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19. Were is my Heart

Five o’clock in the morning my phone started ringing, i thought it was
Edna calling but when i look at the screen and saw Mabel, omon i was
flabbergasted, why would she be calling me by this time of the day?
abi she get notice say i wan travel?
I dont know wether to pick it or not, she dosnt have anything against
me so why should i gnore her calls so i pick up.
Me: helloooo (with my cool voice)
Mabel: hi dear, how you doing?
Me: am fine ma, what happen?
Mabel: happen as in?
Me: well for you to call me this early moimoi there must something going on
Mabel: oh yeah you are quite right, there is something.
Me: so what is it?
Mabel: well i was dreaming about you.
Me: huuuh so thats why you remember me today?
Mabel: i always remember you dear.
Me: hmmmm.
Mabel: wanna ask you something.
Me: okay.
Mabel: and please be specific.
Me: okay what is it.
Mabel: do you still love me?
That question took me by surprise, “do you still me” hmmm thats a
retoritical question, retoritical question hmmm, whats the meaning of
retoritical self? I dont know oh, but the question self na wa oh, how
she go just jam me like that, abeg make she nor bring badluck for me
this morning oh.
Mabel: are you there?
Me: yes.
Mabel: then talk am waiting.
Me: why the question?
Mabel: because i want to know if your heart still beat for me as mine
is beating for you.
Me: really, well i dont know i just dont know.
Mabel: Oz i love you very much
since you left i have never been
myself, i think about you all the
time and even now am hospitalised.
Me: hospitalise for what?
Mabel: because of you, i think about you all the time.
Me: wait, you know we cant work, your brother is looking for my head to cut.
Mabel: no i talk to him and hes willing to let you go.
Me: really?
Mabel: yes, i talk to him and he agreed to let you go, so you see we
can still be together.
Me: waoh, if what you are saying is true then i can relax without
traveling again.
Mabel: where are you traveling to before?
Me: well ermmmm.
Mabel: oz where?
Me: to port.
Mabel: when?
Me: today.
Mabel: time.
Me: 6:00Am after this call now i will be on my way.
Mabel: and you just decided to leave without informing me?
Me: am sorry, i just want to be alone for now.
Mabel: which express.
Me: RTC.
Mabel: hmmmmm, i wish you goodluck.
Me: thank you, and also thank you for talking to your brother.
Mabel: no problem bye bye.
She cut the call immediately, at
least the call brought goodnews, i
dont need to be watching my back again, am free now, free like a bird, and i can strike him
down anytime because
he wont expect it, he thought
I will let him go
just like that for killing my girl?
Well thats something i cannot let
go for now, and am sorry for
Mabel for using her, i just hope i can
find a place in my heart again to love her but for now am totally
heartless for love, really am I really heartless for love? I don’t think so
because I think my heart is
shifting, yes its shifting somewhere,
i think am liking Edna, of course
why wont I like her, she have
everything that a man dream of
and I sure can have her if
she won’t mind my age, but
she didn’t mind my age
when she was fuxcking me oh
I have to try my luck because
am confuse now, am trying
to revenge my love and
on the process falling in love
with another cultist
oh stop there, am not falling in love,
I just like her and nothing else.
seriously, is really just like?
I don’t think so.

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