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Month: March 2016

1. The Journey

Chapter One Sister B: Ozes you don ready finish! Me: e remain small oh, time don reach? Sister B: e remain ten minutes oh, quick abeg or else you go miss direct motor oh. Me: okay ma. oh yes I just finish my 1 year IT and it’s time for me to return to school, […]

18. What I Dont Know

WHAT I DIDNT KNOW I went back to my place as the day broke clearly,but nothing remained the same again. Throughout the remainder of that week,I spent almost half of my days at Pretty’s place; and at each visit,we always fuckt.Same way I was a s*x freak,was Pretty also and Each new day came wit […]

17. You Are Mine

I arrived at her place around 6pm or thereabout. She told me that she instilled on her mind not to really believe that I meant what I told her,but decided to see it out for herself.As she rightly stated,I surprised her. After chatting with her for sometime,she offered that we should go out,to which I […]

16. True Love

The room was silent for a while I stayed back at the bed,allowing events to play out themselves. After like two minutes or so,she came back to face me,with a refreshed kind of face.She laid down and made me do same too.We now laid down,facing each other eyeball to eyeball,both of us fully away that […]

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