for what he did to Jessica. The poor girl did not deserve the kind of treatment he had given her. […]

Married (fifteen)

EPISODE 15 It was already one week and no one had caught sight of Jessica or heard of her. The tension was so thick that no one knew what to do anymore. Andy had pulled all the stunts he could with his endless streams of connections, the police were all out, searching for Jessica with […]

Married (fourteen)

EPISODE 14 Mr. Williams paced his sitting room slowly with a wine glass in his hands. His thoughts were in disarray. Thinking back, he was not happy with what he did. When he had planted that camera, he hadn’t expected to find something so pathetic. The couple had portrayed the act of close intimacy when […]

Married (thirteen)

Jessica concentrated on taking in air and releasing it but even at that, her breathing was terribly fast and her chest was heaving. No! This is not happening! She tried to shake herself to see if she would awaken from this horrible nightmare but she could not even muster enough energy to move a muscle. […]

sex and the city (158)

158 Her dress is nice just a simple handless brown gown, she’s beautiful and you won’t believe shes more than fifty if you don’t know her. “No, why would say that?” I ask. “Oh well, the way you are looking like someone that is lost I have to ask” she replied. “Am not, I just […]

sex and the city (157)

157 “Its real not fake” I said. “Then take me to the garden, if I see it then maybe I will convert to Christian” she said and stop at one fine white house with small iron gates surrounding it, inside the compound there are three cars, a sport car, a limo and a Lexus jeep, […]

sex and the city (153)

153 We pass my house and we still drive for six minutes before she stop at one big restaurant, very good and maybe the biggest I have ever seen, it close to the main road where the high school is, she stop and park, we came down and then walk to the big restaurant. “Waoh, […]

Married (chapter twelve)

Jessica took in a deep breath, feeling like confusion was her middle name. It had been hours since Andy left and she still could not put the pieces together. Now that she was actually thinking, she could not imagine Andy raping anyone. She had spent a night with Andy in the same room and he […]

Married (chapter eleven)

Andy felt like he was going crazy. He stood up from the bed and sat on the small chair in the room. This was the third time he was standing up from the bed after fruitlessly trying to sleep. He had been terribly devastated ever since he dropped off Jessica. He still could not believe […]

Married (chapter ten)

Andy jerked Sonia’s hands away with so much force that her hands hurt. He stood up looking totally confused and alarmed. “Jess, it is not what you think” he managed to put the words together though he was totally devastated and confused. Jessica was not sure she could hear anything that was being said. The […]

Married (chapter nine)

Andy changed his position on the bed as he came awake. His eyes landed on the angelic form sleeping on the bed and his drowsiness vanished. Jessica had never looked more beautiful. She was more than he ever imagined, much more than any man would imagine. She had no clothes on and her only covering […]

Married (chapter eight)

Jessica roused from her sleep with a lazy stretch. It took her some seconds to remember that she was in Andy’s room, and with the realization, she jumped out of bed. One quick glance told her that Andy was not in the room. She wondered if he had gone to work like he always did […]

Married (chapter seven)

Andy roamed the masters’ bedroom in anxious strides. He was angry, confused, hurt and every unpleasant emotional feeling that can come to mind. Jessica had been sitting in the sitting room for over an hour, with her eyes glued to the TV set. She had refused to enter the room saying she would only go […]

Married (chapter six)

Even if the trumpet sounded three times in a row, Jessica was certain that Andy would not have heard anything. He seemed to be glued to the place he was standing beside his father, as he gazed with disbelief in his eyes. Her normally bold personality instantly became self conscious. The dress she had on […]

Married (chapter five)

EPISODE 5 Two months into the wedding and Jessica was already feeling extremely frustrated. Ever since they left the beach after the pathetic honeymoon, Andy had gone worse, leaving the house at seven and arriving a little before midnight when she would have been fast asleep. At first, it did not bother her because she […]

Married (chapter four)

EPISODE 4 Jessica and Lizzy got to Eko Tourist Resort and for the first time, Jessica knew that she would be having a lot of fun. They had both talked endlessly on their way there, even though almost all the references Lizzy was making were of the gossips she had heard ever since Jessica got […]

Married (chapter three)

EPISODE 3 After two days and Andy continued to go to work, Jessica became fed up with the pretense. She felt bored and useless in the beach house so she decided to go and see her friends. If Andy wanted to be unreasonable, she would show him that two can play his game. She sat […]

Married (chapter two)

Jessica packed her hair up the way she always did as she stood facing the mirror. The length of her hair always made people envy her even when the only thing she wanted to do recently was to cut the hair off. Combing it was always a burden for her and she had resorted to […]

Married (chapter one)

A story by NISSI INSPIRATION “This gown is perfect” Sonia exclaimed as she hurriedly held out the wedding gown that caught her fancy in the extremely large room filled with gowns. Jessica sighed exhaustedly. “You can’t obviously expect me to wear that?” “And what is wrong with this one again ooo” Paulina asked, equally exhausted. […]

The Darkest Hour (chapter five)

Continues.. Enest was closer to Mike than David. But all knew each other as friends and course-mates. They gazed at David in front of the lecture hall. Other students could be seen trooping into the hall. Some female students stopped at the entrance making sure they take a selffie first. “What’s going on in the […]

The Darkest Hour (chapter five)

Continues.. Tranquility lingered between the twins. From the expression on Monica’s face, one could tell that she wasn’t gonna concur with her sister’s idea. Therefore she looked away from her hesitantly to the the darkness. “I’m not in support of that idea” Udoka remained quiet after taking a glance at her. She clenched her teeth […]


ADVENTURES OF XAGE CHAPTER EIGHT Waaarh!!! Another bucket of water was poured on me, I woke up to see myself at the back yard of Jerrie’s house. My left eye was paining me, I guessed it was because of the blow. “Why you go touch person babe boob, you con make us leave club early” […]


ADVENTURES OF XAGE CHAPTER SEVEN Entering the club was not hard, Jerrie already knew his way. Everyone was dancing as if it was their last dance on earth. We found our way into the crowd and organized a table at one corner. Jerrie bought some expensive drinks and we started drinking, Pablo left and went […]

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