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Month: April 2016

3. The Game

The following week started. Sikira resumed lesson at my house every 5 market days. She will stop by and spend between one hour to two hours before going to market. I was not sexually attracted to sikirat because of her mode of dressing which is. extremely local. I told her about her dressing and she […]

1. First Intro

Passing out parade has come and gone, I will definitely miss my friends, my PPA, my environment in ota, a lot of thoughts were running through my mind as I was packing and arranging my loads. I begin to ask myself, “after service year then what next?”. I had tried to apply for jobs during […]

22. At Last You Are Okay

At Least you are okay The type of hurrying I hurried to fast track my immediate arrival at Pretty’s place was unbelievable because honestly speaking, she scared me by telling me that something bad has happened,and I couldn’t bring myself to even imagine what this “bad” thing is. Upon arrival at her place,I knocked at […]

6. Time To Run

All alone at home in Mushin not knowing what to do or where else to go, i believe lily’s husband will be in the hospital now i pray he die in the hospital because if he survive that means the end of me is near (Deji was thinking loud inside his apartment). He taught about […]

5. Caught

He was billed to wash the pool the next two days and he made sure he had the physical stamina necessary to perform the job. He could hardly wait to get home before he told his friend Makun who had got him the job in the first place. ”Guy how far?” He began on the […]

4. First Encounter

The situation was getting very tense and slowly but surely, his manhood was slowly getting enormously engorged and he had to go in to get his clothes. ”Sorry madam..I mean Lily, I need to go in to get my clothes” ”Oh, dont mind me” she replied as she leaned aside on the door leaving a […]

14. Strange Adaeze

Me: Adaeze? (i was shocked like hell standing like a ghost). Ada: oh you are welcome by the way please have a sit (she said and sat down in her bed she wore complete jeans trouser and handless shirt i wonder where shes coming from) I wasnt afraid because shes a girl and my fellow […]

3. Madam Lily

The pool was located in a shielded area covered on three sides by trees and on the fourth side by a modest pool house. There was not a clear view of the pool from the house or from other neighbors in the area, and hence, Deji thought it would be a good idea to take […]

2. First Day

And so, this new day, he was on his way to his new job, wearing a slightly faded T shirt, washed out jeans and a pair of old sneakers. The Tshirt hugged him tightly marking out the outlines of his trim abs and muscles. It took him about an hour to get to the island […]

1. I Am Deji

Deji left his one bed room apartment in Mushin that sunny morning with just enough money in his pocket to get him to his destination. He had made the humble apartment his home for the past five years after he had graduated from the university with a second class upper in economics. Times were hard […]

21. Fear Of The Unknown

Under Fear I didn’t sleep again till daybreak that day,not for fear of having another nightmare,but that sleep won’t just come again. What I experienced was just one of those vivid dreams that you just can’t forget. Like a magnet,it(my mind)kept attracting things I didn’t want to think about those moments,so much so that you […]

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