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17. Journey To Nowhere

It doesn’t matter whether it’s obvious that

you are on the right track or you still can’t

connect the dots. Do not be afraid to take up

new activities that your heart tells you to.

Eventually it will all make sense and you will

understand the reason why you were

interested in seemingly random things. Just

trust the process. The process itself is

intelligent – you only need to allow it to

unfold….Do not force it,forced things always

have one thing in common:regrets!

I have always known one thing for certain As

regards my relationship with Pretty,and that

is the fact that my heart longed for her.Not

cuz she was extremely ravishing and

gorgeous, or that she was a s*x freak or

that she is the type of girl that everyone will

actually want to get a piece of;mine was

borne out of “need”,pure unbridled ultimate


Not that it justified what laid ahead,not that it

makes me greater or lesser than I already

am,not that it changes or alters or improves

anything per se;but,it is the simple truth I

realised quite early in my life that I am a

being that loves to


anxiety and all the human emotions that have

names,I love to feel it to the fullest..

So,you can then understand why I decided I

had to play it out till the end with Pretty.

You can then begin to understand why I had

to actually give in to the pleading of Pretty.

It was like she perfectly understood my

nature,the extent I can go for the things that

matters in my life to make us all fulfilled and


Pretty understood and by extension made

me understand the one thing that I have

rarely even given a thought in my life:Jane

and Amara.

I quite never really understood why no

matter everything I did,this has been the two

people I loved with my whole being,my whole

essence;well,my grandma is the exception

here.But now,I understand it better,and I

guess you reading it understand it too.

Pretty understood it from the beginning, and

that was the major reason why she always

took me on coaster-mind-rides,trying to

break through but realised she couldn’t,but

she could persuade me to….Without being told,

I knew what exactly I was bargaining for, but I

guess “be careful what you wish for” is in

order here.

But Now,I have to do something I have not

done before to experience in full what I have

been experiencing partially..

* * *

I can’t remember how long or how many

times we f*cked that Sunday,but one thing I

do remember clearly is that I had the biggest

punny adventure of my life that day..The

words to describe it escapes my mind,but I

will leave you to imagine it.

One vivid thing still clear in my mind now is

that Pretty offered to actually take me to her

abode through her mind thing,using the life

force energy that manifested the two times I

climaxed,but my mind was not actually

disposed for it………and coupled with the fear

factor(of course I didn’t tell).

After that day,my adventure with Pretty

continued the following days up till the

Wednesday that Amara and I agreed that I

was coming.

What worse do you think can actually

happen? Be sincere!

I went straight to the park around 12pm with

my small back-bag with small collectibles and

clothes,but as I was in no mood to entertain

the Park agberos and their funny tricky

motor loading flick,I headed straight to ITC

park still along the Aba/Owerri road or

more precisely and accurately, at Factory


As if I was that last passenger(which I was

that day) that everyone was waiting to come

and complete the bus.

I put a call through to Amara telling her that I

was on my way,and she said she is waiting

for me.

Five minutes into the journey, I have already

slept off.Forty-five minutes later,the man

sitting beside me woke me up asking me

whether I slept at all in the night.

It was then I realised that we were at

Weatheral Road and he was actually alighting

there,and it happened that I was blocking the

motor exit passage…..And I was alighting at

the same place too!

I crossed over to Douglas road and booked

a keke that will take me straight to

Orji,around that Ama-wire region as that was

the place where Amara and her people


Twenty minutes later,I was inside their place

and only Amara was around..

I swear,my emotions would have betrayed

me,but I controlled it and went straight and

hugged her so tight,she accurately probably

interpreted it that I have missed her….and of

course,I did miss her.

“Guess what I cooked?” She asked me.

“I have like a million things to say as my

guess,but I can’t o.Just tell me!” I concluded.

“You are not yet serious!” She retorted back


” Hian! I just arrived o.Hope u still remember

that?” I asked,dropping my bag.

“It doesn’t matter my love” she said as she

went over across me,and to my backside and

held me as if I was about to carry her in my

back literally.

“Is it vegetable soup?!” I asked.

“Hahahahhaaah!” She laughed and came to the

front,my front.

“Now you are talking” she said as we went

straight to her room.

We talked a lot.We chatted and chatted and

talked and talked till she said she had to

offer me food knowing fully well that once the

talkative aspect of me is aroused by my

person(s) of interest and topics of

interest,stopping is usually a problem.. or at

least,most of the time!

After eating and relaxing, I told her I have to

start going to Mbieri to see grandma cuz it

is the primary aim of me coming to

owerri,or put correctly the con that gave me


Amara said she would have loved to go with

me,but her parents..Of course am still coming

back,its just to go there and see

grandma,sleep over for that day and then

use the remaining days as I wanted..

So here was my plan:

In everything I do,I always try to be

proactive.I already told my parents that I was

going to stay from that Wednesday till

Sunday.As that is not my village,and the

probability of any of my cousins being

around is like 10%,I figured that I had to use

Tobechukwu(whose mum,my aunty,that

grandma was staying with) as an excuse to

leave the village the next day cuz he was

staying in Awaka with one Rev.Father like

that.But actually,the back plan was to stay

with Amara,and by extension,her family till

that Sunday..

That was my plan,and that was exactly what I

told Amara.Even though she shared her

concern about my aunty and influence

coupled with that of grandma,I assured her

that am still “the Odii” that they all loved,which

makes it imperative that I will always have a

way with them….And she smiled…..Oh! That


I left their place and went to where I will

enter a bus going to Mbieri and switched on

my phone again which I switched off

earlier..As I was always carried in a car

whenever going there,giving there by myself

this time around,I found it a little bit time

consuming locating their park.But I did finally

locate it.

When I was finally in a car,I got a call from

Ugoeze,my cousin.

“Odii where you dey?” He asked me.

“M ka bara motor biaga side unu ugbua!”( I

just entered a car coming to your place

now) I replied.

“Na wa to you o.you just switched off your

phone since.Your mum has called us like a

zillion times already,highly worried!” He said.

“Nnaa hapu that woman.o na e disturb onwe

ya too much!”(Leave that woman,she disturbs

herself a lot for nothing) I replied and he


“You don go dey see umu nwa gi ikposara na

“(you have gone to see the babes you left

behind na) he teased me and We both

laughed.I told him the bus has started moving

after we chatted more and he told me to

holla at him immediately I reach somewhere

he told me to tell the bus driver about,so

that he can come and pick me up.

Within thirty minutes or above or

thereabout,we arrived in their place.

Akudo(my cousin and my Aunty’s last born)

and Ugoeze that picked me up coupled with

their parents are the only people around and

the time was like around 6:twenty-something.

On a normal day,my aunty would have

queried me in a scrutinizing manner,but she

didn’t.But the real shocker lay ahead.

Imagine my surprise when with all the

enthusiasm and euphoric excitement brimming

and overflowing in me,I went to where

grandma’s room(or the room they gave him)

and greeted her and she didn’t recognise

me.I told her grandma its me,your “odii” and

she was like “odii ka ole”( which Odii)..

At first,I felt bad,very very bad,heck tears

were even beginning to formulate in my eyes

when my aunty entered and asked me

whether she recognized me and I said ‘no’.

She was surprised though, telling me that it

was me she has been talking about almost

two weeks now.

My anger was why they didn’t even tell me

so that I would have prepared myself


She now told me that grandma suffered a

series of illness that made her rarely

recognise anybody. The only person she

recognised is her brother,nda Damian.

She even started telling me the problems she

faces everyday trying to make her

remember her…Everyday!

She told me that I should just calmly tell her

who I am again from the beginning, that is

how she does it..

I cried bitterly in my mind!

Well,I had to do as I was told and that was

how she recognized me again.As is typical of

her,she even wanted me to come and sit on

her laps so that she would carry me.

Man,that night after eating,grandma talked

and talked and talked and we chatted deep

into the night till i slept off in the chair i was

sitting listening to her talk..

* * *

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