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17. You Are Mine

I arrived at her place around 6pm or
She told me that she instilled on her mind
not to really believe that I meant what I told
her,but decided to see it out for herself.As
she rightly stated,I surprised her.
After chatting with her for sometime,she
offered that we should go out,to which I
declined initially but agreed to after serious
persuasion from her.
We came back around quarter to 9,and prior
to our coming back, we ate..We really ate
things, but since neither of us didn’t like
alcohol, we steered clear of it..
I have always marvelled at the idea of people
drinking more than two bottles of Something
that is neither sweet nor good for them when
drank in excess.Even watching them boast
about how many bottles someones head can
carry even makes the whole point of it
shittedly disgusting(my opinion). As my friend
will always say,why not take weed or hash or
sk and fly?
We took bath together,although I must
confess, I was totally shy to that idea and
continuously shy throughout the bathing
As I noticed, It was as if Pretty now believes
she owns me totally,and so wasn’t afraid or
somehow withdrawn in doing anything with
me. I started seeing another part of Pretty
totally different from the one I first met.One
thing was certain though, whether or not my
love for Pretty was full or half,the first
aspect of Pretty I was exposed to was the
love seeking aspect of her,which would do
anything to satisfy that urging desire;and the
struggle that lay ahead for me,I decided not
to think of !!
* * *
“You know,I honestly don’t know whether or
not I did the right thing!” I said after Pretty
and I retired to bed with me wearing my
normal b-ballers wear while She wore a
flowing light-white stripped dress.
She looked at me and smiled and then said:
” Don’t worry much about it.You did the right
“I really am hurting somehow, but not in the
way I even thought I was going to be openly
hurt!” I chipped in.
“You are stronger than you care to
acknowledge” she simply told me,probably to
make me feel good about myself.
” If you say so!” I replied her.
“I know so.” She said and then continued:
” There is something I will like to show you!”
She told me.
“What is that?” I asked.
“Not now,or more precisely, not in this your
conscious state!” She said.
“So what state should I be in then for you to
show me what you have in mind?” I asked
“Well,I want you to do something for me
before you sleep off this night.” She said.
“Which is?” I asked.
“Make me your last thought before you sleep
off!” She calmly said.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yes!” She replied.
After some seconds silence, I chipped in:
“Well,we can kick start that thought right now
you know?” I said,with her fully understanding
what I implied by the statement.
She laughed out loud and holding me closer
to herself, we entered Romance mode. One
thing led to another,and before I could say
Jack,we have gone like two hot rounds,and
still rearing to go more before something
terrible interrupted our love session..
I don’t think Pretty wanted me to remember
that particular event though and I guess she
still believes I didn’t recall the event of that
night,but down to my spine,I knew something
or someone visited us,or rather visited her
that night,that moment we were fuckin..
My memory of what happened was totally
blurred and the after effect of it was that
Pretty was totally pissed after it..She tried to
hide it,and did actually hide it,but I decided that
that night wasn’t really a good time to start
hassling her with questions about something
that ultimately irritated her..But one thing that
was certain is the fact that what happened
had something to do with me..
Early the morning of the next day,as is most
of the time with me,I woke up.While still lying
back on the bed,I started doing my usual
alone-time-thinking and analysis of my life
and where I have erred and the things I need
to improve on and all the rest.
I thought of all my supposed friends,the
people in my life,my course mates,etc.I just
kept stream-rolling through my mind before I
noticed that Pretty has woken up too
(probably was even awake before me) and
started caressing me,the kind that usually
gives you quick arousal.I didn’t want her to
know I was awake,so I pretended to being
oblivious of the thing happening before
me.But then,her actions couldn’t allow me
keep going through my thoughts again and so
at a point,I started reciprocating back..
Even though the room was mildly lit,I could
still feel that Pretty faced me while I faced
upwards myself.When I readjusted myself to
let her know I was awake,she also adjusted.I
crossed my right hand across her head,over
through her shoulders and my fingers landed
straight at her right br*ast while she made
her head to somehow rest on my chest as
well as the foam we lay on so as to make
sure she had the space to continue with what
she was doing..
Just as we continued our little fore-plays in
muteness,she broke the silence when she
“How was your night?” to me.
“Sweet!” I replied and then added:
“What of yours?”
She replied to me that it was “great”..
Silence returned to the room again.
After a while,I heard her say to me:
” If I told you a secret you won’t tell a
soul,Will you hold it and Keep it alive for
“It won’t be a secret anymore!” Is what I
replied her.
“I still have to tell it to you anyway!” She
replied back.
“Okay!” I said.
After probably calming her troubled mind,she
“I really am kinda pathetic you know?…” I
wanted to tell her to not say something like
that,but she continued:
“I know you might be wondering why I said
that,but when you have spent endless years
on the crossroads of highroads and
lowroads, you really can do desperate things
you know?” She said.
I needn’t tell her she lost me on that one,cuz
she already knows,and that was why she
asked me the following question:
“Are you just having pity on me by been with
That one got me.
I remained silent for a while before replying
her thus:
“Well,at first I did.But,that has changed.Trust
me!” I said.
At that point,she gently climbed onto me and
then removed her dress whilst sitting on top
of me.My hands went to her tips immediately
and started doing what it knows how best to
Upon removing her own dress,she did same
with mine,but only on the wears I wore below.
I then felt her grab my greatman and gently
directed it into herself and we started
fuckin…or making love per se!
We fuckt in that manner for a while,before I
sat up.As this position allowed us deeper
body contact, I could feel every breath and
smell of air that Pretty breaths in and
out.That was how I noticed she was somehow
” You are crying?” I asked her as I stopped
thrusting, even though my d*ck was deep
down inside her.
She whispered to me that she is not crying
and that I should continue thrusting, and even
pleaded for me to start hitting her real hard.
At that point,I turned her and she laid down
while I now stayed on top of her and started
ramming through and fro as she requested.
We fuckt in that manner for like ten minutes
more or so before I came.After a while,she
made my greatman arouse again, and then
we started from where we left in that
missionary.At some point,I just stopped
thrusting and allowed my greatman just stay
in there whilst I enjoyed the warmth and
sweetness her body gave me,her whole bare
After a while,I just got off from her.She
shifted very close to me,crossed her right
leg over my legs and placed her hands
across my heart and below my head
” Am really happy I met you!” I found myself
” The feeling is equivocally mutual my love!”
She replied me.
I smiled!

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