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19. Knowing Pretty

After that torment-filled Saturday,things got
extra serious like I would not have imagined.
I visited Pretty on that Sunday around 9am
after going to Sunday morning Mass,and the
first statement Pretty made to me upon
seeing me and welcoming me was:
“Loose your attachment with Dave!”..
I didn’t need to ask her how she knew about
Dave,but I asked her why she said so.
“Its for your own good.” She simply said.
Who is Dave(David)?
He was our course rep back then at our
diploma level at Aspoly and a very good
friend of mine.We really got along very well
that I would say that we were almost totally
akin to and attached to one another ( if you
get my drift).Our relationship grew more
because then Dave will organize tutorial
classes and bid me to come and help teach
some of our course mates then,and I will
always oblige him.I help him settle most
scores, visit lectures,people sort tru me to
him for the lecturers,and my attachment to
him was so great,they started calling me his
PA…And we both were Aba residents.But,one
thing I always avoided was escorting him to
any Lecturers office and entering with him
inside..He always wonders why.Dave was
typically my best friend in Aspoly after
So,you can then imagine how I must have felt
and the kind of thought that typically flew
through me when Pretty told me to stay
away from him and refused to tell me her
Any typical person will assume that Pretty
probably wanted to and will harm him if I
don’t do what she said, but that wasn’t what I
realised a year later.The following year,Dave
died..And the stories surrounding his death
will make a best tragic best seller.
* * *
I stayed with Pretty indoors throughout that
day with her telling me beautiful stories about
things I could even barely remember
now.But,I vividly remember this one story
she told me about a certain being she met
during one of her astral travels(Yea,that’s
the right word to qualify that dreamy stuff I
believed she was always luring me into,except
the fact that she controlled it).
She said she saw this malevolent being whom
she tried getting something from because the
being disguised itself as a Benevolent being
seeking to understand one aspect of
something “it” has not really quite understood
very well about humans.Upon much enquiry
from Pretty,the beings true form was totally
revealed to her and the “something” that the
being was trying to understand was
something Pretty had little knowledge of then,
but has set out to perfectly understand. And
that “something” is Love.
Marvelled,I asked her if she is succeeding or
has succeeded? She said that for the
moment,she is like 95% successful,and that I
would probably be her last lover..
“So,then,what will happen next?” I asked her.
“You never can tell!” She simply said!

We stayed throughout the remaining hours of
my stay with her that Sunday indoors,chatting.
At about 4pm,when I made known my
intention that I will be taking my leave very
soon,She started exhibiting signs of the fact
that she wants us to get laid.Knowing her not
to be a too soon s*x person,I almost did
neglect it but had to give in at last,but after
she promised to do something(a particular
thing I requested of her) for me.
After that, we both interlocked in an closer
embrace as usual,with me manoeuvring my
hands to find its way to her Manchester and
straight down to her ars simultaneously.
For the first time since I started making out
with her,she wriggled her hands to my
greatman and started making a good feel of
it,and the way the stuff hardened more,you
would think it could break a wall when hit with
it. When she finally climbed on top of me
because the sidey position we were on was
kinda becoming uncomfortable, and as she
wanted to bring down her mouth on mine so
that our lips will be intermingled together,
Ujunwa called me and Pretty got to my phone
before I could cuz she was closer to it.She
showed me who was calling and I told her not
to pick it,but she didn’t heed to my
plea.Picking the call,she put it on loud speaker
and said “hello” to the caller..
“Is Michael around?” Ujunwa asked,probably
thinking its my sister that picked the call.
“Yes” Pretty replied.
“Please call him to come,I have something
important I want to tell him.Tell him its very
urgent” she voiced out.
“Michael is listening to you,but he can’t talk to
you” Pretty replied her.
“Seriously Michael,I don’t know why you have
decided to be treating me like this,I just…….”
Ujunwa started before Pretty cut her short
“Actually,you need not bother about Michael
my dear,he is with me,her love and I really
really do love him too”.
At this,the phone went dead.
“You shouldn’t have done that,seriously, you
shouldn’t have” I found myself saying
She smiled and replied:
“Someone had to put her out of the unknown
misery you created for her,you know? At
least now,she will know the reason why you
have been avoiding her for certain!”
“Its not fair.Its just not fair,and you have just
spoilt my mood!” I replied her and stood up
from the bed to start going.
“Okay,am sorry.Am really very sorry” she
sincerely and honestly said to me,getting up
from the bed to meet me.At that point,my
phone beeped with a message flashing across
the screen.
We both looked at the phone where She
dropped it
and I guess she would have made for it if not
what just happened.She looked at me,urging
me to take my phone. I went back to the bed
and she followed me back.I sat down on the
bed and she sat at my back embracingly,with
her head on my shoulder, with a view to
directly observe what the message was as
the sender of the message was wat actually
created the fuss.
I opened the message and the contents were
like ultra hate-filled.Damn!
I couldn’t even make out again how many
times the line “I hate you ” and ” you are
disgusting” appeared in the message. I
completely understood her rage anyway and
had it in mind to reply her with a single “I’m
really sorry about everything”..
On reading the text too,Pretty asked me wat I
wanted her to do about it,and I replied her:
“Just let her be!”…
It just occurred to me that there are a lot of
Human emotions she really is totally clueless

“You really do a lot of shakara,you know?”
Pretty said to me.
I started laughing out loud.
On putting a hold to my laughter, I asked her:
“Why do you say so?”
“Its obvious! And you enjoy it a lot!” She
” do you blame me?” I asked.
She nodded her head in the negative.
At that point,I turned and whilst holding her
close to myself,planted a kiss on her
lips…..and then our make out kick started
from there.
We romanced and caressed whilst still
kissing and sitted.As it raged on,she dragged
me down the bed with her.I did refocus my
caressing points and spots even though our
lips were still together.Her hand went straight
to my greatman again and she started
making a good feel of it. I used my right hand
for the first time and strolled right down to
her punny surroundings.I gently romanced
my hand around there slowly so that she did
have a feel of the arousal I intended to
create with such..and she did feel it!
We stayed and continued to heighten our
arousal in this manner before I finally made
my way with my finger into her Great
Entrance and started manipulation her gently
and then simultaneously allowed the tempo to
increase with each passing hand thrust.As I
barely saw wat I was doing with my fingers,I
started rubbing the upper part of of her VG
that is supposed to be the seat of her clit
and the response she started eliciting were
evident enough for me that at least,I was
getting the job done somehow.
I continued my little adventure while also
extending it to her Manchester,and she
continued hers,and then when she just
couldn’t take it again,she hurriedly removed
my wears and without even waiting for me to
reciprocate the act,she did same on herself
and took my greatman by herself with alacrity
and wheeeew!
I started thrusting her with such passion and
zeal,it wasn’t long before she started
moaning loudly and urging me to ram
harder…and I obeyed.As I thrusted her in that
manner,I didn’t even know when she used
both her hands to cross over my neck and
bent me forward so that she could kiss me
somehow continuously.. Since I always put my
hands to work whenever in scenarios like
this,I engaged one of them to rubbing and
squeezing her bosoms and tips.At this
point,she left hold of my neck with one hand
and tried and did grab me by the back and
pressed me unto herself whilst still moaning
and urging me not to stop with everything I
was doing to her…and I obeyed..
At a point,she almost threw me off,but still
grabbed me back and motioned for me to
turn so that she can ride me…and I
obeyed,and it was one hell of a ride..
I don’t remember how long we fuckt that day
but by the time I managed to check time,the
time was already some minutes past 7pm.I
had to take my leave..
I came back that day half happy and half
sad.As I earlier had in mind,I sent Ujunwa the
text I had in mind to send to her,hoping that
it will at least calm her nerves;Knowing fully
well that one of the main reason she called
earlier was to inquire about when I will be
starting school(as our school will resume
the next day),which is the best way for her to
reach me since I have decided not to be
picking her calls again and neglecting her.

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